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- What is up, check this out, a6600 from Sony.

Let's go over the basics, ABSC, 24.2 megapixel sensor.

Let's zoom in that overhead camera,

5-axis Steady Shot inside.

IBIS in here, microphone and headphone jack

and of course, we're shooting 4K.

Now I keep hearing some mixed things, (box clicks) ow!

That cut my finger!

Oh my God, this box cut me already.

I didn't realize this was gonna be such a hazardous task.

But let's crack this open here,

got some literatures, it does not come with a CD

so that's always good.

I gotta take this off though, it's just too echo-y.

Here we are, first thing I'm noticing

is this battery grip right here,

it's definitely beefier, easier to grab onto.

This looks like a new battery pack, 16.4 watt-hours,

so that's an improvement.

This must be why the grip's bigger, huh?

An alternate eyepiece and it looks like

they just give you a USB cable

and an AC adapter to charge this,

so I think I'm gonna have to

buy the charging unit separately

'cause I don't always wanna plug in the camera

to charge these batteries,

and then the lens, let's take a look.

All right, so we got an 18-135 F3.5-5.6

and it looks like he has Optical SteadyShot

so if I combine this lens with this camera

I should get stabilization in the lens

and again on the IBIS on this body.

I will take all the stabilization I can get.

You got an APS-C size sensor, but I think that also

kinda helps manage the size of the camera itself

because once you go full frame, not only are you talking

about a slightly bigger body, but also a much bigger lens.

This definitely feels like a very manageable size,

I wouldn't mind carrying this around all day.

Now the main reason why I really want this a6600

is because it doesn't have that 30 minute record limit

like my EOS R does

and actually a majority of mirrorless cameras.

Once you hit 30 minutes or even sometimes less than that,

it cuts on it's own.

Now that's really gonna come into play this weekend,

because I wanted to help my friends film their wedding

so I just plan on throwing this camera up

and hitting that record button on a tripod

and then just walking away.

In most cases I wouldn't mind

just walking over to the camera

and hitting cut and then restarting the clip

every 30 minutes or so, but in this case, I really can't

'cause I'm officiating the wedding.

No it's true, I'm legit, look at this.

"This individual is official ministerial business," what?

What is this, a parking pass?

Oh yeah, I can park wherever, (car honks).

Like look at this, certificate of marriage,

all I gotta do is put your full name there

and I'll pick one of your random friends to put in there

and just (exhales) married!

Anyways, let's get over to New York, (exhales).

You may now kiss the bride.

(audience clapping)

Now I did get a little bit worried at a point,

because where I planted this camera, I didn't realize,

it's actually very warm in that second floor,

but then I started worrying about overheating

because Sonys tend to overheat.

So I was like, "(groans) Should I record in 4K,

"maybe I should just leave it in HD, I dunno,"

but I just went with 4K 24 anyways, I hit the record button

and I actually left this monitor out like that,

just to kind of help dissipate the heat a little bit.

I hit record, I stepped away for about an hour and a half

and when I came back, I had my fingers crossed,

I'm like, "Please still be on,"

and it was, it was still on and it was still recording

so (sighs) thank you, (kisses).

'Cause this was really the only camera that was

officially recording the whole thing,

but anyways, ah, it's frickin' cold,

let's just go back to California,

it's too cold out here, whew!

One of the things that really gives the a6600 the edge

over the a6400, which is a little bit cheaper,

is the built in IBIS,

so the sensor actually moves as the camera moves,

reducing the camera shake.

I've got the Tamron 28-75 on here right now,

so the lens is not doing any of the stabilization,

it's all here in the sensor,

and if I'm holding it steady as a handheld

and we look at the shots side by side,

there's definitely a difference,

especially once you get into 50mm,

without any sort of stabilization, I don't really think

that footage is usable, I really would say,

"Put it on a gimbal, or put it on a tripod,"

50mm on here is equivalent to like a 75 mm full frame,

so that's pretty tight.

But once you turn on the IBIS,

I definitely think that footage becomes much more acceptable

especially in that tighter focal length.

So I don't think it's like, game changing stabilization,

but it's definitely nice to have,

I like having that in here.

But of course there's nothing better

than actually getting the camera nice and stable

using a gimbal.

So for any sort of slow motion

we're gonna have to ditch the 4K and go into full HD

and for super slow motion

we can shoot 120p and get 100 megabits per second.

There's a slight crop in at 120p,

but it's a pretty minimal crop,

so you might not even notice it,

but I definitely love having

this 120 frame per second option.

Pretty sweet, huh?

- Hell yeah.

- Yeah, but the way this is Elysian Park,

is what this place is called,

so if you're ever in town.

