Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BREEDING PAIRS Partnership Heylen-Waerzeggers 2020 PART 04 BELGIUM budgie planet 2020

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Welcome to Budgie Planet!


Hello, we are driving to Belgium.

A quick view inside the birdroom.

Maarten Heylen with 2 easily clearbody hens, new challenge...

Cinamon lightgreen with cinamong grey, both split recessive

Recesive pied skyblue cock.

A stunning skyblue spangle cock from Maartens friend Guray Özkul with HHW1 background.

(LINKED: Guray Özkul FULL video part in the right corner)

Grey dom pied, son of the belgian showwinner

Normal greygreen breeding bird.

Normal grey cock.

Love this fluffy face!

Normal greygreen cock split recessive.

Stylish young Albino cock.

Greygreen opaline hen.

Lutino cock.

Albino young hen.

Normal grey cock starting to moult.

You can see the diference between baby feathers with the 3 month moulting feathers that are comming longer.

Cinamon skyblue hen.

Normal grey cock.

Cinammon yellowface grey baby.

-A baby, now going back a little bite because now it's learning to feed itself.

Baby cinammon Skyblye cock.

A sleepy spangle hen in the flight.


A breeding pair.

Each pair has an asigned number of nest, some important notes are written on it.

All pairs have everithing is noted to have all under control.

Pedigree is noted first on whiteboard and later in the breeding records...

With this process each ring give to the breeder a valuable source of valuable information to pairing the birds in the best way.

Breeding cocks.

Beautiful opaline skyblue spangle baby, just starting to eat itself.

The father and the brother.

Skyblue breeding cock.

Another breeding pair.

Each baby must have a ring to know each pidegree.

Here you can see Maarten ringing some babies.

Ready and back to home.

Nest are checked everyday looking for problems and checking they are feeding well.

Very young pied babies in the nest.

Inside other nest they are closer to jump out the nest.

Baby flight.

Lutino cock.

Marteen Heylen showing proud two opaline Easily Clearbody babies , new project, new challenge.

Maarten's favourite bird, Lutino cock from 2018.

Normal Stuning grey cock.

Observation is also a dayli important routine.

-Look at the baby

-From the spangle?

-From the spangle!

A promising baby, no doubt.

Cobalt breeding cock.



-Look at the baby.


-Very, very, very ,very young!


Cobalt YF from HHW's befriended partnership Van Genechten Dieltjens.

(LINKED: Van Genechten Dieltjens full video in the rigth corner)

As you can see Marteen also give red millet in the nest in a baby soon age to let babies learn to eat from the parents in the nest.

-Some really good babies in there!

The parents.

Gray baby cock.

Grey babies with a very diferent shape in the thightness bodyfeathers.

Breeding pair.

Grit and minerals in each cage and also in the flights.

Softfood and seed.


FEEDING FOR EXHIBITION BUDGIES (i let you link in the right corner of the screen.)

Mix of seed.

Himalayan salt stone.

Breeding cock.

Opaline ECB outcross from SA, the start of the new project.

Violet breeding cock.





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