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>> Crazy Nate: I got a small amount of requests for this next one but it keeps bugging me

and I couldn't resist, so today, we're gonna be talking about everything you missed in

Marvel's movie Ant-Man.

(intro music plays)

>> Crazy Nate: I hid these five stickers in today's video, find them all and I could be

taking you to the movies with a $25 AMC gift card.

That should cover the movie, popcorn, and a drink!

Just comment where these little guys are and include #Antman in your comment for your chance

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Honestly, I wasn't very excited about Ant-Man, but then I recently saw Ant-Man and the Wasp

in theaters and the little guy grew on me.

So that made me go back to Ant-Man and watch it a little bit closer.

>> Darren Cross: Tales to astonish!

>> : In case you're wondering why Hope smirked at Darren Cross, besides the fact that he's

the creepy bad guy, it's also because he just made a reference to Tales To Astonish number


This is the first comic to introduce Ant-Man.

>>Darren Cross : Tales to astonish!

>> Crazy Nate: Also in this comic, the very first thing that Hank Pym ever shrank was

a chair.

When Darren's showing off the new suit, look in the background and you will see the first

thing they show is a chair being shrunk.

The building we see being constructed will become S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters in Captain

America: The Winter Soldier.

This tiny building, one could say, is a tiny building designed for ants, just like in Zoolander.

>> Derek Zoolander: What is this?

A center for ants?

>> Crazy Nate: And now, of course, we know where Finnick from Zootopia got his tiny van,

he stole it from Luis!

You might be thinking I'm stretching this next one, but follow me with this: Disney

now owns the little ant and his entire team and the horn in the van is playing La Cucaracha.

And the movie is about an insect who saves the day.

Disney also happens to have a movie about an insect who saves the day as well.

You probably heard about it, it's called Bug's Life.

And in Bug's Life, when Hopper and his gang are living the high life, the grasshoppers

are singing La Cucaracha

La Cucaracha ♪ ♪ La Cucaracha


>> Scott Lang: Oh, no!

>> Crazy Nate: either way with my Pixar obsession, I'm thinking that looks like the famous Chinese

takeout box.

>> Lt. Judy Hopps: You liar!

>> Crazy Nate: One thing Marvel probably didn't plan on happening to the van, though, was

having the background extra pee on it, literally.

So the story is they hired a bunch of homeless people to play as background extras in the

movie and TMZ caught one of them, who thought the van would make a perfect urinal.

So Marvel decided to pay this guy $175 and kicked him off the set.

In case you didn't know this, Marvel is super secret about the movies that they're working

on and one thing they did was on all the clapboards, instead of having the movie title say Ant-Man,

they had it read Bigfoot.

As an inside joke to the fake movie they were pretending to be making, on the newspaper

next to Scott's jail time article, it talks about the Sasquatch, which is basically Bigfoot.

Another newspaper Easter egg, though, is when Scott's escaping the prison we see for not

even a second, the ant lands on a newspaper on the trolley that says Who's to blame for


This is obviously calling out to Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Peyton Reed was the director for Ant-Man and Peyton was born in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Why is that important here, though?

Because the giant Carbondale safe in Hank's basement was made in Raleigh, North Carolina.

And I probably said that city wrong, so now everyone in that city hates me.

Paul Rudd, who played the character Scott Lang, got to have his own Easter egg in the

movie as well.

When he works for Baskin-Robbins, his name is Jack, and some people think that this is

a reference to Jack Kirby, a famous comic book artist.


>> Saul Goodman: Go grab a juice box, have a nap, go on!

>> Crazy Nate: But in reality the name Jack is a reference to Paul Rudd's son.

To confirm this little Easter egg, though, listen to the name of the coworker.

>> Scott Lang: Darby, could you just take care of this idiot?


>> Crazy Nate: Darby is named after Paul's real-life daughter.

So we learned Baskin-Robbins always finds out.

>> Dale: Baskin-Robbins always finds out.

>> Crazy Nate: But how in the world did they actually find out?

Well not only did Hank plan his own home invasion, he also got Scott fired from Boston Market.

Wait a second, did I just say Boston Market?

I meant to say Baskin-Robbins, but Boston Market just tastes so good!

Sorry I got distracted, I'm hungry.

So back to the Easter egg.

We know Hank got Paul fired because he left a clue on Dale the manager's desk.

When Jack is sitting down, look in the pen holder and you will see a very unique Bird

man cap and later on, when Scott is trying to make a fingerprint, if you look closely

in the drawer, you will see the same pen cap!

Even though, if you look closely, when they were filming they forgot to put the pen cap

in half the shots, literally.

As he's sitting down, one second it's there, and the next second, it's gone.

Unless Hank was using the Ant-Man suit in that very moment.

