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- I'm sorry, his expression.

- Whoa.

- I'm gonna try your method. - (laughs)

- Wow.

- ♪ (French accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) So, we asked you to come in hungry today

because we are gonna show you scenes from

Studio Ghibli movies and we'll present you

with some delicious food from them recreated

by a professional chef. - Oh my gosh.

- Oh God. - I have yet to win

a single one of these challenges.

- I have a Studio Ghibli tattoo. I have three of them.

- She's excited. - Ah!

- The food. It always looks so good

in those movies. - I'm excited to see this.

Let's see if I get hungry or not.

- (FBE) So, as you probably know, this is a Try Not to Eat challenge,

so whoever can get through these four dishes

and not eat any of them wins, but if you do try something,

there will be a punishment at the end.

- What? - Okay, I did the Harry Potter

one last, we had to eat slugs.

- Why do you guys do this to me? I just wanna come here

and have a fun time. This is torture.

Let's get this over with.

- Aw, I love Kiki's Delivery Service.

- No! The chowder, the porridge.

- Do you think you're going to die?

- Yes.

- (Osono) No, you're not.

How about some nice, hot oatmeal with honey in it?

You want some too? - (Jiji) Meow.

- Cartoon food looks so much better than real food.

- Ghibli has the ability to make even simple foods

just sound so appealing. - Yeah.

- And then Jiji's stupid and he burns his tongue.

- (Osono) Now don't burn your tongue.

- Oh, she gave some to the cat too?

- Look. Mrew.

- (Jiji) Yow! - That's a cat.

- Mood. Okay.

- Oatmeal with honey. I feel like I could avoid

eating that, but also it sounds really good.

- (FBE) So, I know in this English version it said oatmeal,

but to be more authentic to the Japanese version,

this is a rice porridge that will heal you

if you're ever feeling down like Kiki.

It is creamy and warm and it's all around

the perfect comfort food. - Welcome to

Dionte loses everything where Dionte loses

every single round. - You're jumping in already?

- Oh, absolutely.

Oh my God. You know when you watch

something and you see a food and you're like,

you know what? That looks like it's gonna be great.

This is that moment right there. - I'm okay on this one.

- I'm so mad. I really wanna--

ugh. Whatever.

- Oh God, you're actually-- are you actually--

- Actually. - This is the first--

oh my God. - Wow, that is so good.

Oh my gosh. - You can't do that to me.

No, no, no. I got this.

I'm fine with this one.

- I'd eat this if I was sick or something.

- It smells great, but I'm getting half

of the experience just by smelling it,

so I'm good.

- I think I'm gonna pass on this one.

- Nah, I'm good. I'm chilling.

- Dude, I'm so torn. Okay, I'm gonna pass on it.

- I'ma pass.

- (Satsuki) Hey, Dad. Look, it's morning.

- Oh, it's Totoro. - My Neighbor Totoro.

- My little siblings do stuff like this to me all the time.

I'm like, "Please don't touch me in the morning.

I just wanna sleep."

- (Satsuki) I'm making lunch for everyone.

- (Mei) Hey, it's burning! - (Satsuki) I'm coming.

Just a minute. - That's cute.

- I know.

- Ooh, what is it? Oh, this is her

bento box lunches. - I've never had a bento box.

- Oh, bento boxes. I forgot.

- Oh my God, it looks so good.

- (Tatsuo) Mei, sit down and eat.

- That's us. - (Satsuki) There you go.

- Aw. - One of those little

bento box.

- (FBE) So, here is My Neighbor Totoro's

bento box. All of these simple flavors

work together so well. The fish may look intimidating,

but any foodie would love it. It is savory,

but also so well balanced by those pink, sweet flakes,

sweet peas, and sour plum. I was in heaven eating it.

- Breathe, breathe. Into the nose.

- I'm overwhelmed by the smell right now.

- I'm sorry, his expression. - Whoa.

Oh my God. - I've seen Ghibli food

and I know when I'm attracted to Ghibli food.

This isn't one of those Ghibli foods.

You Ghibli me?

- It's pretty looking. Allow me to ruin it.

- What's this? - That's a sour plum.

- Oh. - Do you wanna try it?

- No. - Okay.

- I think I'm gonna pass on this one.

- I'm good once again.

- I feel like my inner Asian's like, "I eat this."

I'm used to it. - I'm gonna be good.

I'll wait.

- I'm good on this one. - I'm good.

I'm good on this.

- Is this Laputa: Castle in the Sky?

- (stew bubbling) - Yo.

- I'm telling you, any scene that starts

with a kitchen is just like, "Yo, I'm about to eat so good."

