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hi guys welcome back to my livestream

everyone yes ELISA sure in France is

live again guys yes welcome welcome it's

actually 6 p.m. and 10 minutes or 10

minutes past 6 p.m. here in France right


how's everybody doing I hope everybody's

doing great

so I just actually finished uploading my

new video my new video is actually out

of my content I guess but I destroyed it

you know I tried my best to make it

really connected to my content yeah I

hope it's gonna do well yes welcome

everyone thank you so much for coming


let me check here which of the chatroom

if we have some people in the chat room

right now let's check let's check let's

check all right hello take the word

Shamu you know a biker blogger welcome

to my live stream thank you so much for

coming yes thank you so much for your

thumbs up everyone I hope you guys can

hear my voice I hope I hope I really

hope yep Pinoy biker vlogger how are you

how are you can we buy for bloggers

actually guys my life stream is sudden

sudden guys I just wanna you know hang

out and just talk with people yeah

that's it that's it everyone shout out

to everyone who is here in the chat room

right now shout out to team de Bourgh

channel shout out to view a biker

blogger and of course shout out to mark

this first little polis ASMR guys is

actually Marcus wishes daughters Channel

so yeah I'm not sure if her daughter's

channel is already active I mean I mean

active means having new videos or

uploading videos yes so I'm not so sure

it's my first time to actually see that

YouTube channel of her daughter

yes how are you tinta bird channel yeah

shout out to Marcus rich oh my god I

look I look tired guys to be honest I

look tired to be honest because yeah

back to work I woke up so early today I

woke up at 6 a.m. because I start work I

started work I mean I stopped work my my

schedule at school I start work at 8

a.m. on Mondays yes mm-hmm

very good drink water there are seven

people watching right now now but only

three people in the chat room where are

the other people huh where are the other

people the other people are hiding or

what be secured yeah it's very busy back

to work guys English teacher in France

he's back he/she is back to work guys

and you know hmm

vacation is over everyone vacation is

over yeah and Laura before and family

welcome to my life's dream no problem

shiny men hello teacher in everyone I

was buzzy busy oh oh yeah shine even oh

my good you can't believe his talent my


no problem Ruby's foreign family baby so

much oh my god shiny man did you see

shiny man I mean how did you how did you

get the belief did you get the link from

my description or you have been what you


watching it before you start watching my


huh who's telling I live Batman guys

let's talk about Alan but that tonight I

just actually uploaded a new video this

is really not my usual video as I always

make I mean not really related to

English but I tried to make it I are

from then I will try you doubt it is


yeah and amazing guys really if you

watch this video oh my gosh you will be

very very astonished with his I mean by

his talent oh my god you can't imagine

blanket or and food at the same time

really amazing you know yeah so shiny

men what's your opinion about his talent

shine demon indeed very talented yeah so

true and you know I didn't know how he

did that I mean I didn't how he did or

how he does that he plays guitar with

one hand and smooth with the other hand

oh my gosh really

I was like oh my god I should make a

reaction video of this so I did I did I

hope it's gonna it's gonna go well a lot

of feeling the way he plays here is so

true shining he's playing like with his

with his emotion he's playing his play

from the movies he's playing from the

bottom of his heart I mean you can feel

you know he's playing like just enjoying

with the instrument he's just enjoying

with the instrument hello everyone why

well umm hiram yes laughing you give

advice I really could know maybe later

there will be I am using stream yard

right now I don't know why it's not that

from angels yes but angels angels thing

marketers actually got sepia so yeah

mine I made mine which is in a different

version he has different version because

I'm afraid of City after so I hope there

is no CPR because yeah

have checked my copyright notice I

haven't got any so maybe mine is safe

because anyway I didn't show much about

the video yeah most of most of the

content in my video is about my top my

reaction to his talent you should check

some rock guitarists see what they call

tapping oh okay little marketers how

come well in how come how come I didn't

get CPR she got CPR of course because

she showed the whole video of that you

know and the music itself actually the

elite I'm in the the owner of the video

is very time yeah but the CPR is you

know yes it's from the music giant

started oh hello oh did me boo Houdini

both special oh who is that oh my god a

lot of people is this Marcus rich giant

star Terry blessings everyone hello

welcome welcome welcome join you start

our V shout out to like and UK with buzz

from teens of our channel guys how are

you everyone I missed you I mean I

missed the live streaming like this you

know just free talking and just hang out

with me oh my god United States of

America here oh is that um is it also

Marcus Trisha so good or bad with Marcus

rich boys China start re welcome to my

life Street giant surgery and we have

ODB boo official they are actually new

to my channel so I haven't got any idea

uh-huh yeah so welcome welcome everyone

thank you so much for coming would

enable little mini official oh I think

this is not a Content wish this is not a

content creator this is a Content

consumer yeah mmm guys are trying to

grow a great team with people who are

open-minded oh that's great this great

giant start re-chartered Shonda looks

great so yeah that's how it is you know

you can make people become open

it depends also because some people are

not but we need to respect everyone you

know yes

respect respect in the key hello

Christine Thomas welcome to my life's

from Christine Duncan fellow teacher

it's Marcus rich yes it's Marcus Trish

oh yeah I know

Ortiz will upgrade hello welcome to my

life's really drink ooh my bad

hello my friend how are you think is so

much more a case we love rain thank you

so much you are amazing

no problem guys no problem okay so yeah

I just wanna hang out with you guys

today so reality yellow team the blue

channel from life and you KB bus

Christine campus how are you it's very

late in Philippines right now because

it's 6 p.m. here in France so it must be

like midnight in Toby's right now I

guess if I am right shiny men so are you

still listening to the video of Ali Ali

Baja SHINee Minh Dysart I really love

how you say my name

beautiful move and great stream and how

thick is so much Giants tartar is it


I'm not really sure if I pronounced your

name correctly yes I'm not so sure


oh my god am I need to charge guys

because sorry guys charging my phone

because it's almost empty I didn't

realize mmm

genes of RPGs like yes maybe someone

speak the word channel no problems in

the world channel thank you so much life

in UK we bus receive an excel YT


why do Ghana Christine Tom whose are you

added I like if you get there is forever

this one family told me there is Harlem

okay thank you so much everyone for


I think Simon is enjoying now with the

music Holly but an amazing music guys if

you guys want to know about this um this

you know talented create creation of God

you can check my new upload guys it's

not really complete but if you want a

complete one you can check the link in

the description of my new uploaded video

everyone mmm

yes hello sis Pristina to Luke Anna

bahahaha yes this upper channel you can

imagine 14 samples is very supportive

and yeah I'm sure if she still sleeps

maybe she's a 24 hour woman by the way

guys if there are people tonight would

like to join me here on the panel you

are very welcome tonight guys this live

streaming is for that I am welcoming

visitors to actually promote their

channel tonight and of course you know

hang out with teacher as well and of

course for all the people who are here

I'm gonna write your names

in my powerful spinner shine demon you

don't want to be spin shine even right

that's why you are not participating in

the chat room anymore shining men shiny

man Johnny men when they are no assembly

yet letting you give he go message is me

notice we're seeing Thomas laughing out

loud you know what

fried chicken because they open up by

8:00 they up in a cone I don't know the

next line oh my god hello shiny men from

laughing you give me buzz you spawn so

here fans oh is out of reach I don't

know where funds is I am used to his

absence all the time so no problem show

name inside I know someone who would be

happy to go on the panel and he had you

a hue is teacher I have no idea at all I

wish it could be pencil but I am a bit

disappointed with him because he is not

there is nothing like an you give it but

Christina dummy ha laughing table

actually Christine live in UK with us

she actually um oh my god I'm looking at

the chat room when I look at the chat

room I feel like I'm looking on the

other side looking at the camera so I

might just as well read the messages

from angels phone okay I can open angel

spoon I left arm artists Trish this

artists Trish I left your stream because

I I'm gonna use angels okay I will be

back to your stream when I finished

thumbs up thank you so much thank you so

much drunk guys cooking track is

actually Vietnamese who is now in the

u.s. guys if you guys are interested to

join me here in the panel please do so

you are very open you are very welcome

to join me here guys so I will be giving

you the the spares to heaven everyone

thank you so much says Marcus rich yes

yeah hello shiny man from Christine yes

hello hello everyone

where are the other people guys so I'm

gonna write your names eyes in my magic

spinner buncha speaker yes guys because

