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- Today we gamble.

- On Craigslist.

- Let's talk about that.

(groovy electronic music)

- Good Mythical Morning.

- And let's give a good Mythical welcome to the host

of the Game Show Network's "Catch 21",

it's Alfonso Ribeiro.

- What's up? - Hey hey hey hey!

- Oh wow, see this is great 'cause it's a real audience.

- It's real. - It's a real audience.

Sometimes it's like canned.

- Well we pay all of them.

- Yeah. - They're employees.

(Alfonso chuckling)

- Okay now you're a man of many talents.

- Mm, thank you. - You know,

you're hosting game shows,

you're America's favorite dancer,

but you ever bought anything off Craigslist?

- I've never actually bought anything

off Craigslist because I feel like it's important

to be able to get the warranty.

- Oh, I'm with you man. - Gotta get the warranty.

- I don't buy from Craig either 'cause--

- [Alfonso] Yeah.

- The warranties are suspicious.

- It's a dude that's like this, "Nah, it's good.

"It's good, it's real.

"It's real, I got it.

"I got the warranty.

"You don't have it but I got it."

- Right. - Right.

- That means that none of us are gonna be that great

at this game.

It's time for We Went on Craigslist and Spent Mucho Dinero

So We Could Play a Game with Alfonso Ribeiro.

- [Alfonso] Ooh.

- [Link] This is Craigslist Black Jack.

- Welcome to Craigslist Black Jack.

Now we're gonna be playing the traditional game

of black jack but with a twist.

Instead of cards we're gonna be playing with items

the crew bought on Craigslist.

Just look at all this crap. - Mm-hmm.

Okay, in each round, we'll get a turn being the dealer.

Rhett's gonna start and then the dealer gives items

to each person.

Then, we have the option to buy more things

to spend as close to 21 bucks without going over.

- Right. - If the dealer busts,

goes over $21, the players each get 100 points.

If the players bust or don't beat the dealer,

the dealer gets 100 points.

In the end, the winner takes home whatever prize they'd like

from our pile of Craigslist crap.

- Hey hey. - Nice!

- All right.

(exciting swing music)

Okay fellas.

Link, why don't you show the people what I gave you.

- Rhett, you were kind enough

to give me this Spandex unicorn crop top.

- Exactly. - Mm-hmm.

- And the price tag on this rainbow and unicorn thing

is four bucks.

- $4, okay.

- [Link] And you also gave me "The Wrinkle Cure",

four bucks. - Wow, okay.

- So I'm at $8.

- You started with eight.

- All right Alfonso what do you got here?

- Okay well we've got these mini eyeglasses

and just in case anyone realizes,

mini eyeglasses don't work on someone with a big ol' head.

So those don't really fit and I don't know

who they would fit and who would need mini glasses--

- An old baby. - Yeah, so a little baby

and this was also $4.

- You see my system.

- We've got this golf martini glass

and this is totalling at $3. - Wow.

- $3? - I've got seven.

I'm a total of $7 for my two.

- Okay so you're at eight, you're at seven.

I'm gonna reveal one of my items

and you know what I would like to reveal?

These women's shoes that I'm standing on. (chuckles)

- Yes, because you got some big ol' feet.

- Let's see what these shoes cost.

$8. - $8, okay.

- I'm gonna leave this unrevealed.

This is milk for Santa mug. (chuckles)

- Nice. - Okay, Link.

What do you wanna do?

You wanna stay?

- No, I'll take the ride and rescue cozy pumper.

What every kid wants, a cozy pumper.

- Little Tykes. - Okay.

- I said ride and rescue,

you're supposed to ride on this thing?

- Yeah ride on it. - I don't know how you ride

that bad boy, it's just a pump.

- I could figure it out. - Okay.

- Seven bucks. - Puts you at 15.

- You'll be looking for a six.

- Hit me with that miner helmet.

- [Rhett] Oh you're going back to the same table.

Interesting strategy.

It's a head light. - It might be a good helmet.

Might be a really good-- - Put it right on here

and then-- - That's,

this looks a little pricy.

- Actually I think it's a toy version.

And where's the-- - Right there on the side.

- Oh! - $9.

- $9. - Which means--

- Link busted! - That's right.

(Rhett laughs)

You ain't gotta go home, but you gotta get up out of here.

- [Rhett] (laughs) All right Alfonso.

- Okay so it's my turn.

I looked at this table before we started

and I knew what my first item would be.

I feel really confident that I'm gonna go

with the bra cups thing here.

I can't see what it says but the beaded sequin bra covers.

- Bra covers. - Yes, yes.

Clearly for me.

Really what I'm trying to do is because I have a seven,

I want a four, so I wanted to go something small

to try to get to 11 and then try to go

for what is the most expensive and did I do it right?

No, I didn't but I get a 10.

These must be really, really expensive.

