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Next with her Mom was Crystal Parazynski

Well I guess I'm an outgoing person. I love singing, dancing, modeling, everything

in entertainment field. It's like my life

I swear to God. Like everything I do is based on that like

Cuz' I don't know I listen to music every day

I don't know, It just makes me so happy inside

I don't know I'm just going on. I'm rambling.

And with one final delicate touch, Krystal perfects the natural look and is ready for her moment.

I think I'm kind of like Christina Aguilera because like I-I have attitude like

ah, I'm gonna do it no matter what. No one's gonna stop me.




umm You need me to explain anything? Hey what's up people?

Yes, the tan.

okay, um. My name is Krystal, um, I just turned sixteen--

No, I want to hear about your Suntan, okay. I'm singing And I'm Telling You by Jennifer Holliday

I want to hear about your suntan. Oh my suntan. Yes

I go tanning.


But I don't think that's the main importance here like

No, but it is quite prominent.

Oh, it is?

I'm sorry to go on about this. Now, you're sixteen and it's the most

Strange look makeup tan I've ever seen in my life


What are you singing? I'm singing And I'm telling you by.Jennifer Holliday. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sing sing

Hey, then. I am telling you

I'm not going

You're the best man. I ever know. There's no way I can ever go in no, no

there's no way

No, no, no, no way I am livin' without you

And you're gonna lo-

I'm going to have to stop you. Yes



What does your mother think about this?

My mother she's so happy for me and even I think I'm sorry either way

But does she encourage this whole look?

she I

Think I look good, and I don't care. I mean you're individ-- your individual you have your style

I have my style and--

I want to meet your mom.

You want to meet my mom?

Bring your mom in. Bring your mom in.

Need to go inside

She has the same eye makeup on

Hi people

Hi, Mom. How are you was that okay?

See Simon wanted to know what you thought about I wonder where she got her inspiration from now. I know oh

Simon says yes, or no absolutely no from me, but you didn't even let me finish a song we don't usually let people finish

Yeah, we could hear you're not ready for something like

I'm better than most of the people here, and I know that

Okay, nice to meet you nice to meet you

Before you went in that room you obviously thought you you had everything that it would take to make it through to the next round

I don't care what they say. This is not the next round

I mean the next round is when I become a star

American Idol is not the next round.

No before you went in you cared what they would say right otherwise

You wouldn't have been here.

Well she wanted to get on the show

I want to get on show, but I mean is this most important thing in my life

No, right, but before you went in was it ?

No, okay?

But if you would have made it through would it have been

If you would have become the idol, would it be the most important. Yeah, probably

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