tonight is the night I'm gonna spin you

guys and you will have a

a lot teams of our channels already very

late answer yes no problem teeth upper

channels at the background I think like

and you give advice hi Ellis with Marcus

and saccharine ass yes Marcus rich is

light guys little SM guys are made

new clothes

yeah ASMR is actually Marcus vicious

daughter's Channel

yes oh hi welcome to my life strange man

hello are you Joey how I would man to

save a little before I try to get some

sleep oh my godness of me easy to LTE

how are you it's been a long time how

are you how are you how are you a moment

guys why is it ah same time how are you

funds that would capture oh my god we

can't drop these don't use many emoji is

one in you g guys or no emojis please

thank you so much thank you so much life

and you can be boss how's this Hollywood

is right why hello welcome to my country

my dear guys absolutely we Israel we

just actually does actually be connected

and he also goes live everyone yes guys

hello fans you and Ruby stylist I'm

entering hello hello welcome I hid a

picture I finished all your 52 videos

yes but it's kind of hard I mean because

you don't have a playlist you actually

have a playlist but your playlists are

what your playlists are not your

contents I think am I am i right I need

adventure elses Hollywood Israel is

greeting to some people there it is

foreign family no be right back funds Oh

laughing out loud yes Ruby

he is foreign family said no be right

back fans oh um

shiny men said be quiet fans oh no I

want Luisi no I want a noisy chat room

tonight everyone we need to be no easy

because this is a hangout live teacher

and if you guys are interested to join


please just let me know why there's to

heaven guys so you know you can also

show your faces

not just my face but your faces as well

okay life and you can read but say hello

Elsa some are you see qualified at the

moment and okay go hang out alive yeah

shine even t-shirt at times I try pair

after so the keyboard and it comes out

she's not my phone it's not a problem

sign name it as long as it's not more

than two emojis they know hmm well I

started doing videos again as premiers

yes I know to be Ltd I was there at your

maybe one of your premiers

but you did not ask for me it should be

all TV I think you were not in the chat

room that time to be Ltd I actually saw

your premiere about animals I think it

was a nice yeah yeah animals do we Ltd

hmm as favor but an instrument is my

voice to do to COPD oh hi yes I

understand I'm so sick and spinning

shiny man haha okay Elsa

okay raw Juan de la Cruz official

welcome Romulan Bruce official fuzzyby

Jeanne coffee

no problem fans ODB browser you might

not my wife streaming here are you shiny

man your dream fans around with purse

official shut up do you close thank you

so much Ron de la creme is official

herpes foreign family is Lafayette 19

men cooking Trump

beautiful and talking good thank you so

much wrong bookings from guys is

actually the enemies he is now in the US

I'm not sure if I remember should we

hold it yes about the wolf begin the

secret friends yes to be all TV I agree

to be there but you did not answer so

I'm not so sure if you were at the

premiere during that time hello summer

rain shower my life stream are you

dear summer rain channel sorry guys I

scored a need for people who just join

in my live stream tonight

I actually don't read all the messages

except to welcome you and if you have

messages there which are not addressed

to me I mean you are giving shout out to

people I don't read shout outs okay

it's that internment if the messages is

for all of us or for me so yeah guys so

I hope you guys that's gonna understand

that okay yeah that's usually what I do

during my livestream e-everyone moment a

moment of silence chance for us guys so

the people who are here today I hope you

can see or you can actually you know be

here I hope you will be humans because

you you guys and I'm going to give that

with you H to you guys okay

so yeah so I'll let me just say write

their names here give me a little time

while you are talking there okay okay

okay okay

so yeah tonight is the night guys and

back to work guys the teacher is very

busy again everyone the question is I

will be giving I will be choosing for

okay I will be choosing for best guest

tonight okay who are the best guests

tonight guess tonight so guys please let

me know if you want to join me here on

the panel because I will be giving you

the link or the stairs to heaven so like

that you know you will have a chance to

actually join me here and you know

promote your channel I mean promote

you can show yourself so people will

also know about you or know you alright

so yeah just a moment guys

shiny men do you want to be spin shiny

men yes guys I'm already monetized guys

but I still want to help people who need

wh our WH our what is WH our WH question

oh my god what am I talking about you

know a biker vlogger is here okay okay

let me just read messages

hello ever long careers right now please

do haha what is please dilemma what

we're talking about here okay let me see

here I think you guys are talking a lot

in the chat room okay oh my god I miss

many people oh my god okay let me check


I was sleeping with eg your friend my

alarm did not go

that's why should we out here oh where

am I now Ron de la Cruz official teacher

my spaghetti dance challenge welcome oh

okay Ron de la Cruz official I will

check it out but no self promotion in

the chat room okay yes thank you so much

no self promotion in the chat room

please turn up the right way guys if you

guys are interested in the people in the

chat room just go visit your channel

watched your video full video guys if

you cannot watch the full video because

it's slow try to choose a video which is

shorter so you can watch it pull and you

can connect to that person and leave

genuine comments okay yes thank you so

much everyone an eye patch on TV hello

and welcome to my my stream and I pass

all TV how are you hello I'm here yes

you are there but Paula Harmon I do not

marry flowerin that not maybe you need

to refresh her you need to come back

Tina Lunney by boota boota more shiny

man wh

yes I need Mandy what's up yeah they

want something you've necessarily put

robo's yeah oh my god who is that my bad

guys can you guess

uh-huh and the Gomez does follow

bloggers please do what is please do

Marik Lauren bit numb hello Elsa I

believe immortals oh I don't request a

Wang you have another demo I'm a very

good shot hmm back time so welcome back

they've enrolled you wrong device thank

God new red water i music stream yard

tonight guys because i'm actually

welcoming people who would like to join

me here on the stream yes as long as

you're doing good I mean it won't affect

my life screaming you are welcome to

join me here on the panel okay now

special ohm what I have such a long

white especial oh sorry boo teacher yes

no problem Ron delivers official but yes

it's normal guys especially for those

new to IT world it is normal you can

make mistakes but you know when you

might end our lives freebies are you

attend OS of some people try to remember

and try to avoid having messages guys

you know no self promotion the best way

to connect guys you check the people in

the chatroom

you can do it secretly actually you can

click the names of those people and

visit your channel watched your video

leave genuine comments when I say

genuine comments this means it means to

say only comments about what you see in

the video nothing else no extra nothing

nothing nothing nothing nothing because

if you put more and not related maybe

the owner of that video or the creator

of the video will not accept your

message your message might be in this

pan that means YT does not accept it or

your mouse message might be deleted by

the Creator yes guys I do that as soon

as I see messages which are not really

acceptable I delete it to be honest yes

guys so yeah you have to do it the right

way ok yeah so where am I now

Lika but uh hello uh but I don't welcome

to my life sweet guys I need give me a

second guys I need to write your names

okay yeah because yeah yeah I will

forget writing your names because I'm

talking a lot oh my god teacher you're

talking a lot so guys please enjoy

talking in the chat room a moment while

I'm trying to make use of the time you

know writing all your games here a lot

of people right now so I'm trying to

follow those oh my god and try to keep

track of your names here yes yes yes yes

yes yes yes so I'm going to choose

former best guests tonight okay

yes yes yes yo and who else

Oh Dean Oh Dee Dee Bloo Oh Danny Boy

official this is Marcus rich right okay

I will write it here I hope you guys

don't mind I'm writing names now so yeah

it's time-consuming but I have to do it

because I want to help people I want to

help people who wanna you know work on

their watch time yes guys so I'm right

are you writing your name because I'm

gonna choose four people a few minutes

before the end of my screen so you guys

can actually get you know WH from

teacher I'll be choosing you know I'll

be choosing for meatballs we'll get

three hours or three watched time from

me okay yes three hours Giants giant

start re oh my god tartar tartar a

objectory heart re okay very difficult

name guys what do you think can you

pronounce it correctly it sounds like a

tongue twister Geneva tongue twister we

have air Christine campus yes teacher is

back guys giving much time so I hope our

visitors can understand a little bit yes

because I need to do this for our

co-creators yes I want to help our

co-creators to get much time and of

course because you

also helping me to actually have my

stream tonight that's why that's why and

we also have booked him trough huh

I'm not sure if Luke introns gonna stay

here King Trump guys when I spin and

you're not here nobody says you are

present then I'm not giving you the

watch time okay yeah make sure that you

are here it's okay you can go you can

visit people there you can go out of the

