Practice English Speaking&Listening with: געגוע לפיגוע yearning for terrorism

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I was with my husband, Zion, at the Jeruslem central bus station

and suddendly, I heard screamings "he's got a knife, he's got a knife".

Than I started screaming: "there's someone here with a knife", "there's someone here with a knife".

So other people behind me started shouting "terrorist terrorist!".

Than I turned and saw a terrorist stabbing, stabbing a 16 years old girl.

As you can see her blood splattered on me.

but luckily, before I managed to run, the cops came and shot him. the bastard.

And I felt a weird sensation of adrenaline all over my body.

And I'm all shaking, all shaking.

I looked at my husband Zion and told him: "that's it, the terror period is returning, it's returning, it's... returning.

Its right here, it's here, it's here!"

With the knife, with the knife a little to the right center a bit,

herder, much harder!

If you have a bomb belt don't hesitate to activate it.

Wound me if you want, don't hesitate to wound me.


The terror attacks time is right right here, here. It's HERE. It's...

It's here... it's...

God is great (Arabic)

And although its hard and frightening,

Nothing warms the heart more than seeing the people of Israel united once again.

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