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Sugar queen?!

Did you just slam the door in my face?!






That really hurt my tailbone.

I thought you guys could use a little help.

And when I say head on...

I mean like this!






Don't make me put this down!


No! Stop sinking!


I'm sorry, Appa.


Finally! Solid ground!



Yeah, you got it!

She got it, right?

On your left.


I'm okay.

Suki! Are you okay?!

You have to be more careful!

Come on!

"Thanks for saving my life, Toph."

"Hey, no problem, Sokka!"


Toph, I need you to make an earth tent.

A big one.

Suki, come with me.

Now, what's so big that Appa has to wait?



Everyone into the hole!

It's so dark down here!

I can't see a thing!

Oh, no! What a nightmare!


Toph! Help me plug up this drain!

Here it comes!




- Ah... - Ah...


Now, that was funny.

From now on, we do whatever it takes to find Appa.

Yeah, let's break some rules!





Toph! Which way to the Earth King?!

How should I know?

I'm still voting we leave Ba Sing Se!

Even metal is just a part of earth

that has been purified and refined.

Come on... metal...


Woah! Toph, you rule!


I am the greatest earthbender in the world!

Don't you two dunderheads ever forget it!

Need a ride?

Woah! Ah!


They're not the real Kyoshi Warriors.

Sorry to disappoint you.

All clear.

Let's go!

I'm not leaving without Bosco!

You just walk on your front paws

instead of your rear ones!

Like this!

That is a nice trick.

Just take the bear.


Check this out.

Good job, Twinkle Toes. Visualize, then attack!

Maybe you should take your own advice, Toph!

What's the matter?

Can't handle some dirt, Madam Fussy-Britches?

Oh, sorry. Did I splash you, mud-slug?


Are we taking a break?


Hungry for a mud pie?


I'll give you a mud pie!


Uh guys,

I thought we were supposed to be training me.

Sorry, little lady, but...


I won!




Ah! Ouch! Ah!

Toph, I... I...

This is bruising me!




There's something big, dense and made of metal

deep in the heart of the volcano.

Sounds like a secret bunker to me!

I am so glad we added you to the group!


Come and get it.

- Stay back! - It's me!


You burned my feet!

I'm sorry! It was a mistake!

Get away from me!

Let me help you!

I'm sorry!

Get off me! Get off me!



You can't find an earthbending master in the sky!

You have to look underground!



Watch it, Toph!

I am not Toph...

I am Melon Lord!


Where's the closest airship?

It's right--


That's how it's done.

Have I ever mentioned how sweet it is

that you invented metalbending?

You could stand to mention it more.

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