stream give this to people but make sure

when I call your names you are here okay

yes okay okay okay okay wait guys oh I'm

not reading your messages right now I'm

so sorry guys just give me a little time

just a little please just a little bit

of time okay and who else is here oh my

god okay I will read messages no I think

oh my god oh my god you guys have a lot

of messages now all right David Roger

Hollywood Holy Land

I'll visit later No thank you so much

see the word channel teacher I gave my

wdg if any total fan so in each circle

he needs to be imported these past days

final announcement yes I didn't know we

fun so actually fun so I've been waiting

for you to get your 30-minute online

class but I'm not sure if you're

interested but anyway it's your choice

JPJ hello welcome to my livestream JPJ

if I'm so - Douglas rich alum oh you're

speaking something I don't understand

this must be the language in Middle East

right like SHINee my name yes Lee finds

his name as well do it the right way or

hit the highway

yes friends oh I tried to help you while

a talaga really oh my god is too bad

answer shiny man hello Elsa so pristine

polygons my hockey team the more my

irony had receipts on booze did you see

any yes I think you saw right the Kirino

family welcome to my life strange a very

good family wh worry Anna Anna Marie

Concha is there guys and reconcile is

there thank you so much Anna Marie

Concha no problem Anna Marie poncho no


writing the names here annamarie Concha

alright yes guys I'm writing the names

of the people who are here so I hope you

guys anyway if you guys are not

interested in getting watch our getting

the the chance to get to win the WH or

watch time from teacher it's also your

choice okay so no problem no problem

Wow amazing 20 more people 20 people are

here guys if you think your friends need

watch time you can share the stream guys

if you like okay thank you so much so

you can also make more friends

okay make more friends everyone until

now I've been talking how long have I

because I've been talking now guys I've

been talking for almost three minutes

and nobody has decided to join me here

on the panel why is that so why why why

it's and why why why why why why nobody

has decided to join me here at the panel

are you guys shy or what huh wine to

shine amen and finds oh I'm going to

include you in the spinner because yes

guys for those who are not content for a

jurors I actually yes if you are lucky

I'm gonna give 30 minutes online class

English online class 30 minute if you

get the chance to win for the spinning

tonight ok yes guys that that's my new

my new thing yes new thing about my live

streaming ok

Eileen's adventure police adventure is

here and Alces Alces also here Elsa

Alice's Alsace Holy Land

Wow Holy Land an interesting name huh

Israel Israel your name is very long

Wow interesting ok here we go wait wait

wait wait a second chewy chewy oh TV is

here chewy


yes guys wait for those creators if your

names are chosen by the spinner okay

you will get three WH from me three

watch time three hours okay but if

you're not four acres and your names are

chosen that means you will get 30

minutes online class with me for free

Wow does it sound good I hope it does

but maybe for some it doesn't because

someone got 30 minutes a free online

class but until now that person hasn't

actually contacted me so maybe he's not

interested in learning English anyway he

doesn't need English probably right wait

guys wait I'm setting names here who

didn't okay David Roger is also here

David a realtor I'm going to spin David

Rogers so David Roger will have a

headache I'm gonna spin David Rohde

you're late okay and also Ron de la Cruz

Ron de la Cruz sorry guys

rhondella nobody wants to join me here

my god you are very bad guys oh you

don't like to join me here come on okay

let me check the chat room right now

okay you guys are chatting okay just

chatting you touch ah I'm outies beat

you I can feel it yes and it's in the

background yeah thank you so much follow

blubber sawed off to you oh Lord

City assisting the partner okay thank

you okay yeah how was your class funds

oh cool fine so had applause I don't

think he had a class guy so you don't

have video ho oh by the way guys oh I'm

so shiny men David Roger these three

people guys are actually content

consumers okay so don't be surprised if

they don't have any video okay yes guys

so you have to check people's account

before you connect because some people

they just press the red button

all the time without thinking yes you

need to think think and see see and

think okay not just connect and connect

without thinking it's not a good way


but anyway it's your choice I respect

that but it's just my advice you know


Lika but Allah is here yes I have

written your name he cometh Allah and

who else is here

shiny man I will when I get content okay

very good

Jim Thurber welcome system follows shiny

man French teacher in France channel yes

probably why not sounds so good fine so

laughing out loud buns Oh coming soon

Wow it depends on him

sure one true Wow truant officer got you

guys so if you ain't careful shiny man I

hope as a teacher you will do it end of

the week okay

Oh fine so don't talk just do it I don't

want people talk and not do it okay jab

jab wrong welcome to my life stream how

are you Jeff drum roll welcome welcome

how are you Jeff drum roll jab jab jab

jab wrong okay I'm writing your names

guys because I am actually gonna I'm

gonna gonna gonna gonna go home guys

please help me with a shower look if

there are people not doing the right way

just help me give me their their

messages okay those moderators out there

thank you so much for helping me judge

on raagas great to hear that it's great

and it's great to see you here at my

live stream guys once again if anyone of

you there would like to join me here

live on the panel please feel free to

let me know so I can give you the link

and you can join me here live tonight

and people will get to see you and get

to know you okay yes you can introduce


David ah I feel so feeble haha okay

feeble weak weak okay I feel so feeble

aha don't be feeble and so you are


get you some worse Shaw dr. John Roy

yeah I started them wrong guys do

tomorrow she has been my friend for a

few weeks already yes if you guys are

interested you can actually visit visit

not a few weeks it's been a month I

think once yes Jim John roll guys this

is actually a couple guys yes a couple

they also go live everyone yes thank you

so much for coming dibs on Raw you've

had a great live streaming when I was

there yeah I enjoyed it you talk a lot

with your husband I think is your

husband right

how about doing booty true yes no but

love as long as he was like you keep it

boss okay follow bloggers is here I'm

gonna write you need yes guys I'm

actually writing your knees do I see

might be a one right why is the teacher

watching my name am I getting any notice

or something like punishment or what yes

guys I'm writing your names because few

minutes before the end of my stream I'm

gonna actually spin your names I have

here I will be choosing four people who

will get three watch our three WH from

teacher guys yes and yeah this is for

great pictures okay for those who are

not creatures I will be giving 30 minute

online class if you are interested but

of course for native speakers I can't do

that I mean I don't know if you want to

study maybe you need to teach me English

David Rhodes or maybe baby Rogers going

to teach English but of course for those

people who don't want online class and

they don't have any content then you can

donate the watch our that you can get to

our supportive friends in the chatroom

as well that's a great deal you know

thank you so much be sure yes we do

Evelyn's with my husband yes I know

teacher we will do it we will do it at

the weekend stop talking fun so just do


don't talk fun - just do it Oh shine

even we have the same lines I mean then

wow we are really from French

buzzer shining that night maybe Zeb Jung

is interested to go up the lettering

yeah that's really guys jimJam raw this

is actually a couple the woman is a

Filipina and the man is the american am

i corrected junghwa i'm not so sure

correct me if i'm wrong

yeah because you know I've just checked

few of your videos and yeah I have

attended your stream three times yeah so

I haven't really got that used to know a

lot you know yes guys thank you so much

for coming so anyone who is a high tea

and my Tien this is correct ITN yeah did

I pronounce it correctly right Ian

ah okay hi Tian okay that's great idea

hi Ian right Ian I am sure SHINee Minh

say say it to get good luck I'm sure shy

name is say it to get good marks just a

suspicion yeah you suspect yourself

shining the Hun yes guys my god nobody's

joining me here I'm scared of that

person at the back of me huh

are you guys scared of that person when

my dad or at my back not on my back but

at my back

nobody's joining here oh my god yes guys

I will be live tonight or maybe one hour

and 30 minutes

yes I'm not so sure maybe just one hour

yes not me I would have I would have to

learn grammar again oh that's

interesting babe the girl drew I would

love to teach memory you are interested

and if you are lucky tonight

hi Deann in French background hi Tina

in French background what do you mean

did you moi hi Tien

my tea and your husband is right Ian no

brother friends though I want to stay

with you at the back line Amen said we

come back Allah hello everyone yes Aqaba


are unique about mala so yes guys later

I mean few minutes before I had my

screen I'm gonna actually choose for

people to get for I mean three WH of

Korea's and helping co-operators guys

and I'm also helping those people who

are interested in learning English

online because I've got more time these

days you know I only have two classes at


yeah else's Holy Land Israel blog is

here army baby hello army baby welcome

to my life screaming who is army baby

army baby oh baby baby man army baby is

