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finally you'r here

are you the foster father ? I'm the foster father

i,m sorry,

i get the wrong man

go on

we swear to be brother

and we swear to collect the debt from Li Wanji

you just can stop talking


this might be another creditor.

if ewe are as determined

we might get our money back long time go

again once again.

li wanji

did not we agree on

picking child a tomorrow

i must as well believe in the wonder making Super Girl Chris Lee than in you



something is wrong with Chairman of the board

we don't know if he is alive.

are you sure?

look into it make it clear.


something is wrong with Chairman of the board

we don't know if he is alive.


look into it make it clear

are we really going


if not.

wasn't is a waste of time to know two and become swore Brothers?


we are going today to

get back the money Li Wanji owed us.

today is the day

let's go




my sweet girl


you'd batter go together with us.

there remain many things to be deal with

do remember clearly the address in sanghai

Do you remember the code word?

are you the Foster Father?


i,m your Foster mother

come on. come on. come on.


take good care of the miss.


I'm of no use.

you must have suffered here

what is it?

Li Wanji is not at home

only a woman.


break in break in.

let have another talk about it.


talk about what?

what did we say when swore to be Brother

if we don't have the money.

how can Zichu pay the rent?

if we don't have the money.

how we can pay the medical fees for your daughter?

if we don't have the money.

what money can i get to

pay the wages to those who live in my village and work for me?

let's go


he is a Boss,rich, Powerful

and busy all day long.

i don't care about of those.

i just want to find him

let's go.

wait for another moment

Don't rush Let's see what's the situation is now.

Mr. Li

you come to the right person

to do this

which is just like the radish falling into the right pit and key going into the right hole.

ever since i get your phone call.

i start right away

i don't even rest a while. i talk to other about your issue.

and i am more than exhausted.

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