Yeah Dodger Stadium's just right on the other side

of this hill, so, especially if you come to a Dodgers Game.

Pretty cool spot.

- Nice to meet you, I ran into,

- [Gene] Hi, what's your name?

- Ariel.

- [Gene] Ariel, nice to meet you guys.

- Yeah so, I was looking up Gladiators

and then I stumbled upon your video,

and now here you are at the swing.

- What do you think of the Gladiator?

- The Gladiator?

- [Gene] Is it cool or does it look like a Lego car?

- It looks, I think it looks like a Lego car.

- To me it's as sexy as, a truck, has to have,

- Sorry dude, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

(men laughing)

- [Gene] Yes, Gladiator!

(claps) Yeah!

- So you wouldn't get the Cybertruck, the Tesla Cybertruck?

- Oh that one, that one's different.

- [Gene] Wait, you want the Cybertruck?

- [Man In Sunglasses] Now imagine the Cybertruck,

- I would rather get the Cybertruck than this

(Gene laughing)

("Jeopardy" theme)

- And if you love slow-mo, this is a must have.

I'm in video mode, but I can just switch that over

to S&Q, and then all of a sudden I jump into 120p,

or whatever you set the slow-mo frame rate to.

One weird issue that I kept having with the a6400

and the a73, is that if you use the picture profile S-Log2,

the autofocus would become

really bad for some reason

so that's one of the reasons why I would avoid S-Log2

but on this camera, even if I shoot in S-Log2,

the autofocus seems to be just as good

as if I were shooting in the other picture profile

so that's great.

Now one of my favorite things about this, (groans)

oh man, this lighting's harsh.

Should we use that new Scrim Jim thing we got?

That's a little bit better, huh?

Okay, pull it out real quick.

Without, oh yeah, it definitely helps.

So this is three quarters diffusion,

but I also just bought this.

This is one and a quarter stops of diffusion,

so this should be thicker

and should soften things up real nice.

One and a quarter stops,

all you need is a sheet of diffusion,

this frame, and Sam to hold it all day.

- Yeah, what?

- Wait, if I do a walk in, I'm gonna be in the sun for,

you're gonna have to follow me.

And action!

Now the more I use this camera,

the more I like it.

Hey that was pretty good, man.

First of all, I've ran this camera

for hours and hours straight

and it hasn't overheated on me yet,

so Sony definitely put some effort into improving that.

But I did wanna see what it would take to overheat it,

so I put it in an incubator, set it to 38 degrees Celsius,

which is just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit,

and while recording 4K at 100 megabits per second

it overheated just after 30 minutes.

So yeah, it can overheat,

but it's definitely an improvement.

And also, using this battery?

Love this, this is a 16.4 watt-hour battery,

so pretty significant upgrade here

and in 4K, with the screen on, I can record non-stop

for three hours and 18 minutes on one battery

before the battery dies.

Three hours and 18 minutes on one battery,

I mean that's a huge upgrade from the a6400.

And I also used this camera

to try to record my 24 hour straight vlog,

so I literally woke up in the morning,

hit record and tried to vlog with it

for a straight 24 hours.

And this was kind of the perfect camera for that

because it doesn't have that 30 minute record time limit

and also with a pretty good battery life on its own,

but you can also charge it through the micro USB

while it's on and recording.

So I basically attached the battery pack onto here,

plugged it into USB, and I was able to literally

keep this camera recording all day.

Now it did cut once on me,

which is at 13 hours and one minute, it cut.

I did another test with it,

it turns out 13 hours and one minute

is the record time limit on this camera,

so it's not no record time limit,

it's 13 hours and one minute,

but I don't think it's very often

that you wanna record 13 hours straight.

You're probably gonna have to switch out

the memory card before that.

The only reason why I was able to record that much

onto one memory card, was because I was recording

in the lowest possible resolution on this camera.

How're you doin' Sam?

- Whew, I found my happy place,

I'm just going through the motions.

- [Gene] Is it a little, is it getting a little heavy?

- Ah, I feel no pain.

- Okay good, cool,

'cause we're about halfway through, don't worry.

Now of course this has the flip up screen,

which is not as good as the flip out screen in my opinion,

but at least if you're in vlog mode,

you can use it,

but the hot shoe is right here on top of it,

so if you put a mic on the hot shoe,

with the screen up, that's basically gonna block it,

so I did get this cage for this camera,

this is a small rig cage,

and this gives you an extra cold shoe

over here on the right,

but also another one right here on the side,

so there's two options to put your microphones

if you decide to vlog,

so it doesn't get in the way of your screen.

Now my buddy Tyrell has this same type of setup

and he actually utilizes both cold shoes,

because he has this Rode VideoMic wireless thing,

I forget what it's called.