new to my life scream how are you are my

baby here

our me baby is new oh I think army baby

is I'm not so sure if army baby is a

preacher because it looks like he is

just uploading with all maybe he's a

creator he has I think he just started

he or she yes mmm army baby and he only

has 58 friends and very few videos which

are actually read videos yes so I'm not

sure if he's a real creature but welcome


army baby thank you for coming I would

love to go up sis but have to go back

downstairs and I'm sitting laughing

outline and I'll leave you charging in

the room laughing Oleg my god liking

your favorite buds I have the full

battery right now you don't have to

charge me like a UK adviser final ascent

shiny men but when we are doing the test

between the tasking in taking the test

when we are taking the tests you are

welcome back here yeah see how you are

fine so hahaha hello to you finds the

army baby shiny men yes guys are need

even army babies new to

I think is a preacher but shiny men

funds oh and David Roger guys these are

amazing content consumers and very

supportive everyone yes from the

beginning of my live streaming or not

really from the start or from the first

time I met them until now they have

always been there supporting my channel

and my friends as well so maybe you guys

also will be supported by them they are

amazing content insurance ok yes shiny

Mike consumes a lot guys believe me

marry a flowerin get now a copy boy oh

my god why are you tired very flower in

Vietnam you don't need to be to marry

marriage Lauren Vietnam guys she's uh

she says she is tired of paying credits

oh my god why do you always have credits

never Florin get enough hello to all

from Jim Jim raw we are amazing amateurs

yes you are just preparing actually I

think you are preparing your channels

right you're trying to make more friends

before you start creating the videos

right am i correct color matrix shine

and welcome to my wife's room Paula make

your channel how are you Paula research

color maker shadow so yes guys I'm gonna

choose four people who will be the best

guests tonight so if you guys are

interested please come join me here in

the panel ok join join here color make

your chat yes guys um have a Gomes he

has no problem Ethel Gomez very program

get none no problem thank you so much

for peace for family buried English year

yes rice is very flower in Vietnam from

little ponds ASMR that is actually

marked as frigid ice I think Martha's

gracious daughter has a new channel so

I'm not sure if her daughter is going to

create conscience and not social I don't

know why I have lots of them Mary

Florida get Nam you have to pay right

off the bat every time you get something

yes Mary Florin bitna ok yes thank you

so much everyone I have time to relax

and drink a little bit with my wonderful


yes advertisement my wonderful tumblr

you can see

you see myself Barry you can see you can

see yourselves

there is Mirror Mirror where's my self I

cannot see myself now where I'm playing

at Blaine

there you are oh it's dark

where's myself oh oh cannot see myself

let's do that

hi is it a little pause okay sorry

fun's the color makers channel other

enjoy your coffee yes

enjoy your call people or make red

shuttle are you having lucky color

makers channel wow I'm having my drinks

here but you don't know what I'm

drinking right do you very flowery buns

oh hi yes hi nice everyone house every

wait until no nobody's joining here only

will you join everyone merits Lauren's

at non come on join me here just work

for time maybe and who else he was a

Okubo yeah dumb bra you would like to

join me here okay let's call it let's

meet let's call the attendance keep the

word channel do you want to join me here

everyone color maker Chanel laughing you

can be bus funds of shiny men elses holy

holy land Israel blog yes army baby

marches radish leek ha ha ha david

broder if you guys are interested to

join me here in the panel please just

let me know hey yes follow bloggers and

everyone sorry guys my IH I look scary

now I know oh my god what's that it's

very informal to do that in front of you

I have been in my eyes I mean it's itchy

okay it's disgusting isn't it okay where

we now ok letter yes letter letter

letter letter to heaven okay let's go

letter lighter latter okay where are we

now where are we where are we worthy

okay here's the letter to have

okay here's the ladder and would like to

join me here

the letter is over there over there over

there in the bird channels through here

thank you so much so where am I now

shiny men afonso said shiny man Chanyeol

will be up soon

very good Fez oh that's a great plan

have no merry flora Vietnam you have

very long days hope you're fine yes it's

just very busy she has been busy with

can I make friends with you all yes good


whoa you can visit all these people in

blue here they are amazing people just

what we need two teachers

yeah dip jump rock and I make friends

yes make friends make friends bye so

flower n teacher on the panel would be

so loud oh my god really so I might not

like just you know stop shouting right

now 20 people Wow amazing if you guys

have more friends please invite them so

we can have more friends you know

connect and connect and connect and

connect and connect oh my god that's a

big family yes guys big family we are


what are you doing teacher oh now

nobody's talking why is that so thank

you so much for a case we love rain guys

for a case we love great hosts goes live

yes where is Mary flower now I can only

see someone at my back

yeah but Mary flower is outside she's

still in Vietnam right now I didn't know

where she is

where are you man Mary flowering that no


why are you nothing my birth Lord but

now I can see you smile

guys hurry flora Vietnam keeps talking

of my back look she's angry now


good mr. Russell do de baño

oh I go feature a little sweeping right

now because this your Russell is not

your ears I'm just giving you another

teacher okay here we go

very sorry oh my God my face so big what

is this okay go nice here I mean dress

you look beautiful or what

oh my god hello everybody this is Miriam


isn't me so just keep us study I have to

make this I don't know why I have a lot

of time

why didn't you always use all your

videos you know

yes she does shiny Manor see Thomas

reach out to you and sister artists rush

of his foreign family full of lovers is

Gwen and the rest of the crazy shiny man

fans of our maternal reality you guys

and yes double a dog I'm fascinated by

your John Wow

this great shiny mint and you have you

know bigger story

finding the man has been very supportive

thank you so much my main man yes indeed

actually I wanted to use three me I

wanted to use obs but really is

important I'm exploring with Oh business

but you're a butcher I wanna learn how

to use the

the last remnants treat me I'm because I

don't know Rena

I don't know how to use it I thought you

went live it's Renard I saw your weight

I tried to no no it was the hot stream

Mary I know you were an American girl

listen I was invited no no no that

wasn't my last dream I was invited

better than prison

hey that was her live stream and I was

invited to go live with her I see oh my

god Sean him amen really thank you so

much hello Mary flow in Vietnam from

collar makers channel manager I think

the movie or the movie they just either

you told me about

I mean angels rose movie it's not me the

video you can watch - no so I am NOT

going in the way I actually did and I

was like oh my god what's that saying I

realize after watching what is this so

want you to know that it's very very

popular right now you should try

otherwise the guide is Ali Ali Ali bata

who suffer worse it from his enemies

Indonesian guitarist Lee yes

IG PJ thank you so much for coming JPJ

thank you so much for your thumbs up

everyone guys gpg guys priority and you

can target boy wife as well yeah GP jo

visits my channels I was surprised

yeah JPJ is from middle income I hope

with a fine how are you goes I'm great

army baby

if you guys are interested to join us

here live tonight you are very welcome

and tonight enter morning very welcome

yes I am fun Zoe Anna yeah I guess I

know RV baby you are new because I saw

your channel I decided your channel

you've got 50-plus

friends yes and you have few videos I

think your videos are we have loaded

videos so I'm not so sure it's a good

idea I don't know how you do it but

anyway yeah

everyone yes your friends everyone every

welcome to join us here do you think

your friends need to promote themselves

or introduce themselves your life

tonight then share that I'm looking for




already I'm starting over


okay calm down

we gonna give cups left me because I

don't like the stream yard black thing

yeah maybe it's better than going on

why would like some more people to join

me here three years or thereabouts an

Oracle guys those sounds are away like a

teacher out Naboo who super late now oh

thank you so much like Hobbit Allah

thank you so much I hope you have

connected to the people in this room

especially those

in blue they are very genuine friends

yes you will never regret Lika but holla

thank you for dropping by have a great

sleep if you are going to sleep

yes dream your family join us here not

talking anymore beautiful the paper you

know after I have a trash and to cut

paper I cut my finger and finally that

finger is very okay now you see you guys

I hope you can see that should cut more

no big fool can you see yeah my finger

is what's in ascending melodic I've set

up a bit in anonymous - blah guys if you

guys are interested to join us here on

the channel please come on come on come

on guys before a few minutes before I

end the stream

I'm gonna choose for people who have get

three wh okay three wh from me four

people for those content consumers okay

for those who are not content consumers

if your needs are chosen you have two

choices one is you donate the watch time

to our supportive friends in the chat

group and the other is you can give you

can get 30 minute online class with me :