- I was looking at the guy creeping in the window.

- (man) Uh. - (Sheeta) Yes?

- He seems French, not English. - The little mustache.

- Yeah.

- He looks creepy. - Yeah, it looks real creepy, dude.

- There's just-- I find it so funny,

'cause no one notices him. He's just "guy."

He's just known as the guy cutting potatoes.

- Beard goals. - Oh my gosh.

- Oh my God. That's why everybody's

in there. - Everyone's helping.

- (FBE) So, this is a winter vegetable stew

as seen in Castle in the Sky. It is so hearty

and full of flavor. It has taro, lotus root,

beef, potatoes, and a medley of veggies

that taste like a cozy winter's day.

- Okay, I'm having this. - I love taro.

- I'm having this right now. - Oh my God.

- Very warm, very welcoming.

- I'm trying to win this here, guys.

- Ah, it's just wow. - It's fantastic.

It's amazing. - I'm not giving up.

There's still one more.

- This is really good potato. - Potatoes are the best part

of stew. - Honestly so far,

out of all of them, I feel like this is the best one.

- Take it away.

- He did it. - Oh my God.

It was so good that I'm happy. - Okay.

I really wanna try it but I think I'm good for this one.

- We're doing all right. - I've made it this far.

If we lose now, it'll be for nothing.

- (Chihiro) I don't want any. We're gonna get in trouble.

Let's just get out of here. - Yo.

- Yo, yo. Seriously?

- (father) Credit cards and cash.

- I want this. I want this.

- That looks so good. - (both) Oh.

- Wait a second.

- This is the one where you definitely don't want to eat

because if we do, we will get turned into pigs.

- That's true.

- Stop eating it. You're gonna turn into pigs.

- I would've turned into a pig. I'm not even gonna pretend

like I wouldn't have.

- Ah, this-- that looks so good.

- (FBE) We decided to go with the soup dumplings

that the dad is trying. They are to die for.

They have a salty and savory broth with flavorful

pork meat inside that soft steamed bun.

- I've never seen a dumpling that big.

- I was gonna say this is the biggest dumpling

I've ever seen.

Oh my God. - Oh my.

- That is really good.

- I will allow him to have that.

That was... - Here, I'm gonna try

your method. - (laughs)

- Wow.

That's-- there he is.

- I've got you. - You've got me?

- Yeah. I'm glad I got you

because that was a lot. I'm not gonna try it.

It's okay. - Damn, that was good.

- As much as I want to.

- Yeah, might as well.

- The pork is sweet and with the sauce,

it makes it salty, so it's a good match.

- I'm not gonna eat this one. - I will not because,

as a practicing Muslim, I can not consume pork.

- (FBE) So, Michelle, you won.

You will be getting this next dish

all to yourself. - Yeah.

- I hope this is worth it. Oh my God.

- What?

- (mother) Get ready to look now.

Abra kadabra! - No!

- Oh wow. - (muffled) It's so good.

- Yeah! Poyo's ramen with ham.

- It wasn't worth the loss. It's ham.

I get excited about ham like that, too.

- Ramen's probably the best dish ever.

- My mouth is watering more than with the soup dumpling.

I'm so happy with my decision to make it to the end.

Oh my God.

- That's how ramen-- ramen really puts you

to sleep like that. Oh my gosh.

- Oh my gosh. - I'm so sad.

- You know what? I'm gonna be fine.

I'm gonna drive home in a day,

go by a nearby ramen place and by myself some ramen

'cause you won't give me my ramen.

- (FBE) Michelle, congratulations. This dish is unbelievable.

It is creamy, yet not too heavy ramen.

It's so warm and satisfying. Enjoy.

- Oh my God. It's so yummy and it's

very aesthetically pleasing, too.

- Yes. - That is some good ham.

- Oh my God, the ham. Oh my God, Jasser.

I'm so sorry. - No, it's okay.

It's all right.

- (FBE) So Jackson, since you lost,

inspired by the scene in Spirited Away,

where the parents are greedily eating the food

including the chicken, here are some chicken feet

that we made extra gross with the sauce.

One for each food you ate. - You know sometimes I think

about the actions that I make that they have consequences

and this is a physical representation of that.

- Oh my God. It's so good.

- Why'd I smell it? Ew.

- Ew, it smells nasty. Ew.

- It wasn't worth it at all.

- Okay, this is boney. Oh God.

- How do you-- - Ew, ew.

- I'm experiencing gagging and whatever chocolate sauce

or whatever crap that is. - The worst part about it

is that regardless of the taste, it's me having a foot in my mouth.

- Was it worth it trying that dumpling?

Just think of the dumpling when you eat that.

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