- Woo, wow. - Okay so I've got 17.

So now I need to go something small.

Let's see if we can get a stack of cups.

- Oh, stack of cups. - That's gotta be cheap.

- I mean a stack of cups that don't even look real

can't be that expensive I'd hope.

Is it?


- Oh ho ho ho ho!

You've done this before! - I got a 21.

- Dang man!

- Playa.

- Why do we bring him on to play his own game?

- I'm just saying, I play 21 for a living.

- [Link] I know!

- Okay, your turn.

- Okay so $1. - It's a one.

Which means you have nine.

- I'm going with the more expensive item first, right,

so I'm at a nine right now.

I'm gonna go for these wooden clogs.

- Wooden clogs.

- $11!

20. - Right right.

- Okay. - That's right.

- I gotta get a $1 item!

- Get a $1 item. - $1 item.

- Is there a $1 item on this table to tie me

so that you and I would both split the 100 and have 50 each.

- I feel like it's gonna either be

this decorative knickknack or the silly fuzzy pen for $1.

And I'm gonna go with the decorative knickknack.

- Is it for the tie? - $2, no!

- You bust, and guess what happens.

I win, I win, I win $100.

- You get 100 points, man. - 100 points, 100 points.

(exciting swing music)

All right we're here round two now.

I'm the dealer so let's figure out what we've got.

Turn over what you have there.

We've got the pajama pants, women's, size large.

- $5. - Large, okay $5.

- [Rhett] I am a large.

- You're also high maintenance.

- [Alfonso] A party animal soft hat.


What do we got there?

You've got three. - Okay.

- So you're rocking eight. - Total of eight.

- Okay. - Wow Link you look great.

- Thank you, man. - What do you have?

- We're quite a pair, I've got some child's mermaid tail

costume action happening.

With a price of cha-ching, $6.

- $6. - That's a steal and it's--

- I mean for six bucks. - Very flattering.

- Come on. - You also gave me

the baby cowboy collectible figurine

which comes in at $1. - $1, so you are at seven.

Well I've got the Mary and Joyce "Warm and a Lovin'" hit.

(Rhett chuckles)

Somebody actually made this album.

- [Rhett] Yeah they did.

- And I also have the chili pepper kitchen accessory

so I am gonna do the chili pepper kitchen accessory

as the card and I have $8.

- Oh, that's a nice accessory. - $8, okay.

So what items would you like to pick?

- You know, go big or go home. - Oh I get it.

- I'm gonna grab this, I really want the pig.

The bank pig. - You want the pig?

Okay, the big pig.

Okay, pink pig pinata, big size, cheap.

- [Rhett] Okay.

- There you go, you look like quite a character.

- [Alfonso] That thing can't hold you.

- [Rhett] Six, nine!

Nine! - $9.

- You're at 15 now, right? - No, I'm at 17.

I had eight, I had five and three.

- 17. - So I'm at 17.

- So what would you like to do?

You're thinking, you're thinking, you're thinking.

- Brain hat. - Oh so you subliminally

told him to pick the brain hat

'cause you were like thinking, thinking, thinking.

- [Alfonso] Think, think, think.

- Yeah. - There you go, brain hat.

How much is that worth? - Why have one hat

when you can have two hats for $3!

- $3, you're at 20.

Do you wanna stay or go for the $1 item?

- I'm gonna stay at 20. - You're gonna stay at 20.

Okay, what are you thinking?

- I am going to get hit with that child ride on tractor.

- The child ride on tractor. - Why do you always get

the children's ride on toys? - Okay.

There you go, you wanna hold something for ya.

I mean I don't want you to hurt yourself.

- Look at that mermaid on a firetruck.

(Alfonso chuckles)

- Cha-ching. - That's six bucks.

- $6, okay. - That brings you to 13.

- Lucky number 13. - 13.

Looking for an eight.

- Now I'm looking at that poster.

What is that?

I'm gonna take that.

- [Alfonso] You're taking this right here.

- [Link] And if I win the whole thing,

this is going on my wall. - Game Pro framed picture.

- Over my bed. - It's vintage.

- We got it. - Did I overshoot it?

Six bucks. - Six bucks.

- All right, so that brings me to what?

- So it brings you to 19.

- So I've gotta hit--

- You should probably stay, Link.

- No. (Alfonso laughs)

All right, I'm going-- - Rhett is like no, stay.


- [Link] I'm going for $2 with the seashell keepsake!

- Ooh. - The seashell keepsake.

- Right there in the middle. - Right there.

Okay, we don't wanna break this one 'cause it's so valuable.

(Rhett laughs)

Here you go.

- Hopefully more than $2. - Yes.

- Yeah! - $2.

- That is 21. - I'm back in the house!

- Dang it! - You are leading with 21.

Okay, so obviously-- - Bring it, host.