class that means to say English online


if you guys are interested but of course

someone there is still in not interested

because he has this oh sorry guys

finds of flower miss canal two weeks are

over time for the fifth time for some


your sister Catherine is that some

scissors by her side yeah well if I cut

my bangs far than all shiny man no I

can't they're not now I'm not ready yet

what's that is he actually wanted me to

cut my hair and have that you know the

new style get I mean that the tranny

again you don't hear it I know I tried

once but I realize it's too tight if you

guys want to know you can check my

facebook I have there the older me me

you see me because I face so big show me

panic there have been cuz no it's too

big if I have bounced I will look like

what Dora the Explorer if you happen to

know her

got your hair shiny man told me fans oh

I can no tripod in my hair like with

bass or something

thank you


where's angel and the kids I mean of

course angel and Chloe they're that play

are you on vacation no vacation guys is

over that you know that vacations or

occasionally over aa was a disturbance

to miss of course to LA to shoot fine so

fine so much fine evening and David

wrote your guys they are content with

rumors okay they're not four acres yes

guys nobody wants to join me here in

this very annoying just it enjoy because

I can hug them it is not like you're


and you are beautiful and you're always

look pretty cool yes a little bit naive

I prefer water

freshly flashlight it was just a

question is I was seeing you touching

your hair yes I'm comfortable with my

hair right now

no your hair looks beautiful um you know

a biker blogger enjoyed this year ever

you want to see your mysterious space

you know I buy a common you know a biker

blogger would like to have you here but

it come up I need the cave Mary floor

and Edna I'm not I'm outside my room why

Mary years give way to me or something

because my room is sleeping right now


because there's echo really really guys

I lost weight so much yes he sure looks

fine and Cohoes looks tired

buzzer you don't know what is what it

finds are same nobody did anybody what

did fun to say Anna hi cut your hair

shiny mesh okay what happened but you

don't know maybe you don't know and

today because he has been absent many

times and he hasn't had wanna be annoyed

bikers said she's talking at you guys

I'm already in bed oh my god you know

biker father always I'm gonna find

anything you don't own her hair laughing

a lot I still wants to rule Mary's

Mary's hair girl marries haircut


is really getting maybe very new to the

camera yeah I am this way please okay

that's better but you move up a little


no no not even when it came right down a

little bit so you can get high - ooh

shiny man it's my opinion nothing Aleppo

which wasn't have been here I thought it

was something like or that is you know

I'm very disappointed with one person in

the chatroom I didn't know if you know

him but yeah I am shiny man do you know

this guy and gets appointed with he's

been I turn for a long time he has been

absent many times every time I give a 10

it happened and you know you should just

be heard he has a class schedule but no

feedback at all nothing

isn't it the severity your pieces are so

disappointing if I were to be sure I

would not accept him as a student

anymore oh really yeah also do you think

he should find another teacher from now

good buzz oh yeah yeah flower relax I am

- haha feel here thank you so much full

of bloggers tell people about me teacher

oh he's not you know are you that person

really I am guilty offensive remember

tomorrow May 3 will you roommate

Vietnamese well uh wait it's not there

anymore no she like she lives in other

place she's a part of my record company

only generalize each years actually mmm

really so yes guy is my good nobody's

joining here are me baby when do you

want to join us here north thank you so

much - Blagh

- Jenni and Jeff sugar I'm gonna send

you a message

a gpj do you want to join us here TPJ

Birds armpit nom sing very well

even without music yeah she seems well

but I don't allow her to save me because

I will get CPR again not guilty only God

who watch me oh yeah offensive of course

funds only god can judge you not yeah

I'm gonna send you a present

I also need oh yeah yeah that's true

marry or t-shirt also would accept him

in their class you I'm not gonna accept

fans oh sorry I don't take what are you

talking about fine so Mary what I'm

reading the message of shining evening

oh really

uh-huh I want to join but I don't have

enough time uh-huh I was losing him

message sometime or maybe I'm just

curious about something

she only sings pop anyways excuse me

fans I've tried to no problem are Me

Baby Bop yes fun so never comes up

anyway but and fun so never comes up

never shows up so I think he is the

pop-up powerbomb man power pop men I

want to see you yeah it's fine so West

Apollo buggers fine so wants to see you

we're no not bad though hallo lovers

want to see you yeah fun zoo yesterday

is that fella buggers funda wants to see


I really did I oh my god you just did

I'm gonna send you a message check it

out please protect my supervisor join

not once i sending a message will this

help me check yes i know this i know

what are you guilty no because I never

did I would have talked with the Ruby

about this when you need friend just you

can nothing hurricane on me we people

are not talking what are you guys doing

right now are you just wearing a toss

almost I need to go now thank you see

you guys yeah I think it's not much for

dropping by on me baby

if you think I'm back later because I'm

gonna choose four people will have get

three double units but I think you don't

need because you still have a few

content so I'm not so sure if you need

watch time

buzzer David the junk food eater

laughing out loud

nah hey OH

laughing out loud white then you move

move oh you're so dirty here it is hurts

at me

the shiny been significant is keep fun

though all the doors of the class are

closed now go on stage now yeah I didn't

know with pens oh I didn't know what is

planned but fun so please join me here

and I will forgive you uh-huh but I'm

sure fun so doesn't care too will say I

don't care if you forgive me or not I'm

not joining their right minds though

even just your voice fun so I would like

to hear you know nobody really has a

good for you so far I mean you've

already talked with you

yeah Horace like vice Chi mmm

voice yeah I love his voice you have a

copyright rights on the phone and it was

spec for two hours oh my god there I am

more disappointed now fine so I'm more


the the Mary flower has filled the beam

fans oh so you can star in the world ah

yes I married flowers filled the

beginning fans oh my hero group alors

mr. bee swarm family sorry I'm sorry

fans though it was a travels how are you

video travels if you're interested you

don't travels I'm actually writing the

peoples names here because a few minutes

before I end my stream I'm going to

actually uh how long have I been like oh

I think we have 22 minutes more yeah

what time is it now oh my god yes

I'm planning to go at one Albert and II

don't travel travel hello English

teacher in France

yes hello how are you great but you to

catch me alive and alive alert away

enthusiastic thank you for coming to gun

troubles guys we don't travels in a

great channels well pours from the

channel itself trouble so he has to be

sharing some troubles of him I'm shining

oh my good a real goofy to drama TV

serie is it running back you're so

disgusting rupees one family huh let me

go I you know the cookies let's trying

out what his fans are trying to say like

you only get it back what is it get way

way I didn't I didn't have it ready okay

excuse me for a second fine so step

slower we'll get we'll get it back

beware o what is that you're getting

bangs oh excuse me fans oh I said it

clearly your voice sounds good troubles

welcome to my life sorry homie didn't

you tell me my voice sounds bad laughing

our own but the won some money he is

great with poor oh but not on the phone

he why I'm not on the phone and so it's

possible I joined my friends live

streaming through stream yard while I'm

using my phone it's very possible fans

oh it's not nothing is possible

somebody somebody wants to do CPR dream

the impossible dream yes guys yeah yeah

yeah let me just check but do we have

mirrors nobody is talking right now

nobody's joining

nobody nobody nobody bothered

yes no harm I always have lots of great

fans oh yes I want to with us I know

what did you say

he said feature and weekends what is he

talking about what is weekend remember

