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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 제1회(?)세부여행에서 어떤사소한 장난에도 불같이화내기특집????

Difficulty: 0

hello guys~


(Excited because they are traveling right now)

Bomulsom in the Philippines

We are in Cebu

even when we make the smallest joke...

you have to "get mad" as hell Challenge!

why do we even go on a trip

to be stress-free right?

so what we are going to do is get release our stress

by getting mad all we want

we do have guests with us

The worst perverts of Youtube

Yellow dollar sign (warning) collectors


(They about to give us a yellow dollar sign too)

(This ain't us!!!!)

y'all know the rules right?

if someone messes with you, makes a little joke or pulls a minor prank ,

All you gotta do is get mad af

while we are on this trip right, and one of us is gonna take out the camera

and if you think that it's your turn, you just go ape shit

(Kinda hard)

Let's go~

(you never know when the camera is gonna be on lol)

(Hyeon-seok is about to start it off)

(Having a conversation)

The water is really cold y'all

Have some water


It's not opening

(super-glued the lid lol)

(Found the camera)

-Prank: super-glued water bottle-

(Trying to open the bottle lol)

(Trying his best)

why tf isn't this shit opening!!! FU**

(The bottle popped LMAO)


hey motherfu**ers

was it you?


why would you pull some bullshit ass prank like this on me!!!!!!

what would the viewers think of me huh?!

People are gonna think that I'm a dumb weak motherfu**er

that can't even open a god damn bottle

am I wrong? bit**es!!!!

*cussing hardcore

I'm sorry


(he put it down slowly too lol)

(feels guilty now lol)

aight you good

Am I good?

you sure you weren't mad for real?

hell nah I wasn't

anyways, I'm done

I'm gonna watch how y'all gon do it

(gathered while Min-seok is taking a shower)

(Turned off the restroom light)

Ok Dong-hyun

(He doesn't know it started )

(Patiently waiting lol)




Prank: when someone turns off the light while you are showering

(Starting off naked bc he was showering)

I will say it nicely

who was it


I said...



(he's mad but weirdly mad)

I laugh when I'm angry

*Joker laugh

(Protecting his eyes)

I said who turned it off?

Didn't I ask who it was?

Who tf was it!!!!! Do you even know how I felt when I was showering?

you know how it felt like?

I'm taking a fu**ing shower

and the light goes off

I was fu**ing panicking!!!

(it must be funny for him too lol)

I was brushing my damn teeth

the damn light goes off


I was brushing my damn eyes instead

When I was putting on Lotion

(Can't breathe lol)

(he's trying to say that he put the lotion on his asscheeks)



wth y'all doing

(changed tone)


(*he just ripped ass lol)

This happens when I'm mad

*boiling fart

(he's mad with his ass)

I can't do this anymore

I came out bc the light went off

and all 7 of you are like...

(I mean it is hard when all of us are sitting like this lol)

I shot so many times while I'm naked

So I don't even care anymore

(Shameless baby elephant)

now that the light is on go finish your shower

he's an exhibitionist

is he a fu**ing skunk or some shit?

why does he start farting


(Camera on while hopping lol)

(Brining the local guide)


you are good looking


(he's rating us)

you too

youu too

you are ugly


(Prank: being too honest)

(gathering all the madness)


(He doesn't really know how to go off lol)

how does he know how to say "Ugly" in Korean

y'all told him to do it right?

it wasn't us

we got one with shitty ass breath

and a fat fu**


and he has the shittiest skin

but why am I the ugly one !!!

you are all 3

tf did you say?

(3 in 1)

I'm gonna ruin this video for y'all

sex (as in gender)

(using explicit words for youtube lol)

we are not even that close to each other

what kind of relationship do we have?

we are in sexual relationship

(this is not what it sounds like)

fu** this video!

(Jumping off the boat all of a sudden)

how is that being mad af

(he took off his underwear lol)

(He's really trying to ruin this video)

(The locals guides are laughing their ass off as well)

the water is so clean we could see it

(Everyone could see his sea cucumber)

that was pretty funny

this is pretty hard

but then

the camera is still on

let's continue


I'm scared, wth is going on

put your equipments on


where is mine

that one is mine

that's mine

what about me?

(Hyeon-seok did not get his stuff)

(I guess it's my turn now)

(giving him strange things)

you are gonna wear these

-prank: no life vest for him-

(starting with splashing water)

wtf is this

(Trying the vest on lol)

how many holes does this have


(Purposely made bunch of holes)

(Life vest (x) -> Dead vest (o) )

wtf is this Deadpool?

y'all crossed the line motherfu**ers

how tf am I supposed to get in the water

I can't swim

you gotta breathe so here

(Straw for snorkling)

(The punisher)


(Taking off his shirt lol)

(why is he shaking his neck like that loool)

looks like he's doing the percussion music dance

wtf is this

(helping him bc he can't put it on by himself)

Looks like an Orangutan


wtf is that

what's the purpose of this vest

that's a lotta eyebrow right there

(Making him laugh so he can't go off at them lol)


(He can't get mad bc things are too funny rn)

you want a mango?

