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hello everyone so this is Rahul here and I'm going to be speaking about that how

your cat is really easy and the people who are stressed out is the time to

relax and I'm going to give you a couple of strategies which are going to help

you how to crack at on d-day this video is going to be mainly useful

for those people who haven't practiced much and I'm going to tell you

about a strategy Called as G strategy what this does g stand for r we going to talk in a

minute let's move to the next slide all right so let's look at this this

thing something called a G strategy so G strategy is nothing but it's called as a

gareeb strategy gareeb strategy I'm just making it funny but it's really

serious stuff this is for the people who are really really slogged much but

have not been given much of the Mocks giving much of the mocks so I'm going to

break the entire paper in front of you so that you can understand let's look

let's look at the bottom where I'm going to talk about that how many attempts you

need to crack IIM a , IIM A is guess you know it IIM A is IIM Ahmedabad you

will get eighty correct , 80 attempts and get sixty correct and then I hear

there is IIM A star again so I like this part the most so IIMA star is

nothing but IIM AMRITSAR to get IIM amritsar which means approximately 92

to 94 percentile what you need to do is you to attempt 60 questions and get 40

right let's speak about that later on what I've done right now is as you all

know the first section which is verbal ability there are 34 questions to it and

the second section Lr + di they're 32 questions to it and the fourth section

is 34 questions now we as human beings are really good in slotting and

achieving small targets and small goal so what I've done is quickly I have

broken down the entire cat section number one into two pieces where I am

telling you that there are 17 questions let me correct it here there are 17

question in the first section and 17 questions in the in the second section

similarly the second section I am broken down into two pieces and what I'm

telling you is you need to divide the entire cat paper into 30 minutes slot I

hope you guys are with me -you need to slot the entire paper into 30

minutes slot so that you can achieve the minimum target of

somewhere around 10 marks to 13 marks sorry questions in the each exam so

whenever I am referring to 17 or 16 these number refer to the questions not

marks let's get going to the next slide all right so this is for a good guy a

guy who have been practicing a lot at home

your my recommendation to all of you guys is in the first section as you've

slotted down your attempts out of 17 question should be 13 questions and you

need to get a ten questions correct so in short in the 30 minutes time slot I'm

giving you chance to to clock in 17 questions again and get attempts of 13

which means you can you can leave four questions for sure or to any person of

the cat paper could be left without solving it I repeat 20% of the cat paper

could be left not solving it in fact we teach you in the class leave the

questions and get more marks LTQGMM to get IIM ahmedabad you need 80 attempts

and somewhere around 60 correct let's look at the section number two again you

get 17 questions and you do 14 correct our 14 attempts and you go 10 questions

correct so what I've done is I've given you attempt 13 14 13 14 13 and to you're

amazed 13 plus 14 plus 13 plus 14 it adds to 81 and hey our lucky golden number is

80 to get the attention so I ask you again in 30 minutes time you need to

attempt 13 questions let me define the value of an attempt or a definition of

an attempt a definition of an attempt is if you know the question you should be

able to solve it if you don't know it you should be smart guess it all right

so people who are targeting IIM ahmedabad only who are like dying for it want to

get it there should not be any section we are releasing losing more than 13 you

are you losing more than 4 questions which you are leaving unattempted but

again you got 13 minutes and you need to get 10 correct if you get 10 correct

each section this add up to 60 marks 60 questions again so this is your ideal

attempt for IIM Ahmedabad I repeat people who are really focused on ahmedabad

Bangalore Calcutta this is the strategy which you need to follow what happens in

this strategy is first of all paper paper setter is very smart now from

question number 1 to number four up to question number 100

he's very smart enough that he is given moderate easy difficult in the entire

section all right I repeat he has given moderate easy and difficult question in

the entire section when you are spending equal amount of time in the each middle

section you are not missing out on the difficult sorry on the easy questions in

that section it means if you are spending more time in verbal ability

section number 1a say the first 16 questions or the first 17 questions

you are definitely solving the easier ones and not wasting time on 30

questions or not wasting time on the difficult questions Oh mark my words

most of you guys when you come out of the cat paper you're going to come and

tell us like hey of the paper was easy but I could easily solve 5 to eight

questions more so don't miss out on the Easy questions by this strategy we call

it 30-30 strategy by 30-30 strategy you should be able to do justice to the

entire cat paper and solve the easier questions the next slide is the most

important slide which I'm going to present right now alright so this is

called the G strategy this is my favorite slide this is for the people

who haven't been studying hard or who are really nervous about their cat and

are not not not targeting a 99.9 percentile ,know

everybody should target but people who are not or people are really bug like

what's going to happen are really scared let me make your life easy in the same

way what I'm going to do is I'm going to crack your I'm going to plan your entire