you wants to go out one weekend or

something well I think this video of

mine will also go viral

I have 783 now 773 views it's faster

than others you know Wow thumbs down

congratulations welcome back to my


thumb down can I join you guys

Oh feature on the weekend we do class

all fans oh are you my student what are

you talking about Bonzo do you want to

study with me made fun of her panel do

you want to join us here I hope okay

where where where where where Airstream

York you might come on another holiday

you see thumbs down yes welcome back I'm

very in a way I don't care I don't care

Martis regional problem

okay here color me reach out to one

alluring reach I really can but I use

cell phone it's okay to join yeah it's

okay whores

Oh what happened last time I also use my

phone I always use my phone when I join

people's live streaming because we the

fire the cop is better only 16 people

right now so some people have left hello

my sanam is anything ah she's up quick

no problem follow bloggers got up there

with you yes they patrol sure what do

you got there I got here yeah this is

what he's trying to say very flower

David ruler said fun so I dig it that's

d but I did it yes sir like come here

last time he actually didn't read your

join me once so I wouldn't know yes

anyway you can see his photo that's him

on the photo yeah that was a good thing

he accepted the invitation money eat on

grass hello welcome to my life stream

ugly undress my uvula Andrus Moline

Andrus yes guys later later alligators

I'm going to church over here like check

in some way to kill Microsoft Ebonics

follow bloggers be night in sweating

follow bloggers that is ever gonna eat

you one that is her minion okay but the

real channel is followed lovers okay

shout out to call Oliver's Tic Tac

flower but it's tick tock yes that's

great near that Molly undress you guys

are interested

here I've been seeing this million times

now you guys are interested to join us

here and introduce yourself here on the

panel live with us tonight please don't

let us know so I can give you the stairs

to heaven boy where is a all color make

Reggiano easier

look play so Color maker channel is here

you know yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

yeah or a bigger Channel

what you doing color make your channel

your your video is on the the other side

color make the channel okay that's


your phone is not auto rotate a marathon

Vietnam at least you talk true and

genuine you a Panzer is not a VIP yet

and was more than a compliment it wasn't

welcome here welcome welcome everyone

this is our I can see my my common right

here I think it's so bloody so dark

it was fine mr. Sakamoto yeah like that

it's better than here yeah I'm going to

give three WH later I will choose 4p

funds of other micro channels Oh is mine

no he's there you ready nothing here boy

where is the gunner make your channel

please man if you actually write because

he removed her no no no I think has a

problem with these internet connection

what if access a floor then of the phone

I just saw your name you're a Glen thank

you so much guys you're a new lenders

also started booing like guys yeah yeah

yeah yeah

Melda and my baby family guys is

foreigner okay in case you talk to him

you tagalog he can't understand ok so

you better speak English so much because

of you it's all because of you

off the phone it's not your LS love

you I can do whatever I want this is my

house it's not my

spandy oh come on I want a lawyer

what everyone I won't allow you to say

huh just kidding

no because I'm boring admission should

rescue some talkin what did you do is

for school no it's not mine you know

what I broke my frame I got a frame like

from the University I was a judge last

time and they gave me a friend

he got broken so I was like oh my god so

it got broken while you were talking to

funds alright yeah yeah yeah it got

broken because it was that was because

of fans oh hold you and you quickly took

your phone and Siddhanta li you hit the

frame so you having sex I thought maybe

my son's name and he called me so I was

like oh my god oh this one's only joy

mean is women would you like to join us

your game family you want to join us

here so Sophie where are ya my baby

family if you want to join us here on

the panel we've let me know I'm gonna

give you the stairs to heaven

okay kind of lenses fault then yeah it

is fanciful you see my so-called marry

without any notice so Mary suddenly took

the fall and hit the frame accidentally

so yeah oh my god

come on Amiga China watch her in an hour

I've got storyteller ENSO is feel it's


minimal problem guys follow me her

channel if you visit his channel he's

already monetized everyone okay yes of

course I did

yeah funds oh oh my god you're a new

line where are you from Moses Mary are

new in Vietnam at the moment answered by

I am ohoho sensor here none of the


but at high school I am in Vietnam or in

working as a housekeeper guys so please

not my meat when I speak English so

badly my English level is askew as

English the ability of English in France

because I'm just a housekeeper here I'm

sorry about that we end up next time no

need to be shy beam is wedding you know

you are a blogger so you are not shy

because I can see your face in your

video so there's no need to be shines

the same live streaming and having

pre-recorded videos are the same no

flora is a bad housekeeper she breaks

everything so you can't let me visit

your house fans oh because I'm at break

everything that you have there yeah

including including nevermind fun so I

have something pink here puns oh do you

like another pink pencil this is the but

making it pink I love a lot of in color

this is just too girly

I hate pink oh this is like baby it's

not really yeah I don't like something

that is this why your seller is so low

yes fans oh and they might fire me for

bringing the faces

Oh like your I do that's it all of you

used to have one laughing I'll take the

military kidding me now oh yeah this

really true here everyone you know when

you are at a certain country with a

certain accent as time goes by you will

get used to their accent and you will

also be influenced by that actor knows

where and didn't have the accent of

enemies people because it will be

terrible if I have this is not white

pants oh this is me you see

it's pink same thing but like pink like

like this one do you think this is why

this is pink okay

this flowers - iris pink

this is Mary I know this is Mary Mary

forward Mary Rose its fans Oh a man or a

woman fans oh is half a man half a woman

sorry mistake another we say oh sorry

Good Shepherd fans an answer and so says

said Sharon ET ET IT is ET yeah la Metis

EMT okay it's also here guys I'm going

to choose four people later who will get

three W leads okay be naive sweat them

so I hope you guys are still here when I

call your knees or when your names are

chosen by the spinner yeah okay Moline

Moline undress welcome to my life's

really undress what were you hiding

undressed I think she has been here for

a few minutes now no content man so I

just saw your bare back hahaha yes fine

so guys maybe Bulger and shiny men they

are customers they're not creators but

we did men finding me in the future is

going to create his content right David

Roger will be here waiting for that gift

Wow you ready thank you so much you're

duelin yes I'm glad to help other

creators as well okay other graders who

need watch time I'm giving four people

three wh and for those people who are

chosen but not creators and interested

in learning English

I want to give what did you see

do you have work tomorrow no I don't

have I have my own online class of

course ah my English teacher in France

Pete really a scholar maker some lessons

used it's being my god you don't believe

me guys it's me it's not that is it

think if I can take a spin it is being

but light doesn't look like Mormon just

become Jack and I know how to check and

not tickets to the Philippines and yeah

I'll wait until oh my god ah in a way

you are colorblind no gift here Kira get

on the phone

Lily undress she said David Roger wait

you long money no money none journeyman

rosaries Americans you can't understand

Filipino and David Roger is only a

Content create a consumer okay music

content to sugar a very supportive

content with sugar he has he has been

supporting a lot of craters sighs you

can't imagine how supportive is I have

seen a lot of craters who are my friends

as well they had they they they have

been money to heist and yeah I saw Roger

before they were monetized

Roederer has been always there until

they got monetized

you know if I win fine so gets another

