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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Robert Mitchum: The Reluctant Star (Jerry Skinner Documentary)

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this is robert mitchum he was possibly

the most reluctant person to ever become

a movie star Robert Charles Mitchum

was born August 6, 1917 in Bridgeport

Connecticut. His father James Thomas

Mitchum was a shipyard and railroad worker

his mother was Anne Gunnerson Mitchum she

was a norwegian immigrant and the

daughter of a sea captain. Robert had an older

sister named and may it and it was three

years older the robert and was born on

july of 23rd 1914 in February of 1919

when Robert was too and it was five

their father James was crushed to do it

in a real switchyard exit while the

family was living in Charleston South

Carolina after James day at the family

moved back to Connecticut to live with

his parents Robert's mother hand with

seven months pregnant at the time with a

third child

John Newton born September the 619 that

team while living in Connecticut

Robert's mother meets a man by the name

of Bill Clancy they were married but

only for a short time she said that he

was abusive torture and when Robert was

six-years-old the local newspaper head

of Saturday column that feature poems

and stories written by local children

Robert's mother entered some of his

point that she had found in his bedroom

and he won the contest

and a story and a picture of Robert was

featured in the local paper his mother

was so grateful to the editor for

picking robbers poems that she invited

him to dinner the next year when Robert

was eight years old his mother and

newspaper editor major human Mars a

reserve British officer made the year

was nineteen twenty five two years later

in july of 1927 the couple will have a

baby girl

they will neighbor Carol Mars Robert and

jon is old enough by this time to start

rolling the street and getting into

minded trouble and decided it'd be

better for her two boys to go and spend

some time with her parents on their farm

outside of felton delaware now Robert

enjoyed the farm and was considered a

smart kid in school

however he was always getting into

trouble even have in trouble with the

principal and needless to say he was

expelled Robert sister and then he left

home at an early age with a traveling

theater group and by this time she had

made a satyr that was also an ascendant

you left and that living in a cold water

flat and Hills kitchen in New York the

entire family moved to New York and in

the flat with an eight the newspaper

wasn't doing well and jobs were hard to

find because it was depression which

affected everything

their home was to do better in New York

but things were no better there

Robert did inner hand asking for a short

time but more than once he was sent home

for bad behavior

soon the family decided to leave New

York moved back to delaware whereas

parents were Robert Charles Mitchell at

the age of 14 whilst eight years later

that he records his ambition at that

time was just to be a bone for almost

two years Mitchell no traveler rails as

a hobo life will be rough but people

will be kinder to a fourteen-year-old

boy than the thousands of grown me

surgeon to work he will work all kinds

of jobs temporary and stated when he was

in a place long enough he would get a

letter from his mother and sit and cry

wanting to see her kitchen stated that

when he was 16 he had had enough for the

road and was actually on his way home he

was riding a train through savannah

georgia when he was arrested for riding

without a ticket

he said he never had a ticket when you

wrote he spent five days until the four

seeing a judge and when he did go before

the court he was surprised to learn that

they charged him with burglarizing a

shoe store and stealing forty dollars

now they knew that he had thirty-eight

dollars in his pocket when he was

arresting the problem was when the money

was stolen

Mitchum was in jail and when a judge

learned is he said well some charging

you with vagrancy that will straighten

you out and for several days he repaired

roads in Savannah on a chain game

the guards eventually removed the change

from his legs that was becoming infected

when he got to change here and I don't

even think they chased me said I wasn't

worth it

bitch i'm headed for his mother's house

in Delaware while they're 16 year-old

robert mitchum will meet dark-haired

fourteen-year-old Dorothy spent North

was first being the girlfriend of

Roberts younger brother John but soon

romance was looming between Robert and

Daugherty by 1936 and it was living in

long beach california and Robert and

John decided to go to California and

stay with the next he promised to come

back and get Dorothy when he got work

finally the rest of the family made it

out to California after saving some


Robert kept his promise and went back to

delaware for Dorothy Spence they were

married on the sixteenth of March 1940

they will immediately catch a bus and

hit for California their first home will

be a cleaned-out chicken house behind

the family home in Los Angeles and one

year later their first child was born

James Robin Spence Mitchum now the

support his family Robert gets a job at

lockheed aircraft working the graveyard

shift and while working at lockheed he

became acquainted with Jim Daughtery who

is made to a pretty young girl who

couldn't be in over 15 of 16 years old

by the name of normal g and Mitchum said

that gym which show him wallet pictures

of his wife he was proud of and that he

couldn't believe that he would one day

star in a movie

called a river of no return with Jim's

ex-wife Marilyn Monroe mention stated

that he hated factory work and he would

