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Today were talking about an interesting topic.


The characters actors play can go through some pretty intense stuff at the movies, but

as real as it can seem onscreen, we know its all pretend.

And we can probably assume that none of those stunts have actually damaged the actors

bodies in any way after the camera stops rolling.

They dont call itmovie magicfor nothing right?

What we might not realize is the extent an actor might go for a movie role.

While there are Oscars and Golden Globe awards for outstanding acting work, there arent

any awards we can give out for the most pain an actor has faced during a performance.

But- if there was, the 10 actors on todays list would for sure be nominated.

Today Im talking about the Top 10 Actors Who Permanently Damaged Their Bodies For Movie


Lets get started.

10) Starting off our list in the number 10 spot is Jared Leto.

He has lost significant weight for roles in some of his movies before such as Dallas Buyers

Club, but it was gaining weight for his role in Chapter 27 that really did a number on

the actor.

The movie came out in 2007 where Leto took on the role of Mark Chapman, the man who shot

and killed John Lennon.

Leto admitted in interviews that he gained so much weight so quickly that he suffered

from gout.

Gout is a form of arthritis caused by excess uric acid in the bloodstream; the more fat,

the more uric acid.

Leto told L.A Times, and I quote, “Towards the end of the shoot, one of the glaring issues

was the pain I had with my feet.

I had a wheelchair because it was so painful.

My body was in shock from the amount of weight I gained.

It took about a year to get back to a place that I felt semi-normal.

I dont know if Ill ever be back to the place I was physically”.

That is some serious dedication to a role, which hes always proven to do; but we probably

dont realize the amount of damage he is really doing to his body in the process.

We just enjoy seeing him on the big screen doing what he does best; meanwhile behind

the scenes hes out there putting serious strain on his body.

I feel kind of guilty.

9) In the number 9 spot we have Linda Hamilton.

In the 1991 movie Terminator 2, Linda took on the role of badass woman Sarah Connor.

She took the role very seriously, training her butt off to play the hardcore mother of

the leader of the future world.

With any action movie, comes gunshots; which are extremely loud.

We would never realize just how loud they are by watching it through a screen, but to

put it into perspective for you: a clap of thunder is about 120 decibels of volume, but

a gunshot can be anywhere from 140-190 decibels.

In one of the scenes in Terminator 2, the characters are escaping a mental hospital

in an elevator.

While shooting a take, Hamilton forgot to put her earplugs back in, so when a round

of gunshots was set off in the elevator, it caused permanent hearing loss for the actress.

Those suckers must be really loud.

8) Sliding into the number 8 spot is Daniel Craig.

His time playing James Bond left him with his fair share of injuries.

In Casino Royale, two of his teeth were knocked out, and in Quantum of Solace, there was a

blow to his face that required plastic surgery.

He was also rushed to the hospital after slicing off the top of his finger.


But it was actually his time on Spectre, in 2015, that left him with a permanently injury.

While filming a fight scene with villain Mr. Hinx, he hurt his knee.

It required surgery and threatened to halt filming for 6 months, but Craig didnt want

to be out that long so pushed through the pain.

In the end, production was only stopped for a few weeks; he had a quick operation to get

his knee back in working order.

But Craig still faces the permanent damage to his knee, and has had several operations

since to try and fix the damage.

7) In at number 7 we have Mila Kunis.

Weve seen the trend many times where actors are required to lose significant weight for

the role in a movie.

Well, it was Milas role in Black Swan that required her to completely transform her body.

Kunis told E.T, and I quote, “I had to look skinny in order to look like a ballerina.

I used to be a smoker, so I smoked a lot of cigarettes and I ate a limited amount of calories.

1200 calories a day.

I dont advocate this at all.

It was awful”.

Her costar Natalie Portman also put herself through a strict diet to lose 20lbs for her

ballerina role Nina.

She faced tons of attention for her method approach acting, and left Mila completely

in the dark, receiving no credit for what she put her body through.

You can only imagine the permanent damage that smoking does to your body, especially

when used for weight loss.

After the movie, Kunis told Harpers Bazaar, that her body has never been the same.

She dropped her weight down the 95lbs for the film; which is a very dangerous weight

for a lot of people to be at, and one thats hard to fully recover from.

6) At number 6 we have Sylvester Stallone.

Being a Hollywood action hero can be difficult and dangerous work, just ask this legendary

actor whose action thriller films have put him in danger on more than one occasion.

He has a list of injuries from his films that include flesh wounds, broken ribs, dislocated

shoulders, and broken neck bones.

However, one injury has left him with permanent damage.

While filming The Expendables 3; during one of the stunt scenes he fell flat on his back

and suffered from a terrible back injury.

