Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How Barcelona, Man City and All Eight Teams Checked in to the Champions League Bubble

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Oh. Hi, welcome.

Hi. I'm here to check-in.

But of course, and that will be for one night I presume?

Wait. I'm sorry, what?

Well, you are playing PSG.

You know, Neymar, Icardi, Di Maria, and you'd better

hope Mbappe isn't fit too.

I mean, yeah, but that

So let's, perhaps, just make it for one night. OK?

Wait! But I'm, I'm

Here's your room key.

It's on the first floor, so you won't be too far when you bring your things back down tomorrow.

What kind of customer service is this?

I come here to

Hello. Ah, Neymar.

Yes, sir. Hello. Don't worry. Everything is sorted out.

We've got your suite here booked for the full three weeks.

I know Atalanta, right?

Yes, sir. Don't worry. And may I say, your half of the draw looks amazing!

Yes, sir. I will personally make sure that all you needs are attended to as they should be.

Hi. Hi, welcome.

Buenas Tardes. Diego Simeone checking in for Atletico.

Oh, really? We were expecting Liverpool.

Of course you were, but they couldn't make it past Oblak.


Roadblocks, I said they couldn't make it past the roadblocks.


–[Evil laughter]

Sir. Sir, your room's down the hall.

Muchas gracias.

Such a weird man.

And don't break anything!

Hi. Welcome to the Champions League Hotel. Checking in?

Yes, please. Bayern Munich.

Right, OK.

And oh, I was wondering, is there any way we can upgrade

from a double room to a treble room?

Umm, it looks like you only qualify for a double room right now.

Yes, yes, but I'm really confident

we deserve the treble room and not just a double.

That's nice. But unfortunately,

we'll have to keep you in a double room for now.

You are playing Barcelona next.

Yeah, but we scored more goals than anybody else so far,

Lewandowski's having the best season of his life.

Have you seen Barcelona lately? You think they can keep up with Davies and Gnabry?

Mmm, but don't have any Ballon d'Ors in your team now, do you?

Messi has six.

Yeah but this would have been Lewy's year.

Yeah, yeah. We've heard that one before.

Fine. Fine. A double room.

But we'll be back for that upgrade.



Hi. Somebody's tired.

Well, yeah, I've had to carry the team...bags all the way from Spain.

Wow. Well, the good news is we can give you a nice comfortable place to rest.

Thank you.

No problem. Check out is at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Have a good night.

Wait. Hold up. What?

Well. You're Barca, right? You guys never really stay too long.

Well, this year's different, alright? There's no second leg,

so the pressure's off. I think you'll find that this year

the Champions League will come back to the Camp Nou.

But didn't you say that last year?

Don't talk about last year!

Okay. Okay.

Here's your room key, and if you head that way and take a quick corner

A quick what?!

A quick left. Sorry, a quick left.


Hi, we've just got off the plane from Torino.

–[Speaks Portuguese]

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa. What?

Mr. Ronaldo, I was saying; welcome home, my friend.

We thought you'd stay with some friends or family, but it's great to have you.

No, no, no. No. We're from Lyon. We actually knocked out Ronaldo and Juventus last week.

That's crazy. I don't remember the last time he left so early. Man!

And we'd like it if people started taking us seriously.

Sure. Sure. So all the way from France, huh? You guys must be tearing it up in

that league, right? Winning all the trophies.

No, no, no, Grandma. I have to go. I have to go. Bye.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon, sir. How may I help you?

I'm here to check in for the Champions League.

But of course.

We are the favourites, you know?

Uh huh.

And we really, really want to win this year.

Gotcha, right. Just pulling up your details.

Er, I don't think you're understanding me.

We really, really, really want to win the Champions League. Huh?

It's very nice sir, but I assure you I cannot

You know how this works.

Who do I have to talk to around here to make sure that we win?

Not here, sir.

Come this way.

Hi. Hi. Hello.

Hi. I'm here to check in for the Champions League.

Sure. And what's the name?

Um, Sabitzer.


We don't seem to have anything under that name.

Oh, really? Um...I..

Could you maybe check under 'Werner,' please?

Let's see.

Ah, yeah. Here we go.


A little awkward, right?

Yeah, a little bit.

But then again

It's a bit more awkward for him.

And you're going to get farther than they are this year.

Yeah! I guess we are.

Yeah, man. Hey. Gimme some! Gimme some!

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