do anything to get away from it

Roberts history had been involved with a

long this theater deal where she had

managed to become a performer she have

Robert get a job as a staging and in a

case little bit clearer Robert will lack

acting better than working he said

and while there which emit an agent to

get him an interview with the producer

of the hop alone Cassidy series of the

movies they were westerns that was

starring we employed they thought that

he looked like a good villain because of

his sleepy eyes we avoid stated that the

producer didn't know that mention

couldn't ride a horse said the horse

throwed him twice he said that Robert

grab the horse by the reins pull his

face down to his and said now listen you

sob and they discharge and I intend to

keep it

he said I believe the horse understood

him perfectly because Mitchell made

eight more Western said year Robert

always said that he got his acting

career started wearing a dead man's head

it seemed that Charlie Murphy one of the

extras was accidentally killed wherein

ahead and wardrobe of sand mentioned the

head it had dried blood still in it

when asked why did you wear the head he

said what can you do you want the job

you want to eat you wear the damn hand

in 1943 mention played in a supporting

role with Nick you ready in the human

comedy it led to a seven-year contract

with RKO also in the sixteenth of

october 1943 Robert and Dorothy will

have their second child

Christopher and in mission two years

later in 1945 rkl will end him out to

united artists to start with Burgess

married it in GI joe robert mitchum will

be nominated for an Academy Award and it

will be the only time also in 1945 as

Mitchum becomes more well known as an

actor he told that he was sitting on his

front porch having a drink and watching

the Stars when a man jumps out of the

car runs up to the porch shines allowed

in his face and grabbed him mention bus

the man in the face breaking his nose

it turned out that the man was a los

angeles police officer with the wrong


unfortunately mentioned didn't let it go

his wife Dorothy said Robert sometimes

has a little problem with authority

anyway Robert ends up in jail when his

RKO attorney advises him to plead guilty

pay you ten dollars and get a suspended


mitcham agreed after the guilty plea the


unfortunately had other ideas do a

hundred and eighty days and chill he

sees Mitchum said I can't do that

the judge says what he says because I'm

joining the army

vintage it says a lot of patriotic

actors the next day the same two cups

escorted him

to the enrichment center the official

studio land was it he had tried to at

least several times before the robert

said the truth was is it when they

dragged me away i still had the porch

rail splinters under my fingernails

Mitchum said they put him in the Medical

Corps check-in genitals for venereal

disease not the best job in the world

the actors served eight months and from

natal of family hardship discharge

actually left the military return to the

movies in 1947 he appeared in out of the

past with Jane Greer and cart Douglas

that same year his younger brother John

after traveling sees decided to try his

hand in the movies his first notable

film was the Prairie he'll become a

noted character actor appeared in over a

hundred and fifty seems performing and

everything from TVs detective show

Richard island to movies like Dirty


John Mitchell pass away on November's

20-man 2000 lon

after complications of three strokes

he's buried at the sportsman lodge in

studio city california he was survived

by his wife Bonnie and daughters Vicki

and Cindy John Mitchum was 82 years old

and 1948 robert mitchum wife Dorothy had

left him and went back east his corrals

and was becoming too much for her to

handle things got worse when Mitchum and

I freaking love it forward real estate

agent was visiting a young actress Lila

Leeds and her friend Vicky evidence that

leads home in Laurel Canyon before were

passing around a marijuana joint when

suddenly the please crash through the

back door

they quickly arrested the floor kitchen

was convicted of conspiracy to possess

marijuana is given two years probation

and too much to serve in the county jail

and he did is too much at the City Hall

of Justice in Los Angeles his conviction

will be overturned in January 1951

Mitchell machineries movie career was

over after his arrest he had listed his

occupation as former actor Robert old


well this is the end of everything my

career my marriage

everything went north you read about the


she quickly returned to support him to

your scandals to everyone's surprise

even the studio's when September 20 of

1948 his next movie came out Rachel in

the stranger

Loretta Young the audience actually

stood up and applauded when Mitchum

appeared on the screen the next year in

1949 nuchem start in the big steel it

was the only time that his life dorty

had an unaccredited role as a tourist

Elizabeth Scott had been scheduled to

play the part of John Grail because

Mitchum had been convicted of possessing

marijuana and had spent some time in

jail she pull out three weeks before the

movie started it was reported that RKO

owner Howard Hughes have been keeping

JaneDear a former girlfriend of his from

appearing in RKO pictures in order to

destroy her career he finally had to

hard when no other female lead would

take the part a mission was known for

taking it for the cast and crew when he

thought that RKO producers would treat

them well a one occasion when they would

brain coffee but no one else would get

any he demanded coffee for everyone

they refused he told them I don't like

the coffee you brought me so he went out

for coffee and stayed out to sit for two

hours next morning everyone had coffee

