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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Seriously Stretchy Play-Doh Slime !!!

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- Today we're gonna go visit Hasbro.

(upbeat music)

- Yay I did it!

(upbeat music)

- It is our last morning in New York,

we have been here for about four days.

It's our final day to go to Toy Fair,

where you can check out all the new toys that are coming

to stores in the fall and even next year in 2020.

And today we're gonna go visit Hasbro.

Do you girls know what they have at Hasbro?

- They have NERF.

- And then they have FurReal Friends.

- Yes, I always associate Hasbro with FurReal Friends

because the girls love their whole line.

But I know they have so much more than that,

so we're gonna show you all the things

they have coming up in toys.

So hang with us.

(upbeat music)

Addy's gonna test out the NERF range,

and we're gonna see if she can hit some targets.

We haven't gotten that into NERF yet.

The girls have been a little bit young,

but I think we're on the brink of it.

I think Addy might be get a little bit

addicted to NERF after today.

Was that awesome?

- Yeah, I got four!

- Do you think you're gonna be super into NERF now?

We don't have any NERF do we?

- We got one from Toy Fair.

- We did get one?

I don't remember that?

But maybe you'll be a NERF girl now?

- Maybe. - Maybe so.

- Maybe. (laughs)

(upbeat music)

- She's doin' pretty good isn't she, Maya?

- She just got one! - She got a target!

Do you wanna try?

- She got 10.

- She got 10 targets, you don't wanna give it a try though?

Why not?

- I don't know.

- Not for you?

It's okay.

Hasbro actually has their own headquarters and offices

here in New York city, so we actually leave the convention

center to come just to their giant Hasbro building.

So it's always fun to get to walk around

and see what they have set up here.

- [Hasbro Worker] All right, let's see it!

- [Mom] Whoa, look at you, girl!

You make a fierce Power Ranger, Addy.

- This is mine! Hiyah!

- [Mom] Are you gonna do yours, Maya?

- [Hasbro Worker] All right, you ready?

- Yes!

- [Mom] Maya's practicing her pose for her Power Ranger.

I think she's got a good one.

She's gonna try to do a kick.

- Go for it, hold it, hold it, hold it!

- Hiyah!

- [Mom] Yeah, let's see!

Aww look at it!

Look at you go girl.

I love it.

Good one!

(upbeat music)

They have so many versions of Monopoly nowadays.

I always thought it was just one version.

They have Sore Losers.

They have a Speed Round where it's 10 minutes or less.

They have the longest game ever,

I think the House Divided one.

And I just realized, we've never played Monopoly

with the girls before, maybe we try it now.

(upbeat music)

They have a new version of Operation

called Operation Pet Scan.

You have to drag a treat all through the dog's body

without it touching the edges and beeping.

(game beeps loudly)

(upbeat music)

- Yay I did it!

- [Dad] Maya won.

- Do you know what I'm realizing as I walk

through all this Hasbro gaming section?

- [Dad] What's that?

- We don't do enough game nights.

- We don't. - Like we really don't.

- We should bring that back. - There's so many games

we have to introduce the kids to,

like Clue, and Operation, the new one.

- I agree. - Monopoly.

- Friday night game night.

- We gotta start doing that.

- That'd be fun.

- I think we have to. - Let's do it.

- Okay! Done!

We just entered the Play Doh and slime section,

so Maya especially, is really excited.

- Feel the super cloud, it feels so good.

- [Mom] Super crackle, can I see it?

- Super cloud. - Super cloud.

And what do you have, Maya?

- Play Doh Slime Crackle, it makes like a noise.

(upbeat music)

- Wow this is Snotty Scotty

and he has a little somethin' comin' out of his nose.

What do you think of Snotty Scotty?

- I think it's really funny.

(upbeat music)

Yesterday someone stretched the slime

all the way over there.

- No way. - They did.

- This is crazy 'cause it feels like one

of those jiggly slimes that don't really stretch well,

but it stretches so well.

- Play Doh Slime Super Stretch makes a lotta sense,

it is very stretchy.

Jason wants to get in, too.

I wanna get in too, let me see!

- [Jason] That is slimy.

- [Mom] Oh wow, that is slimy.

You get all that to take home?

- [Group] Wow!

- [Mom] What do you say, girls?

- [Both Girls] Thank you!

- [Slime Worker] You're welcome!

Have so much fun with it.

- [Mom] We will!

(baby laughing)

- I love how she tries to squat

and get out of her crib like every other baby.

(playful music)

- [Mom] We're checking out the Baby Alive section now.

They have the cutest little baby dolls.

Some that you can feed,

you can make smoothies using a blender.

The one that bounces up and down in the crib is so cute.

(playful music)

They've got Walkalots, that the girls were just trying.

And they have Poopalots.

