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Today were going to try to move this ugly eyesore of a shed.

I think its gonna be a pain in the butt.

(laughing) Mainly because I dont know that we have the right materials, but weve got

some 4x4s to set it on once we move it.

2x4s to act as tracks, then we have a bunch of these PVC pipes that well hopefully

be able to roll the shed on.

Well see how this goes.

Todays the day were going to try to move this really ugly eyesore of a shed from

here (which is right behind the house and is the view out the back bedroom).

Were going to try to move it to the backyard.

Well see how this goes.

We have a jack thats underneath the back of the shed now.

We had to dig it down a little bit.

My husbands going to go ahead and lower the jack and were hoping we can shove some

more of these PVC pipes under the shed.

So, wish us luck.

Hows it going?”

By raising the shed up with a car jack, we were able to feed two PVC pipes under the

middle of the shed.

Then we tilted the shed back like a teeter-totter to slip a 4x4 under the shed to support it

from the front.

So, we got the pipes under the shed and were going to try to move it all the way into that

back corner there.

Bandit, are you going to help us?

Once we got the shed tipped up, we could start feeding the 2x4s under the shed facing

the direction we wanted to move the shed.

They will act like tracks.

The PVC pipes are then spaced out and laid on top of the 2x4s.

Alright, how are we on our tracks?

Were going to have to spin it.”

You can see were making slow progress pushing the shed on the PVC pipes on the 2x4 tracks.

Every once in a while, wed position the 4x4 into the shed door and use it as leverage

to turn the shed.

It was tough work, until we realized… …the PVC pipes were rolling parallel to

the floor joists and bending slightly.

As soon as we changed the PVC pipes perpendicular to the floor joists, we were able to easily

push the shed across the yard.

Time for a little victory dance!

To keep the momentum going, one person grabs the PVC pipe that pops out the back and positions

it under the front.

As you can tell, rolling the shed to the back of the yard wasnt hard for two adults,

a teen, and a dog as a cheerleader.

Just for reference, thats where the shed was.

And heres where we got it to right now.

Its getting there.

Once the shed was in its new location, my assistant Brett and I worked together to

get the shed leveled.

After laying down a base of drainage rock, we used a combination of blocks, and 4x4s

to support the shed off the ground.

Lets look back at this ugly Frankenshed….because you wont recognize it in a minute!

We replaced the warped door and replaced the plexiglass bubble window.

Then this shed got a makeover with some trim and fresh paint.

Oh, and we replaced that patchy privacy fence with something a little better looking, dont

you think?

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