and that didn't fit you want me to start

with jane russell and he is kind of


Russell stop full he said and

down-to-earth although with being

outspoken and not afraid of what people

thought now these were the traits that

Mitchell act and they became close

friends that will last a lifetime

in fact she was the only none family

member who attended the spreading of

missions ashes at is dead

well March a third 1954 Robert and

Dorothy elevator girl they named her

betraying de mission after Roberts

paternal grandmother now that year he

also starred with Marilyn Monroe and the

River of No Return said that during the

scene the security line of the ralphs

broke loose and started drifting towards

the records Marilyn would not jump off

until he did showing a lot of courage he

said officious both out of the water

robert said Maryland was childlike and

very caring and too sweet for Hollywood

our daughter he said in 1955 and starred

in the latter of the hunter he was eager

to get the part of the preacher and when

he audition Charles loves was explaining

to mention that for the preacher we made

a diabolical rich and Mitchum promptly

raised his hand and said present the

movie was not well received by the

critics at first but later was classed

as one of the better movies ever made in

1954 he started in heaven knows mr.

Allison with Deborah car

one year later in 1958 Mitchum will

venture out with Thunder Road

this will be his first movie by his own

production company he wrote the story he

wrote the theme song and he chose his 17

year old son James to play his younger

brother James will go on to play in the

young guns of Texas and 1962 also moon

runner in that tin 72 in that in 76 they

will be tracked down

and several others and I think you can

and the missions will move out of

Hollywood to a farm that they bout in

the Maryland shores of the Chesapeake

Bay now that same year in that do today

Robert sister and maid had changed your

stage name to Julie medium she was

starring in house on Haunted Hill would

then some press later it'll be high in

the muddy with john wayne and many more

and that Mitchell will pass away on baby

where the 21st 2003 at Sun City Arizona

from Alzheimer's she was 88 years old

and she had no children in 1916 Mitchum

was once again paired with Deborah car

in the sundowner he stepped in the last

moment replacing Gary Cooper he said all

he did was feed her the lands and

Deborah did all act when he was told

that Deborah wanted top billion all

Mitchum said was by all means in 1962

robert mitchum will start alone with

several other prominent actors include

John Wayne and the longest day

also in 62 he will star in Cape Fear

with Gregory pink and Polly Bergen he

initially turned the roll down but when

the producer cinema case of whiskey and

some flowers Mitchum called him in the

middle of the bed and said well have

smelt your flowers and I drank your

booze-soaked I guess male i'll have to

make your damn movie in 1965 the family

moved to Hollywood and moved into a

modest ivy-covered mansion in Bel Air

Robert also purchased a signal six-acre

range near Los Angeles as a place to

keep his many quarter horses you later

say after spending a million dollars on

these horses all I've managed to end up

with is a million dollars worth of

horseshit and 1967 he will appear with

his friend John Wayne in El Dorado

mitchell would play a drunken sure and

realize he loved to drink and he used

marijuana he started using marijuana in

early life and he never quit in 1970 he

was in Ryan's daughter with sarah mounds

that same year he will also visit his

youngest son Christopher on the set of

real lobo Howard Hawks will ask Robert

if you wanted to revive his role as a

drunken sheriff that he did in El Dorado

and adapted for real lobo Robert said no

I'm retiring and John Wayne said mitch

has been returned ever since that first

day as known him and that in 75 Robert

did very well my love with John Ireland

and in 1981 robert mitchum will be sued

by his longtime secretary real Frederick

for back tension there was no agreement

paperwork to back her case

in the meantime evidence was discovered

that she had been stealing millions over

the years from mention she agreed to

drop the lawsuit is he wouldn't

prosecute in 1983 he appeared in the TV

mini-series the winds of war with a

human girl and in 1984 he would check

into the Betty Ford Center for treatment

of alcohol and 1980s submit age of city

will host Saturday in that lab in 1988

he will be in screwed with beyond Mary

and a host of others and that thing

anyone he does a cameo and cape fear as

a police lieutenant also in 91 kitchen

will win a last time Achievement Award

from the National Board of Review of

motion pictures the next year in 92 he

will receive the sesame the mail award

from the Golden global was never

mentioned will act in over a hundred and

ten films during his long career his

last appearance will be in 1997 as

director George Stevens that directed

James Dean in the epic movie giant it

will be at evolve of James Dean in the

race with destiny

a few months later in july the first

1997 Robert Charles Mitchell will

succumb to lung cancer and interesting

there will be no memorial service at his

own request his wife Dorothy Mitchell

their children and longtime friend Jane

Russell will spread his remains at see

Robert Mitchum was 79 years old his wife

Dorothy Mitchum will pass easily at the

serene house hospice in santa barbara on

April 212 2014 she was 94 years old and

north is request remains will also be

scattered at sea so that she might

fulfill the peg that she made with

Robert that one day there remains will

meet again on Easter aland

The Description of Robert Mitchum: The Reluctant Star (Jerry Skinner Documentary)