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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What is a path?

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I'm on a technology campus and a

software we call the epic it's in Verona

Wisconsin and today I want to tell you

about the word path I am currently on a

path do you know what a path it down

there it is like a small road you can do

lots of things on paths you can have a

footpath where you walk or a bike path

like I'm on right now um you can have a

hiking path any kind of pack it's a road

kind of but like a small road it can

either be paved meaning it has stone or

asphalt or concrete on the bottom or it

can just be the earth so you can have a

path that goes through the forest and

it's just earth beneath your feet so

it's not a road where cars can drive but

it's a path where you can either walk or

ride bikes or do other things

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