He was hospitalized immediately and had to have major surgery to fix it.

He now has a metal plate that had to be fitted to his spine, which apparently squeaks sometimes

when he walks.

It will be in his back permanently, along with the horrific memory of the tragic fall.

5) Half way through in the number 5 spot is Uma Thurman.

Her injury in the movie Kill Bill caused a lot of controversy in the movie world.

Thurman agreed to do her own stunts for the movie and one of them was an action-packed

driving scene.

During one take she lost control of the car which caused her to veer off the road and

crash into a tree.

The crash was so bad she said she was in so much pain she thought shed never walk again.

Luckily, she was able to, but it left her with a permanently damaged neck and screwed-up


The footage of the crash was later released and is actually very unsettling to watch.

The thing that caused so much controversy was that Thurman didnt want to film the

scene and she was forced to.

In an interview with The New York Times, Uma revealed that she had been harassed by the

producer who forced her to perform the dangerous driving scene under bad conditions.

She admitted she was scared, and told the interviewer that Harvey (the director) said

I promise you the car is fine.

Its a straight piece of road.

Hit 40 miles per hour or your hair wont blow the right away and Ill make you do

it again”.

She went on the claim that the car seat wasnt screwed down properly and thestraight

roadwas actually a very twisty sand road.

She sticks to her claims that the car was a Deathbox that left her with her permanent


4) Taking over the number 4 spot is Jim Caviezel who took on the role of Jesus in movie The

Passion Of The Christ.

The story of Jesus shows that he suffered for the sins of humankind, but Jim Caviezel

also went through some suffering to bring his story to life.

You may have heard about the crazy story that he was struck by lightning during one of the

cross scenes.

They filmed the movie in Rome, and the cross scene was filmed on a mountain top.

The day of filming there happened to be dark clouds in the sky and it was really windy,

and out of nowhere he was struck by lightning.

They noticed smoke coming out of his ears as well as his hair looked like the typical

just got struck by lightninghair do.

He was okay but we can imagine being struck by lightning does some damage to the human


He also faced another injury while filming the prolonged torture scene.

One of the actors missed with the whip and tore a 14-inch gash into Caviezels back;

he still carries the scar and also the memory, but defends the violence portrayed in the

film as necessary to telling Christs story.

Hes definitely going to heaven.

3) At number 2 we have Jackie Chan, another actor who refuses to use a stunt double.

Hes famously known for his martial art skills and wild stunts, but one of them left

him with a serious injury.

His career has been filled with stunts which also means that his career has been filled

with injuries.

The most serious one was when he was filming Armour of God.

One of the stunts required him to jump and grab a tree branch 25 feet above the ground.

The tree branch snapped and he fell the 25 feet, crashing into the rocks down below.

His skull was fractured and apparently a piece of rock had entered his brain.

He had to have immediate brain surgery where they ending up putting a plastic plug inside

the hole that the rock had created.

Hes left with permanent brain damage and also has some hearing loss on one side of

head thanks to the injury.

2) Alright guys, at number 2 we have Dylan OBrien.

We have another serious brain injury on the list.

Production on the final chapter in the Maze Runner was suspended indefinitely due to a

horrific on-set accident involving the actor.

The young star suffered severe brain trauma when a stunt when wrong.

During one of the stunts that involved a motorcycle; it quickly went wrong and he broke the majority

right side of his face.

He had to undergo reconstructive surgery that left him with permanent damage and four metal

plates in his head.

It says he feels extremely lucky to come out alive after the accident and said he had a

brilliant doctor to help salvage his face and what he once looked like.

The films overall production had a massive delay after the failed driving stunt.

Production of the film didnt resume until almost a year later, pushing the films

release date into 2018.

The good news is that OBrien was able to finish the movie and he insisted the stunt

still be in the film.

Talk about dedication, and insanity.

1) Taking our number 1 spot is David Holmes; a stunt actor who was most famous for being

Daniel Radcliffes double in the Harry Potter movies.

He was Daniels stunt double for the whole Harry Potter franchise and has a huge resume

of stunts before that, including underwater and flying stunts which are considered the

most dangerous.

It was during the practice of one of the flying stunt scenes in Deathly Hollows, that something

went terribly wrong.

The stunt required David to be jerked backwards with a wire that was attached to his back,

which would then land him on a crash mat underneath.

Instead, he was flung into a wall, and when he landed on the crash mat he immediately

knew something was wrong because he couldnt move his fingers.

Turns out he had broken his neck and is now paralyzed from the neck down.

Daniel Radcliffe remains close friends to Holmes and says he also felt a sense of tragedy

when it happened.

The two still continue to spend time together and try to move forward in the best way that

they can.

Alright guys, thats it for our list today.

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