The wireless Rode mic,

but he uses this cold shoe for the receiver,

and this one for the microphone,

'cause there's a microphone actually built into here,

but then you can always pop it off

and use it as a lav, so I thought that was

a pretty good idea.

Actually Tyrell's had this camera for a little while,

maybe I'll go ask him how he likes it, let's go.

Sam you can, you can, you can put it down now.

- [Sam] Oh thank God.

I can't put my arms down.

(Gene laughing)

Tyrell, what's up?

- Hey man, how's it goin'?

- Good man, hey, you have an a6600, right?

- As a matter of fact I do right here.

- My main reason for buyin' this was probably

that no record limit.

- Yeah, my a73's and my a7R3

both have 30 minute record limits,

and I don't have to worry about that anymore,

so that's great.

- And the new battery on this thing's great, huh?

- Sony did somethin' right with the batteries,

and since they, all of my cameras take the same battery,

it's amazing.

It, like one or two can last me the entire day.

- Now if people were wondering, like, "Hey,

"should I buy the a6400 or a6600,

"would you say it's worth the extra money for the a6600?"

- I just opted to take the 6600 because it has IBIS

and it takes the bigger battery

that you don't need to carry multiple ones of.

The 6400 doesn't have those things,

so I feel like it's a little bit of a negative

that I didn't wanna have to deal with.

- One thing I do like about the a6600

is that there's a whole bunch of lenses

that cover APS-C size sensors only,

and you could take advantage of that

by getting some lenses that are smaller and more powerful,

but of course it only covers APS-C,

so there's that downside, you can't use that same lens

on full frame,

but if you kind of invest into the APS-C size sensor world

by getting the lenses for APS-C, like,

you could get it to be pretty powerful.

- No, I definitely agree, and there's nothing wrong

with the quality of APS-C cameras and lenses either,

so it's definitely a really good quality light camera

for, that's smaller, that works with smaller lenses.

You won't have as much bulk in the end.

- Now Sony's always been good with low light,

and this is no exception.

So at ISO 500, super clean.

Then we jump up to 2000, and it still looks pretty clean,

but if you look really really close at ISO 500,

you can get a tad bit more detail in the fur.

ISO 6400 is kind of like my cap

that I usually try to stay under.

ISO 12,800, I mean, I only go up there when I'm desperate,

but here it looks okay enough,

if you look at this next to the ISO 500

you definitely notice significantly less detail,

but still, it's not bad for what it is.

ISO 25,600, everything's just kind of (gibbers).

Generally speaking, as long as you have a fairly fast lens,

you never really have to go that high.

Even if you're in a dark parking lot.

My full frame Canon EOS R that I'm filming on right now,

I've always considered this to be

a really good low light camera,

but I think the a6600 is even better.

Lookin' at ISO 2000 footage,

there's definitely a bit more noise in the shadows

of the EOS R here,

and goin' up to 12,800,

I'd say they're actually really close.

The a6600 looks better in some cases,

but then down here, we're getting a little bit more detail

in the fur with the EOS R,

so it kinda goes back and forth,

at which one gets more detail,

and at 25,600 is where I would say

the EOS R completely, just falls apart.

The a6600 at, it doesn't look amazing,

but for 25,600 ISO,

it actually looks pretty amazing.

Usually when I'm trying to decide

between a Canon and a Sony,

I've been in the past goin' with the Canon,

primarily because I like the way their colors are handled,

I feel like I'm able to get richer colors out of Canon.

That's not saying it's better colors,

but it's just my personal preference

with my style of shooting.

But I'm just kind of flipping

through different colored lights

to kind of see how skin tones are handled

under different lighting conditions.

It's kind of tricky, in some colors

I definitely think the Canon looks better,

and in some colors I think the Sony actually looks better.

In general I would still prefer the Canon colors' look,

but Sony's been really putting in some work

in their colors, so it's actually lookin' really dang good.

Keep in mind that the EOS R isn't shooting in 4K

just in HD, that's usually the setting I shoot in,

because with the EOS R you have to crop in

if you wanna get 4K.

But man, look how sharp this a6600 is.

You could zoom way into this thing,

and just see all the detail.

And of course with Sonys,

you have the whole lineup of color profiles,

you have no Picture Profile.

My favorite to shoot in is actually HLG,

I generally do HLG2, and then I apply my LUTs,

link in description.

Specifically designed for the a6400,

but they apply pretty much the same to the a6600.

Anyways, let's start wrappin' this up.

Now when this camera was first announced,

it was priced at 1390 or basically 1400 bucks

which definitely seemed a little bit high

considering that, you know, the a73 is not that much more,

but now it's dropped down to under 1200 dollars.