class it's a great job David Roger yes

guys because if you move in and you're

not taking your reward you can actually

delete it you know yes thank you so much

Dean the word Channel fans of shine even

look at flowers so serious now my heart

only lets you do banana no because this

is stream yard I guess they don't have

it no I know some people said there is

no I don't have one don't tell me you


they go live with the stream your bait

they have I don't know why I always

doesn't have I'm sorry I'm gonna be

using one shiny men said Molly Andrew

said oh sorry maybe no problem my dear

Molly Huntress finds a shiny man look at

flowers so serious teres Manzo be nice

when it's ordinary to David rose your

buns of David I used to like you but now


it's just oh it's a very good example

plans of you study me I I want to use

this sentence also fans oh I used to

live here but this time no comment

epidermis still here till you and uncle

uncle oh no problem ethical man you can

visit other friends please follow

buggers ok it's ok it's ok they said

other friends don't be gbg their visit

other friends and you can come back if

you like ok let me like I accept

donation anyone doesn't mean oh my I

need a gift yes you're asking for

everyone I guess the people I mean your

friends here and all my friends here let

me see yeah you should check them out

there hurry support Dave I assure you

you have really nice wouldn't life be

like I think we have been connected for

a long time but lucky undress it's her

first line on my life screaming so I'm

gonna check her out later yeah benign

sweating and a regular life be like huh

I know them they are very supportive as

well yes maybe those are the three

people I know well but others aren't I

after the stream yes even rotors going

to meet - I accept nation German Herr

Kira doula and is asking for a gift

because Christmas is as approach to me

don't wory teacher will come down soon

I'll talk to her on school no don't

visit me at life feel like ha I'm

visiting it now so please do not let me

do it first

amen actually guys really seriously I'm

still disappointed with someone until

now okay

I haven't felt better I haven't felt any

better so I don't know how I can feel

better married Florentina you've been

disappointed for a long time I suppose I

have been at the pointed since Sunday oh

it's just two days now right I hope it

won't last a long deal why would happen

oh nothing really but it's just

disappointing new a lot of things have

been so disappointing these days

seriously no really and I because I will

become very emotional

alright I got a live swing today

seriously I was like I sent you a full

video II didn't see that I saw you're so


yeah you're uglier right excuse me

excuse you in the first you watch over

shiny men a teacher who is not strict is

not prevarication a teacher who is not

trick is not the number do you agree

play me Vince McMahon's if I mention of

amon-ra as soon as remember us because

if our you know we have handed them we

tried to kill them but ever you know

what's that how do you follow that

what are you talking about I'll kill

them with kindness but to go then wear

the white yes we make them suffer for

the better

we're thankful I really appreciate my

teachers in the past who were very

strict with me because I just realized I

really realized that it'll be three you

can be remembered by your students and

they learn more from you as long as you

are strict in the right way you know

because it doesn't matter I mean you're

straight and being strict doesn't mean

like you're gonna let me sit and do

something that's not really suitable for

that or something you know maybe strict

for something is you know yeah yeah

live in UK I like a gnocchi life be like

mommy please teacher in France this

that's so unfair you're disappointed but

still found that helicopter yes guys you

know sometimes well many people told me

it's very easy to know my mood when they

see my face but sometimes you know I am

able to hide what's really inside but

this is not usual guys because usually I

cannot hide my feelings my face always

rebuilt it but I didn't know this time

I'm able to hide it I think as I said

mmm-hmm fine so what is this all about

fun so are you thinking about something

I'll go to Mary's class or teacher

Rossville maybe i'll suffer less okay

shiny men bye bye

I don't have a class plans I go to

another picture here know what fans oh

I've said fans name a lot of times oh my

god what is this Mary what is no nothing

nothing what did you talking about funds

that you keep talking about fine cells

and oh right

no I don't I stop talking to fans oh I

used to talk a fan sir was it leaves you

regularly talk to friends Oh in the back

in the past right and regularly

oh my god is that true fans around so

how long was it my godson's oh how long

have you been talking

Mary I don't remember welcome to my

livestream are in re old

gennadi oh my god people are speaking

against Vidya Simon said oh my god

that's how big is WH not 5-0 no the

topic tonight is just hanging out with

you guys and talking to each other you

know WH is just sideline the main thing

is talking with you guys something about

life things going on finally you are


yes Faso is very famous did you know

that here I do what and it's not

people's live streaming every time

people visit there people are looking

for him

yeah so he hasn't been famous I think

famous for what I'm not so sure the fame


hahaha fun so WH sideline yes I never we

all don't have AB in life oh my god guys

shouldn't make it two hours no because

Ravi what time are you going live will

be this forum family shout out to you

what's not very going why let me check

you have done body I remember in high

school huh

new teacher friends are remembering I

remember English teacher in high school

and reading her lips Oh lips lips lips

lips yes me too you know I remember I

until now they haven't forgotten my

t-shirt in university who really

influenced me a lot to become an English

teacher you know I love the way she

speaks the way she moves her lips and

mouth and everything yes sir buddy and

all right I have one feature that emits

when I was high school okay iris boring

family let me know if we didn't start

live okay um oh my god

settle in here and you know what time it


- so are you a man or a woman ah thank

you so much more case we love Brie

thanks so much

so guys yes I only have four minutes

more and get a start this pinger four

minutes and i'm gonna start this bigger

fans of hoses he is a guy on his half

and half half half human half human

a teeny teeny what are you talking about


I'm so sad what is that for question

laughing a lot a guy or a woman

our women this is women man so you have

to say a woman okay

singular a woman I'm a vampire

I was a vampire party money I dress yes

we go to this finger thank you for

teaching me hell and if you guys are

interested you can gonna visit for peace

one family guys she also gives w bleach

okay she also chooses I think five

people and she gives W each as well as

after livestreaming Ruby's foreign

family you can see her name there in the

chat room she also goes like after my

life screaming she goes live so you guys

can visit her so you can get more WDS

you know that's what we need as YT

creator might be like I'm just curious

wheeze dispenser and what made him

famous Wow looks fun so and what make

you famous easy for home as ru vacuumer

you know where bullying fatso finds oh

you are a good vampire


my last dream if I were you as it was in

Canada the icicles in Canada in Canada

of course she also goes live everyone

you guys interested go check her out


Norwich be nigh okay Oh Lord buzzer why

are you calling help from Lord Kira do

not life be like how we are just kidding

is just an avid fan a supporter and

teacher OS yes people are wondering now

who always finds a fuzzy is an actuator

once we see the girl staring flee back

at my reflection teacher prepare the

spinner teacher because yeah I wanted to

use my laptop or the spinner but I

haven't I didn't see your name huh right

now amazing like that oh I find so why

are so famous oh my god funds raised the

topic tonight finds always you know

pencil is replaced me this is my wife

stream I got famous selling vacuum yes

guys actually finds oh is I'm sue is

actually this is man he sells vacuum or

let me write in time and yes but only if

I'm gonna see do the police you you gave

on time now we have

we have 20 minutes more before the end

of the show but right now I'm gonna

start the spinner okay yes I also put

here but police Jones who lives in

simple Jean Canada simple gene cannon I

