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Look around!

What a beautiful building!

However, ...

... it are the people, ...

... making it a church.

They make the difference.

I quit my job because I saw desperation in youth and ...

... and I want to give them a chance to really get the most out of themselves and that they can develop them selves.

I've been to prison and therefore I have lived five years outside the society.

People here have given me a second chance and out of gratitude I spend all my time in volunteering.

I want to invest in vulnerable children. Because I believe in a God who loves them.

Only the love of God can give you a second chance, which is completely free.

In the neighborhood store in Almere Haven, we have a team of passionate volunteers helping people who got stuck.

We want wherever we can help people and our motivation is the love of Jesus.

Of history that I have not seen here, has bent God in such a way, I can use it in the work I do now.

Sometimes there were people in the community, who wanted nothing to do with Jesus and all that stuff.

And then I say to those people, the time you are going through now, have I had too.

I want absolutely nothing to do with it.

Yet I ended up here.

For God there are no hopeless situations.

I want to be a friend to those who have no friends because Jesus is a friend to me.

Through my volunteer work, I can share the love of Jesus. My city needs the love of Jesus.

Many people search but the only peace you find in the Lord.

By Him is true peace.

There is not anything more.

And you should feel it.

God is just good and God is only love.

God gives everyone a second chance.

De Wegwijzer | A place of hope, love and community. | A church for all people in Almere.

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