And now they're gonna have Peealots,

which are just coming pretty soon.

Not out yet though.

- She's just begging us to pull her

from her icy cave and rescue her.

She'll start to purr instead of brrr!

And because she's the mom of triplets,

obviously she gets pretty hungry.

Sometimes she drinks a little too fast though.

(toy burps)

Oh! Excuse you!

(upbeat music)

- The Mama Josie is this adorable kangaroo that's coming

out in the fall, and she comes with three baby kangaroos,

and you don't know if they're gonna be boys or girls,

so get to do a gender reveal.

And she makes over 70 sounds,

and she's just super cute and adorable.

(upbeat music)

The next Trolls movie is coming out in April,

and Hasbro has an amazing line of new Trolls toys.

And apparently, we learned there's

some new characters in Trolls.

There's some Trolls that are actually mermaids.

And we found out who the antagonist is,

who the villain is, in this story.

I'm gonna show you who that is right now.

So this is Queen Barb.

We don't like Queen Barb.

She's the antagonist.

So who are you rockin' Addy?

Is this Guy Diamond?

- [Hasbro Worker] Tiny Diamond.

- Tiny Diamond, okay.

Tiny Diamond, you got a guitar.

And Maya...

You can be Poppy, with the microphone.

Rock out, girls!

(upbeat music)

Walk and Talk Olaf, which comes out in the Fall, right?

- Yes. - In the Fall.

He's pretty cute.

Olaf was really funny in Frozen II.

- Yes!

And they've got so many cute Frozen II things.

Some are in stores already, some are coming,

so we'll be watching for them.

Who's bed would you rather have, Elsa's bed or Anna's bed?

- Elsa! - Elsa's bed?

You don't know?

So here's where Anna's sleeping right now,

and she's got this bed.

And then Elsa's got this cool bed over here.

You don't know, Addy?

- I don't know. - You don't know?

But Maya's Elsa?

- Oh I know!

I would do Anna's bed, with Elsa's covers!

- [Mom] Good thinkin'!

Now we're checking out the Disney Style series

and they are princesses that are totally styled up.

Ariel, and Mulan, and Belle.

And they're already in stores, but coming soon to stores,

we have Rapunzel, Jasmine, and Aurora.

Here's Rapunzel.

And they've got Jasmine.

And then here's Aurora.

- Is my birthday in the spring?

- [Jason] Yes.

- Yay! Then I want Jasmine for my birthday!

- So I was gonna ask you who your favorite is.

- Jasmine! - So Jasmine's your favorite?

- Yes!

- My favorite's definitely Ariel.

- [Mom] Disney Ariel?

Jasmine has a cool outfit on, Addy.

And then Ariel, oh she has a cool outfit.

Her hair is really pretty too.

And so apparently these are all inspired by runway fashion.

So they're out of their normal,

classic Disney princess ball gowns.

And they're wearing so more stylish, modern outfits

that you'd see on the catwalk.

So now we're going from the really fancy princesses

to the Disney Princess Comfy Squad.

If you've ever seen Wreck It Ralph, you may have seen

the princesses in their comfy clothes, and they have

a whole line of them here, in their comfy clothes.

(upbeat music)

There's like an ice cream truck

from the Comfy Squad and it's really fun!

- It's an ice cream, I brought this up,

and it looks like ice cream!

- [Mom] Does it?

Oh it does look like a popsicle.

Does it go down?

- Yes. - Cute!

- [Addy] And that's the soda fountain.

And did you see what the table's made of?

- Chocolate ice cream sandwich!

- Yes an ice cream sandwich and chocolate bars, yum!

(upbeat music)

Belle says, "I want cotton candy!"

"I want cotton candy!"

(upbeat music)


Whoa, it's growin'!

- [Hasbro Worker] So to activate her magic,

you press on her horn...

(unicorn sings)

and then you blow her a kiss.

(kisses and blows)

And she dances!

You wanna blow some?


(upbeat music)

- It's a dead rat. - It is?

- [Mom] A dead rat?!

- It has one eye. - Whoa.

(upbeat music)

I wanna hear your favorite thing you saw there.

We saw a whole bunch!

- I know! The Play Doh Slime, like the Super Cloud.

- The Play Doh Slime.

What about you?

- Mama Josie.

- That was the kangaroo, that was so cute!

I don't know.

It was a tough one for me, I kinda like the slime, too.

I love playing with slime, it's kind of addictive.

So I might have to go with that.

So we hope you liked touring Hasbro with us.

We had fun.

Our time at Toy Fair is over now.

We're gettin' ready to head to the airport!

Can you believe it?

(Maya whines)

I know we're kinda sad about that.

But thank you for watching.

We'll see you guys next time on Tic Tac Toy

and Tic Tac Toy Family.

And what we do we say?

- [All] XOXO!


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