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bring out right to the point you're ready I'm Nick Hanauer founder of civic

ventures so Nick why are we calling this pitch forth economics if you don't get

economics right the pitchforks come out violent clashes popping up on a day of

demonstrations here at home people are angry and they have a right to be angry

because they have been taken advantage of for 40 years think if there's a theme

to this podcast and its simplest form it's that bad theory leads to bad policy

and bad policy leads to bad outcomes exactly I think it's fair to say that

every single thing people learned in their economics courses

it's just objectively false throughout this broadcast we will bring in some of

the leading heterodox economic thinkers in the world

I'm Ganesha Raman that academic collaboration combined with real-world

experience has created a reasonably unique perspective on both economics and

how markets work one of the points of this podcast is to call the question on

what the purpose of economics is what the purpose of the economy is we're

gonna talk about a lot of complicated subject we are on the next episode of

pitchfork economics everything you learned in econ 101 is raw the trek and

trickle-down tax policy who pays and who doesn't why the u.s. hates families the

lie that higher wages kill jobs and the American dream a lot of the

things which you've been saying where economic heresy yes people get so angry

when you challenge these ideas it turns out that if you change the way we talk

about the economy you can actually change the economy yes that whether

you're a policymaker or not whether you're a political leader or not whether

you're an economist or not individuals have a crucial role in creating economic

policy by advance the right narratives about it and that's

the point of this podcast take from it those ideas these facts in these new

stories that should be a good episode

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