cat paper in a strategy G means gareeb strategy let's look at the verbal

ability I repeat I am going to be breaking down the entire cat into

different different sections I am going to give you section wise 30 30 minutes

each in solving all the questions let us look at verbal ability section number

one what's going to happen here you got you got 17 questions to do and

you need to attempt only ten questions I asked you one simple question if I give

you 30 minutes and I give you 17 questions would you be able to attempt

10 questions of any topics say LR or di by the definition of attempt I am asking

would you be able to look at the questions if you know the

question you should be able to solve or these ten should be the easiest question

which you can find and solve it in 30 minutes

trust me guys your strategy to get IIMA star which means IIM Amritsar is in

each section just pick up the 10 questions in 30 minutes and get me 10

correct I repeat pick up the 10 questions get seven questions correct in

30 minutes 10: 7:30 10 7:30 and keep going in to the beauty of this equation

this adds up to 60 attempt and 7 into 6 and you get 42 correct that's it

this is equal to a 92 to 94 percentile plus signed by blood which means you can

get an amritsar you can give me a couple of moreIIMs if you want or last

you are the last person to get IIM Bangalore even is 90 percentile she is a

girl it's an RTI done on that any which ways or one of the cases but but what

I'm trying to tell you guys here is that you can get even spjain Bombay

definitely you can be a good scorer for a good guy for a mica because most of

the guy expect these percentage SPjain Bombay which is the profile based

college and mica and couple of new couple of colleges like top knee and and

many more so on and so forth so this is your strategy people are

really nervous about their cat you need to do is pick up your questions pick up

the sets after every one hour of the time you you can you can maybe relaxer to

have a break and keep getting ten questions right that's it any questions

you have in this you can maybe write in the comments and we are also available

on facebook my facebook page is rahul cat king i speak about that in a minute

okay so again 60 questions 7 correct time allotted is 30 minutes each that's

it you can practice that at home also for the couple of days whenever your cat

is let's move to the next slide okay before i thank you I'm going to give you a

couple of tips number one there are two things which you which you can take on the

Day of cat number one a Red Bull so the Red Bull Red Bull works or Red

Bull or 10,000 calories plus and you can have a Red Bull for sure before

you enter the exam maybe you can try this before

if you got time number two this is a beautiful chocolate called Snickers I

really love this chocolate Snickers is again high-energy it's got some peanuts

in that you can chomp couple of Snickers before you enter the class and thirdly

this my favorite biscuit Hrithik Roshan used to do this ad campaign I think this

biscuit yes it's called hide and seek now he's doing

for Milano also so hide and seek biscuits are also very important so

these is three things you should chop before entering the exam hey guys this

is one exam 2 lakh plus people are appearing any small thing if it can keep

your grey cells awake for maybe thirty more minutes or maybe can get you one

more marks correct that's going to be helpful or feel free to whatsapp this is

poonams number you can set an appointment with me on andheri, borivali, powai as

well as pune and we are also launching online programs um look at for the

workshop for snap, NMAT, TISS XAT that and mica yeah that's one of the colleges

which I admire too for any of the workshops and I wish you all the best

guys it's an easy exam or keep breathing in between the sessions every thirty

minutes you can relax every thirty minutes you can stretch yourself leave

your pen pencil and mouse away and keep going um trust me when you come to the

other exams like snap nmat etc you will find cat is the easiest exam of

just go and just go and crack it there are no Plan B's if you are having any

thoughts about hey I'm going to be looking for a job later on hey or what

what's going to happen to me if I don't crack it no no no you're not going to be

listening to any negative thought which is coming to mind you got to crack it

you have studied hard you have to have you have to have a minimum a G strategy

marks that is 60 questions attempt and 40 questions right all the best oh guys

and I'll see you again after cat we will be doing a quick review immediately

after your slot number one I hope you enjoyed the video go kick some ass thank

you very much all the best bye guys

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