(Orangutan eating a mango)


(suddenly rips the vest)

why are you getting mad but lightly


everyone look over here

(Everybody is lazy af after eating)

we are on a trip but so much pressure

(getting mad)

no no no chill out

(He almost got mad at nothing looool)

I brought some mango juice

(Everyone took one except for Da-hyun)

and this one is mine

you can have this mango

but no juice for you

-prank: mango prank-

so everyone else got the juice and I'm the only one with the juice


hyeon-seok get out of this room if you don't want your ass beat

(A scene from the movie "Sunflower")


(he plays along lol)

(That limping detail though lol)

Hey Bomulsom bitches

Only I got this whole ass mango?

it wasn't even us

won-shik, come over here

get the fu** over herer!!

wanna die?

am I a joke to you ?

you should apologize to him man

instead of an apology... you want another mango?

(won-shik trying to be funny lol)


Not a god damn mango!!!!

(Boy sounds mad)

I want a mango juice too

you don't think I can?

I'm going to have a damn mango juice


that's going to be a big mess...

(going somewhere lol)

I'm going to have mango juice too!!!!

(Doing it in the restroom bc it could get messy lol)

(100% mango juice)

I want the damn mango juice!!!


I had it like that (?) !!!!!!!


sorry sorry

I will kiil you Won-shik!!!

aight you good

you better clean all that

sure yes

(Dong-hyun sets up the camera as soon as he wakes up)

<-- (Pen)

(Drawing on other people's face lol)

(your face has been messed with... please get mad)

(Camera is right here)

(It's 9:39am right now)

(The alarm will go off in 2 minutes)

(putting the alarm next to the camera)

(and I'm out lol)

(Min-seok has no idea)

(the alarm goes off lol)

(Turning off the alarm)

(checking the message)

-Prank: wrote "stupid" on his face-

(checking out his face)

(trying to come up with an idea)

it's too early for this shitttt!!!!!!

"stupid" is the first thing I see in the morning

I'm not even wearing pants

it's too damn early


Now I gotta... put on some pants

if it says "stupid" on my face

people are gonna think that I'm stupid

I'm losing my voice bc this is too early

I hate when things like this happen in the MORNING!!!!

*Screaming in anger


(He has the stage by himself and he's trying really hard lol)

how long am I supposed to be doing this for

*screaming in red

(he's so mad he has to do weird motions)


(rolls off the bed lol)

(and the reality check comes lol)

(Beating Dong-hyun's pillow instead)

where is he...

(Came to see the whale shark)

(Actual whale shark)

(Diving to see the whale shark)

(it's literally right in front of us)

I'm gonna feed the whale shark

(Feed the whale shark with Dong-hyun lol)

(Pushing him to the whale shark lol)

-Prank: Whale shark food-



(go fu** yourself)

(cussing with body bc he's under water)

(hyeon-seok, motherfu**er)

(how could you push me like that)

(you wanna fight bit**?)

(*cussing him out hard core)

(I will fu**ing kill you when we go back up )

(I will make a roasted pig outta your fat ass)

hey bit**

why'd you push me?

whale food

whale food?

that thing is a shark


that thing is a god damn shark

you lucky I can't swim

(he's floating away lol)


He's not Korean

(Bodda asked to turn on the camera)

we got a gift for y'all

because you guys invited us and stuff

Jackie, please come out

(bring a t-shirt)

it's a t-shirt

it's not just a regular t-shirt

it's wet with my armpit sweat

"Armpit wet T-shirt"

which I was wearing

-Prank: shitty T-shirt-

(he gave 'em a t-shirt that he was wearing lol)

Turn off the camera

I'd usually let things slip but...

Turn off the camera

Turn off the damn camera!!!!


(emptying out his bag all of a sudden lol)

(3 of them have to be mad at the same time)

this has no use

I wouldn't even use this to clean my bathroom

you can have this piece of shit

(Hits Hyeon-seok for no reason)

turn that shit off

turn off the camera

(Why are they fighting all of a sudden lol)

(gangbang on Hyeo-seok lol)

whose headphone is that?

(Headphone underwater)

(Min-seok's headphone fell in water)

who did this shit?

(he did it to himself earlier lol)

(getting mad at Won-shik for no reason)

you wanna fu**ing die?


(Endlessly mad)

let's stop now

just throw it away

(headphone dives in again lol)

(Min-seok chasing looool)

(why are you running tf)

(when are y'all gonna stop smh)

(Shout out to Romance Tour!)

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