Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 든든한 집밥 먹방 (오삼불고기, 참치 두부찌개, 느타리버섯볶음, 오이무침, 표고버섯 메추리알 장조림) 말표 흑맥주까지 !! Mukbang Home Meal

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Hello~ Everyone! (^^*)

Today I am cooking various side dishes for Korean home meal.

These side dishes are our favorites (^^*)

Let's prepare the ingredients first.

These ingredients are for 5 kinds of food.

Cutting is over.

Let's make O-ee Muchim first.

Red pepper powder 2 , Sugar 1 spoon.

Mashed garlic.

Soy sauce 1 spoon.

Red pepper paste half spoon. (Not shown in the video)

Vinegar 1 spoon.

O-ee Muchim is sliced cucumber mixed with spicy sauce.

Put in prepared cucumber and onion.

A bit of Sesame oil.

And sesame too.

It's done.

Now I'm gonna make "Mechuri Al Jorim"

Soy sauce 8 spoons with water 400 ml.

Oligosaccharide 3 spoons.

You may use sugar instead.

Cooking wine 2 spoons.

It can be omitted.

Plum extraction 2 spoons.

This can be replaced by sugar too.

Quail eggs.(Mechuri Al)

Green onion and Garlic, Shiitake

Start with strong fire.

A bit of salt.

Boil oyster mushroom slightly.

This is for Beoseot Bokkeum.

When the color of eggs begins to be changed,

reduce the fire medium.

A bit of salt.

Sesame oil.

Green onion, onion,

and carrot.

Mashed garlic.

When sauce is almost gone, make the fire weak.

This chili is called as "Kkwari Gochu"

It's not that spicy.

It's done.

Then I made Osam Bulgogi and Chamchi Dubu jjigae.

Recipe part is too long in this video.

So I didn't put full process for these food.

Osam is abbreviation of Ojing-eo Samgyeopsal.

Ojing-eo is squid and Samgyeopsal is pork belly.

Chamchi is tuna and Dubu is tofu.

Today I have something to tell you.

While reading comments from many countries,

I felt very thankful.

But at the same time, I felt very sorry for not answering them all.

Then I found many comments are coming from Vietnam and Indonesia.

So I decided to hire managers for those 2 countries.

They will become bridges between viewers and me to improve communications.

Actually they are my best friends too.

I wish my managers will make our bonds more tight. (^^*)

Hello~ I am Kani jjang~(^^*)


Today I have prepared Korean home meal.

Tuna-tofu stew,

Soy sauce boiled quail eggs,

squid pork belly,

O-ee muchim and Beoseot bokkeum.

Let's enjoy~(^^*)

Looks so yummy!

Does it?

It looks like soy bean paste stew.

Does this look like Doenjang jjigae?

Didn't you put in soy bean paste?

I didn't put in.

This is tuna tofu stew.

I just mean appearance.

I like quail eggs.

Isn't it good?

Worried if it gets sweet. But Okay.

Not sweet at all.

But I also get many comments from other countries too.

I will strengthen communication with them too. (^^*)

A bit of rice.

And Samgyeopsal.

Squid on it like this.

This is lettuce wrapping called as "Sangchu ssam" (^*^)

What about home meal today?

Cooking them makes me exhausted.

But very nice to eat.

Although there are so many yummy foods,

home food is better for everyday meal.


Today I had hard time cooking these.

So I need to drink some beer.

Dark beer.

This cucumber will also be nice when used for noodles.

Cucumber cold noodles? (^^*)

For the last 2 days, I take veggies from the field.

And made kimchi with them.

Video was not edited yet.

But I think I can show you within next week (^^*)

Oh~ So nice!

I love to wrap food to eat.

I know!

Even when we began to love, you always wrapped the food.

Yes! Yes! You were surprised at it (^^*)


But I liked to see you eating well.


When I watch you wrap the food, I find your action very quick.


So it's very fun to watch.

Please hold it.

Take mushroom too.


The foods I prepare today are typical Korean home meal. (^^*)

To be honest, I prepare more stimulating food for Mukbang

to catch viewers interests (^^*)

I like this chili for its nice chewing texture.

Viewers asked if your make up was changed.

There are some people who have very nice eyes.

I changed my make up. (^^*)

I finished my rice almost.

Me too.


On the rice.

This is like birthday party.

It was good meal today~ See you again~(^^*)

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