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Hi everyone, my name is Trisa, you can call me Risa Welcome back to Anjurisa channel

In this video, I will show you how to make reversible face mask DIY

First, were gonna prepare the pattern for fabric face mask

You can screenshot and print this out This should be an inch and this one should be 1 cm

If you think this pattern is too small, you can modify this by adding 1/4 or 1/2 inch

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Prepare the fabrics for our face mask You can use any fabric you want

Im using cotton fabric, and this is the easiest fabric to sew, especially for beginners

This fabric should be larger than the pattern

Prepare another fabric and place front sides together

For plain color fabric, it will be a little difficult to differentiate the front and the back side

The easiest way is to see the selvage of fabric, or the edge of fabric

Draw the curvy part on both fabrics

Sew along the lines we just drew

Next is to cut the fabric according to the pattern

Leave about half an inch for seam allowance

Clip around the curve part to make it easier for us to turn the fabric inside out

Turn one fabric inside out

Put this inside the other fabric

Pin the fabrics together

Im going to bring this to sewing machine and sew this part

Clip around the center, so our fabric wont be too bulky when we turn the fabric inside out

Now, it will be easier for us to turn the fabric

Next, we need to iron the fabric and this will be easy, I promise

Tuck this fabric inside, about 1/2 inch like this and iron the fabric again

Prepare the elastic band

You can use any size you want, smaller elastic is more comfortable

Tuck the elastic band inside like this, and pin it

Sew around the fabric for the last time, about 1 mm to have a clean look

And our face mask is finished!

And the best thing about this face mask DIY is reversible face mask pattern

Thanks for watching this DIY fabric mask tutorial

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