I definitely think that price is justified,

because this does feel much more like a professional camera,

we got a headphone jack, we got a mic jack.

That really good battery life, and oh oh, check this out.

I have an external monitor plugged into it

through the HDMI, and I can still record,

and I still have this display

that's usable back here, 'cause some cameras

when you plug it into HDMI out,

this screen back here turns off.

And also, I maintain, I autofocus, and all that still

while recording in 4K, with the external monitor attached,

and all that, so that is good news.

And it's also an E-mount,

so if you have an E-mount lens collection already

that can just slap straight on to here,

but I really like the lenses that are designed

specifically for APS-C size sensors.

It's gonna really utilize the capabilities of a lens

when you get a lens specifically for a smaller sensor

and they're a fraction of the cost,

and it is technically an APS-C size sensor,

but APS-C is kind of a range of sizes,

and this is definitely on the larger end of APS-C.

We're dealing with a crop factor of about 1.5

rather than 1.6, so that can make a difference.

And just using this camera pretty heavily

for the last couple weeks,

I just really like this camera,

because it just didn't feel

like there were that many shortcomings.

All the features I was expecting out of the camera are there

and they work pretty much as well as I expected.

Of course Sony's menu system can be notorious

for being complicated, but first thing you should do

when you get this camera,

is go and custom build your favorite items

and put it all in that one screen

so you never have to leave that one menu screen,

everything is right there.

This might very well be my favorite APS-C camera

as of right now.

The a6600 with a small rig cage

and two lenses I would probably personally get first

is this 10-18 for vlogging

and also the 16-55 F2.8

is a pretty solid kit to have with this.

The lens that came with it

was the 18-135, and it's nothing special of a lens,

but the image stabilization's really good.

The zoom range is awesome.

It's really not a bad starter lens.

I think the biggest competitor to the a6600

is this Canon M6 mark ii,

which is a bit of a less expensive camera,

but this is also a very impressive one.

I'm honestly on the fence.

I always heavily lean towards Canon

because I always like the way their images look naturally,

but the a6600 feels like there's just less limitations.

And another thing, Canon was always great

at not overheating and Sonys always overheated,

but here, it's kind of vice versa now.

I don't know, should I switch to Sony, oh.

I think what I'm gonna have to do

is shoot these side by side and make a little split screen

and ask you guys which camera you like better

without telling you which camera is which.

But that is something we're gonna have to save

for another video, but overall a6600, really solid.

I'm genuinely impressed.

Anyways, let's wrap this up by reading a few comments

from my last video, which was all about

the GoPro Hero 8 versus a 119 dollar knockoff version

of the GoPro.

Christopher says, "Is this a GoPro ad?

"The other one looks like cell phone footage

"from 10 years ago," (laughs).

I mean GoPro's really done a great job

making a small camera and small sensor look pretty good.

I think a big reason why we're so afraid of smaller sensors

is because we've known them in the past

to be so bad and limiting,

but they're getting so much better now.

"This seems nifty in its own way, but really,

"there's a peace of mind that comes with sticking

"to the legit brand, even if it's a bit more expensive."

Yeah, I mean when it comes to cameras,

I get messages from all kinds

of unknown camera manufacturers,

and they almost always disappoint,

so that's why I usually stick to the name brands,

Sony, Canon, Fuji, Nikon, those big guys.

Like even if it comes with a warranty,

you never know, that camera company

might just shut down one day.

"Seems like the Insta360 One R is the only camera

"that came out recently that can compete with the GoPro."

I would agree with that.

"I'm still happy with my GoPro Hero 5.

"I use it almost every day as a dash cam and helmet cam."

The Hero 5, not a bad camera.

I literally just bought one after I saw how inexpensive

you could get one for.

Where is it?

I think I got it for like 139 bucks.

I plan on just keeping it in my Jeep at all times,

so whenever I wanna do

a little bit of vlogging inside the car,

I can always just reach over, hit it,

oh, (scoffs) it's right here,

literally right in front of me,

I just bought this, (laughs).

The stabilization on the 5 isn't as good

as on the 6, 7 or 8, but I plan on just,

kind of mounting this on my windshield with a suction cup

and just leaving it there,

so I don't think I need that much stabilization anyways,

so pretty good buy I think.

"Maybe you could just get some more

"sleep for your eye bags."

Yeah I'm always struggling with tryin' to make

my eye bags not so bad, how is it right now?

Zoom in, how's it look, is it bad?

It's always bad man, when did I have it?

I slept a decent, I think I slept like, six hours?

That's, that's not terrible, right, yeah.

Anyways, let's call it a wrap,

I'll see you guys later.

See ya!

(lo-fi hip hop music)

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