While we're sitting here watching Darren's fancy speech, they give a clue that Hank's

toy tank isn't actually a toy.

During Darren's little soapbox speech, we see a tiny figure, AKA Hank, in the battle

where we see the tank being used and it's the same exact tank, we know, because the

number on it is 153.

So now we know where he got this miniature tank.

The key on his key-chain though is also a reference to Indian in the Cupboard, which,

along with Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, was inspiration for how they filmed a shrinking movie.

>> Hope Pym: I gave them each half a Xanax and Hank explained the science of the suit

to them.

>> Crazy Nate: And just on a side note, if you're getting ready to do a heist, it's probably

not a good idea to give your team Xanax right before the heist.

Especially since one of the side-effects is memory loss.

This next Easter egg is gonna be a two for one special.

Plus 19.99 shipping and handling.

When Luis says.

>> Luis: I was thinking of a tactic, like when I go undercover, like, a whistling, you

know what I'm saying, to blend in.

>> Crazy Nate: Scott Lang says it's not The Andy Griffith Show.

>> Scott Lang: Don't whistle.

No whistling.

It's not The Andy Griffith Show.

>> Crazy Nate: Because Barney Fife, which is one of the cops in The Andy Griffith Show,

would always whistle while he was on patrol or when he was very suspiciously not trying

to act suspicious.

The whistling, though, that Luis is tuning is the song from Disneyland's ride It's A

Small World.

Small world after all ♪ ♪ It's a small world after all

>> Zazu: It's a small world after all

>> Scar: No, no, anything but that!

>> Crazy Nate: Some of you may already know this, I was asked on Twitter if I'm Team Captain

America or Team Iron Man and I pick Team Iron Man because he's more realistic like Batman.

And Paul Rudd replied to me saying this.

>> Paul Rudd: Nate.

Team Iron Man.

Oh, Nate.

How many other horrible decisions have you made in your life?

I'm guessing a lot.

>> Crazy Nate: So today's survey question is this: Are you Team Iron Man or Team Captain


Let's see how many people are on Paul Rudd's side.

Of course, the question is what side is Paul Rudd actually on?

Fun little fact, if you listen to the commentary during the movie, Paul can't even make up

his own mind as to which side he's on.

Paul, Paul, it's easy to not make a mistake when you never make a decision, is it?

Trigger warning for vegans!

The day they filmed the shrinking lamb, guess what the film crew had for lunch.

I'm not making this up, they had lamb chops.

So even though this lamb survived the shrink gun, some poor little sheep out there somewhere

got served up with a side of gravy, and maybe toast with a little jam.

Frank knows all about jam.

When he got the wrong end of the shrink gun, they used strawberry jam to pull off this

little effect right here.

One little thing that they probably weren't trying to get you to see, though, was the


But when they zoomed in on Scott in the van, we can clearly see a cameraman in the rear

view mirror.

Got 'em!

In the final act, the train that they're fighting on is none other than Thomas the tank engine

from Thomas and Friends.

But Thomas and Friends isn't really and friends unless we see, of course, some of his friends


That's why we also see Annie and Clarabell, those are Thomas's coaches, and also Emily's


To celebrate Thomas and Friends 70th anniversary, the owners of Thomas let him be in Ant-Man

so long as there's a few rules applied.

>> Genie: That's it.


Uno, dos, tres.

>> Crazy Nate: Thomas couldn't appear to take anyone's side, or he couldn't be evil, and

he couldn't run anybody over.

So don't worry Dudley Do-Right, no one's getting tied to the tracks today!

Another Easter egg we see in Peanut's bedroom is Flounder sitting up in the corner from

Little Mermaid, but then, unfortunately, he gets shot by the Yellow jacket.

>> Peyton Reed: Yeah, great.

>> Crazy Nate: But listen closely to the sound of the blasters on the Yellow jacket's suit.

It's the same sound from the creepy crawlers in Star Wars called AT-AT walkers.

Speaking of creepy crawlers, the bullet ant is claimed to be the most painful insect bite

in the world.

>> Hope Pym: Giant tropical bullet ants ranked highest on the Schmidt pain index.

>> Crazy Nate: But it's not actually a bite like this little guy bites him on the neck.

Instead it's more like a sting, kinda like a sting from a bee, only much more painful.

Stan Lee is to Marvel what the Pixar planet truck is to Pixar.

>> Stan Lee: Nobody has any idea!

>> Crazy Nate: So we're gonna obviously see a cameo dome in the movie.

In the end, when Luis is telling Scott that the Avengers are looking for him, the bartender

in his story is none other than Stan Lee.

The reason why Hank knew he could tell these criminals about the safe and no one being

home is because this took place in California, and in California, if you're arrested three

times, you get 25 years to life in prison.