- I've got the $8 chili pepper kitchen accessory

and now let's see what the Mary and Joyce warmin',

"Warm and a Lovin'" LP is worth.

And this is worth $3.

- Ooh, nice. - That gives me 11.

So do we have a 10 here?

It's either going to be one of these books

but probably "Cats in Love".

I'm feeling like "Cats in Love", a book,

might be worth $10 to someone.

(Rhett chuckles)

- There's no way. - Did I just tie $10?

(Rhett laughs)

$10. - What in the, what?

- $10, that's a 21 for me.

That's two 21s in a row. - Hold on, hold on.


I'm riding my firetruck out of here!

- You take you and your little truck and your--

- Going too. - I guess they're leaving me

to do this by myself.

(exciting swing music)

- All right fellas, tell 'em what I dealt ya.

- All right well you got me this moose pillow for $3.

And here we've got this ugly ol' hat and this one is--

- $2. - $2.

- $2, so I've got $5.

- Okay Rhett, what you got? - I've got some beaded gloves

that don't fit and they cost $11?

- 11 bucks? - What?

- What? - Oh, I pulled

the wrong price tag.

- [Alfonso] Oh you got the captain clock.

- The captain cat cost $11.

- That makes more sense.

- Okay $5, more like it. - Okay so I've got

a sharp contrast to you, a little dinky hat.

- Okay. - Up here,

and then down here I've got my alligator slippers.

- Nice.

- [Link] And this crocodile fuzzy slipper comes in at $8.

- Eight, all right so I've got some work to do.

I'm up, right. - Mm-hmm.

- Let's go with the always kiss me goodnight.

- [Link] Okay, this is a small canvas wall art.

- [Rhett] Oh yeah put that on the wall.

- Okay, yeah, thank you, all right.

Let's see whether this is $6 is what I'm looking

for right now and it's $4 so it gives me nine.

I'm looking for a two.

Can I go with the silly fuzzy pen?

- [Rhett] (laughs) Oh, he's working so quickly.

- Boy, he's all over it. - Wow it's intimidating.

- Silly, fuzzy pen.

- It's so silly. - It's just silly.

It's just (laughs).

Okay let's see, this is worth $1.

- Oh, putting him at 20. - So putting me

at 10 actually, right, doesn't that put me at 10?

- Oh yeah you're a total of 10, oh yeah yeah.

- All right let's go with the sequin crop top.

- [Link] Oh you're talking about this?

Oh no, this. - Yep yep.

- I thought this was a purse.

- The nice little crop top over there.

And let's see whether this is worth 10 or 11.

This is worth five, so now I'm looking for a $6.

- This is tough. - One and--

- You're amassing quite a haul.

- At some point I'm gonna end up with just everything.

(Rhett laughs)

Let's go with the sequin fedora.

- Oh! - Oh nice.

- The sequin fedora, this way I'm matching,

so whatever little girl gets this crop top

will also get a nice sequin fedora and this is $2.

- (laughs) Dang. - So this is becoming

so much fun! (Rhett laughs)

This is awesome! - Wow!

- Okay, so I'm looking for something worth $4.

The only chance that I have is--

- You wanna take it all? - Is the piggy bank.

- Piggy bank he says. - Oh piggy bank.

What if it's got money in it?

- Vegas princess mini piggy bank.

- Piggy bank, let's see if I can hold everything.

And this is worth $2. (Rhett laughs)

And at this point now, I am going to freeze at 19.

- Oh, okay. - Rhett, once again,

what are you starting at? - I'm at 16.

- [Link] Okay.

- Give me the porcelain figurine.

- All right, we have two boys on a sled,

having a good ol' time.

- $8 which means boom, you just blew up.

(Alfonso laughs)

- You busted.

- The porcelain market has really gotten out of control.

- Okay so my shoes were eight.

Now I'm adding my little hat which is--

- Five. - Five.

- You're at 13. - 13.

- You know what, I'm really feeling this, whoop.

I'm really feeling this poncho.

- Mm-hmm. - $5.

- Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho.

- You got 18.

Is there something worth $3?

- I think I'm gonna go with the rabbit drinking glass!

- Okay, and this is for the win.

- What is it?

Boom! - $2.

- All right Link, you win the round but that brings you both

to 150 points so you tie! - We're both winners!

- [Rhett] Pick anything you want, guys!

- [Alfonso] We win together!

I would hug you but I got too much stuff in my hand.

- Give me that pig! - Okay you want the pig?

I'm taking this crop top.

(Rhett laughs)

- That you've already got.

- I'm taking the crop top that I already have

because then I will give it to my 17 year old daughter.

- (laughs) Okay. - No judgment.

- I'm already thinking, I'm already thinking.

- All right congratulations guys.

- Alfonso, thank you so much for joining us

and for teaching us how to play our own game.

- (laughs) Thank you.

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