Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 15 branding questions answered by Dr. Mark Ritson

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The future looks a lot like 2021. We exaggerate it with this shit about personalisation and

digital transformation and the impact of covid-19. Trust me, things move, things evolve, but they

don't change half as quickly as most marketerswould have you believe.

I don't think brand purpose is as important as everybody says.

I dothink it's very important for the employer brand. I think customers don't give a sh*t.

You need about 40% off your money on the red lines

and you need about 60% on the blue lines - on the long-term brand building. None of you

in this room are doing that. I know that, it's okay.

You are losing a shitload of money because you are spending too much money on short-term performance marketing. Almost all of you are, everybody is, right?

And the reason you're doing it is becauseof ROI. ROI is a stupid variable, yeah?

Marketing ROI is a stupid variable. I can tell you with total certainty what the most

powerful communications channel is. Okay, are you ready? It's all of them.

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