The gang that he told was a group of criminals that already had two strikes, so they couldn't

risk getting arrested a third time.

And we know this because the team is called Third Strikers.

For the first time in Marvel, the writer chick who's fine.

>> Bartender: Yeah, crazy, stupid fine.

>> Crazy Nate: She introduces Spider-man into the mix.

Welcome aboard, Spider-man.

She's teasing that he is soon to become an Avenger and she's pretty specific about that.

>> Reporter: Well, we got everything nowadays.

We got a guy who jumps, we got a guy who swings, we got a guy who crawls up the walls, you

got to be more specific!

>> Crazy Nate: The Hulk also got a cameo as well.

If you remember, in The Incredible Hulk, for a brief part of the movie, Bruce Banner worked

for a soda company in Brazil called Pingo Doce.

well in Ant-Man, we see a poster advertising for Pingo Doce.

Even Hope gets to have her own little Easter egg.

Hope is played by Evangeline Lilly and she says her mom died in a plane crash, which

is what her dad originally told her.

>> Hank Pym: We lost her in a plane crash.

>> Hope Pym: It's bad enough you won't tell me how she died, could you please stop telling

me that lie?

>> Crazy Nate: But why a plane crash?

Because Evangeline, who played Hope, also played a character named Kate in a famous

plane crash series you may have heard of called Lost.

By the way, Kate was on the run for killing her dad, so watch your back, Hank.

If you didn't recognize Falcon from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, well then later

on, The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

>> Dale: I'll just pretend I didn't see it.

>> Hank Pym: Besides, they're probably too busy dropping cities out of the sky.

>> Crazy Nate: Probably making a city fall from the sky, this is obviously a reference

to Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Another first, though, was for Apple.

When Scott and Darren are fighting in the brief case, we hear Siri eavesdropping on

their conversation, as always, trying to put her little two cents in.

Of course, that's not a first for Apple.

But what is a first for Apple is the iPhone.

>> Siri: Playing Disintegration by The Cure.

>> Crazy Nate: This version of the iPhone that we see here is the iPhone 6s Gold.

Ant-Man actually came out three months before Apple released this particular phone.

Speaking of necks, wait, who's speaking about necks?

In the beginning, we're given the clues that Pym Tech was the bad guys.

If you look closely at the hired security, see anything suspicious?

How about this guy's neck?

The tattoo is the 10 Rings, a terrorist organization in the Marvel universe.

The group that kidnapped Tony Stark in the first Iron Man also had this same tattoo.

If by chance you haven't seen Ant-Man and the Wasp yet, mute the video until this spoiler

sign is gone.

We learn in Ant-Man and Wasp that Hank's wife didn't actually die, but in Ant-Man, they

actually gave us a hint to this fact.

When Scott goes subatomic, if you watch carefully, you will see a tardigrade, which is possibly

the strongest known creature in our universe and doesn't even need water to survive.

So this was a breadcrumb to Ant-Man and Wasp because we see more tardigrades in Ant-Man

and Wasp.

Then, as Ant-Man continues to shrink, we see a womanly shadow figure.

In Ant-Man and Wasp, we learn that this is when Janet made her connection to Scott's


Back in 1979, on Saturday Night Live, Garrett Morris played the Ant-Man in a live sketch.

Fast-forward to today, he managed to sneak his way into the movie, obviously a little

bit older now.

When Scott is taking a crash course in the Ant-Man suit, he falls onto a car.

This guy in the car is Garrett Morris, the Ant-Man from Saturday Night Live.

Most people by now know that Marvel hides post-credit scenes after their credits, so

the only way they can be sneaky is by putting a post-post-credit scene.

So in Ant-Man, you're gonna see this secret scene.

>> Hank Pym: There's something I wanna show you.

I realized you can't destroy power, all you can do is make sure that it's in the right


This is an advanced prototype that your mother and I worked on together.

She never got to use it.

But now I realize that we were working on it for you.

Maybe it's time we finished it.

>> Hope Pym: It's about **** time.

>> Crazy Nate: Then, if you keep watching past more credits, you're gonna see this scene.

>> Sam Wilson: Hey Cap!

This would've been a lot easier a week ago.

>> Captain America: If we call Tony.

>> Sam Wilson: Nah, he won't believe us.

>> Captain America: Even if he did.

>> Sam Wilson: Who knows if the Accords would let him help.

>> Captain America: We're on our own.

>> Sam Wilson: Maybe not.

I know a guy.

>> Crazy Nate: Also, in the deleted scenes, we see Ant-Man trying to mimic C-3PO from

Star Wars.

>> Scott Lang: I'm C-3PO.

>> Crazy Nate: If you enjoyed this video, you already know what to do, if you didn't

enjoy this video, you probably already did it.

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>> Dale: I feel great.

>> Peyton Reen: Cut!


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