hope you guys are here when I call your

names because if you're not here I'm not

gonna give the WH okay I'm so sorry

I just want to make it fair for others

you know okay I think I have written all

yes guys the police he also focuses busy

big meager shout out for fans Oh mega

shout out for puns no puns is very

important now and redeem us to becoming

more famous fans I've read so Francis is

not gonna talk to me again because he's

famous now yeah I guess so I guess so

yes I could understand this message so I

guess he's gonna stop talking to me so I

understand that fans oh no problem fans

oh but don't try to kill me fans okay

okay now we are going to have our word

spinner so guys let's have a look but

I'm a little Jennifer how are you Jen

Apple is is Jennifer a bolus yeah I know

right connected the verge is very


she'll be know where we were not friends

wish easy no religion after my babies if

you see her before but I did where's the

obvious I just checked your channel one

of the member of your fans club laughing

out loud

yes yes fun zoo is ridiculous okay guys

so let's now track my bungalow every

choice the six hours

line okay guys so I'm actually gonna

choose for people who will be the best


deny every

one so here's the question if you can

see not sure if you can see guys okay

let me just make it bigger because

anyway only the two of us

Oh mom sorry here we go this is the

question hmm

who is that girl I see oh my god wait

goodbye married tonight

okay so I'm gonna choose all right so

the spinner is going to choose all right

ready okay horse

I need marry flower with me all right

there you go

okay my fav part yes to read Mulan I

know right okay here we go family single

gym canadaís here you've got 3000 babies

from me singles me Canada it's okay how

can I do that just kidding Kennedy's

here or not

yes she was here mother yes if you not

here I'm gonna choose another

congratulations simple Jim Canada I

guess shows here to see your sheet over

okay now I guess we don't have much fine

second I'm gonna choose four people as I

told you okay second

Wow I'm dress Molly and dress equals in

Canada Congrats is she here

did your assets my connection I think I

can join again when my connection is

good okay no problem color matrix

channel thank you so much guy single

gene is here I guess not

she left I can't see your face at her

face surface oh my dress

you're very lucky my mirror money I'm

dress like a holy undress okay milene

undress l Kira Doolin is my name on that

spin Earth Day yes of course you are

here right new line yes your name is

your gear adoulin a teacher just build

another teachers mouth and Malia also

got three um congrats Molly yeah so I'd

be like a t-shirts are sealed and all

their teachers yes any wishes visited

their phone right now talking to me now

bus is not talking to you that's too bad

alright okay Nick ready the third person

two more okay

Oh Roger Roger

see behind me just a fun behind guys is

my price today he is my student in the

school here where I'm working yes hello

Vanna the children with my time so be

careful they controller got it really

there's no Harlem whoa David loser yes

who are you giving it David Bolger are

you giving the WH to some of our

supporters here in the chat room right


they've been brokered because they

patrolled your guys he also donates guys

it's very kind no come on we - Russians

we mom and dad listen Congress leader

David gotta buy so somebody has beneath

it to you again finds oh my god you got

another 30 minute fans oh so you've got

one hour now but I only get 30 minutes

one day okay funs oh so you've got one

hour now fines Oh so actually guys for

those people if you guys know some of

friends who are interested in learning

English if they join my live streaming

and I have this kind of spinner if

they're not creatures and they get

chosen by the spinner here I actually

give 30-minute online class for free

guys yes guys share share share guys

sharing the knowledge that we have be

sure to cut that one more beast

remarried smaller I see you again one

our teacher will tell me no no funds oh

yes but don't worry funds though it's

destroyed a minute a day okay I'm not

gonna give one hour a day

I just give 30 minutes a day but anyway

30 minutes is like nothing believe me

believe it or not when our teacher will

tell me no no no wow amazing a my ghost

yes guys I'm actually because you sees I

don't I don't have a lot of work I mean

I only have two classes in school so

yeah I have started this kind of program

this month yes I give a free online

class to those supporters of mine who

are interested in learning English yes

guys so if you guys are interested just

let me know okay so if you're not great

sure they're not craters you can

actually also you're chosen you can also

choose to have the 30-minute online

class for free Wow 27 people thank you

so much okay he he so he will get a free

lessons yes fine so guys is from Germany

okay yes America SHINee many go see

Francis election no offensive speaks of

perfect American it was oh my love head

shining then a lousy dinner in English

we should dress yeah

I'm not strict okay well we will see

because when I give the class I'm gonna

make it live everyone

see that I know you know you know that

when I give online class I do it live so

you can see while I'm giving my online

my online class I don't think you need

English done in a drawer you can join a


Monday you've been here without my

granpa ffensive you add Marty's renewed

year my name is Rudy I show you master

this wants to chit chat no chitchat in

my class like this class teach I teach

at they are two different things

okay jaimé men there is no teacher

during the class except if the class is

free talking class because sometimes

students need a free talking class you

know only kidding congrats fun so yeah I

know you're a good one oh I love that

American x-ray fans oh that's great time

so I'm really looking forward to that

time and oh what a great way of sharing

your guts gift of knowledge teacher yes

like be like oh yes yes yes yes but only

30 minutes because you know I can't say

like many hours because I also have

other students online yeah from Vietnam

- oh just one and from type 1 and 1/2

from Taiwan and one from Mongolia I have

in my face I have two from day one but

now I don't have one I used to have

three than one before but since they're

very busy and I have to admit I'll

surely but I said finally friendly that


congratulations - oh thank you so much

everyone for being here okay what

happened a lovely walk to Canada not

here three months ago

Canada muggy undress and fine so has

30-minute online class so three people

okay I will have two more people okay we

have seven minutes more okay I'm

choosing five people oh my god this

you're very kind to not yes sighs okay

let's have more you don't travel 26

people watching them rest Easter and

Mary yes thank you so much everyone and

thank you so much thank you thank you

you're right behavior for removing a I

need you see me

Oh sis oh yeah how's everything

maybe you finish birth are we gonna go

now huh should I say goodbye now I know

I still have to choose tomorrow do don't

struggle is not here anymore so I will

he does not the dog is not here he

usually stays a short time because you

know okay let's have another so two more

okay two more

obviously tombow us receipt on both is

there no problem banana you see thank

you so much

goodbye flower go go go go we cannot

leave in it oh the fourth person fourth

person is fun though

bye though are you going to delete this

or you will take it as yours bundle

miser danique okay we will wait for

piezos answer hey let's have the last

person guys


that police is here yes guys - Oh got it

all 27 people are in the year thank you

so much everyone for coming to my wife's

room tonight

thank you thank you everyone the police

fine so hacked the election please give

me two shiny shiny me thirty minutes I

sign a man you've got 30 minutes from

fines oh okay okay since I have few

minutes left

actually I only have four minutes more

Katie's market okay I'm gonna forget

this market oh so you're Kitty's market

here is market all right then goat let

me read your messages here in this wet

room right now the police whoa I won yes

the police are you taking in the police

or you give it to someone I said you

really need to learning was just letting

you know we really need wh don't be like

miley thoughtfully is the ho everybody's

calling the police I mean isn't Scott

police and friends off accepting

donations we pay back that believe is

laughing up what do you deserve I get

ready me a lesson

yes you read new line fuzzlebut