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I still can't believe you did this.

Bella, what else were we supposed to do? Go to the police maybe?

Andi, it...

My God, it was an accident.

An accident which you have no insurance for.

Bella, you and Andi destroyed furs worth millions. Do you want to pay back debts for the next 100 years?

Yeah, so that's why you put the blame on the animal rights activists? Great!

We've discussed this in detail.

There are no victims.

They can't arrest the animal rights activists.

Exactly, because they had nothing to do with it, so no one can prove anything.

And LCL surely has insurance for the furs.

Which means no big deal for the company either.

Bella, we also did this for you.

You have no insurance; you don't have the money...

At worst, this means prison.

And what's more, we wanted to cover up the accident...

... and put the blame on the animal rights activists.

That's deliberate vandalism. The police will certainly not be amused by this.

Bella, this is the point of no return.

We would be finished.



Sorry, I need a moment to myself.

Do you know how much time I've spent with organizing, huh?

The worst part is I can't model now and I even lost weight at that.

And I wanted to save the money for Maxi.


I'm sorry.

It's not your fault after all.

Of course not.



Oh, did you hear what happened?

Yes, I'm working in the storage room with Andi right now. It looks really...

... bad.

Have you got a minute? -- Yeah, sure.

Be right back.

How are you holding up?

I'm holding up fine, but...

... I just don't know if Andi can handle all this.

We met Frank before and when Andi realized how seriously he is taking this burglary, he...

... he got really nervous.

Do you think they will find out who ruined the furs?

I don't know. I'm more concerned about Andi breaking down and giving himself away.


Oh gosh!

For a second I thought he had me now.

But that it's possible to determine who was in that room and when...

I didn't even realize that.

Yes and that's why we will toast my wonderful sister now...

... who saved our asses today.

Really! It was so cool the way you lied to Frank.

Yeah, but it was really no fun.

Then thank you even more.

And from me a big thanks as well. I've got to go.

Well, it was my fault too.


If I hadn't distracted you, we would have kept an eye on the water pressure and then this stupid pipe wouldn't have burst.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda...

It won't help any to think about it now. We're all in this together.


And we'll manage.

But it's cool to see how far we're willing to go for each other, isn't it?

But hey, we're outlaws now.

Wow, when you say it like that, it sounds so...

... romantic.

Hey, we'll deal with this together.

Most definitely.

I can't even show my face in my own restaurant anymore.

But at least the yellow press is good for one thing:

It brings revenue.

Ahhh... my 'porn underwear' aunt.

Porn underwear my foot! Don't you start with me too.

That's exactly how it's written here in the magazine 'Grandezza'.

No, no, no, no. Sexy lingerie for women in their prime. Understood?

Now bring us two shots please.

Of course.

I would love to know where this 'Grandezza' got this information from.

I'm convinced it was this realtor.

That's why he kept grilling you like he did.

Well, it seems they didn't quite understand your concept up to now.

Why don't you talk to them again?

I already did. And the young lady on the phone, who, I'm guessing, isn't a day over twenty, ...

... said... and I quote: 'I can't totally absolutely not imagine all that.'


Because adolescence confuses something with sexiness.

She's probably so insecure herself that she doesn't even know what good sex is.

Yes, sexy lingerie to her is probably coaster-sized circles on her breasts and flags in her butt crack.

Whereas the 'Dance of the Seven Veils' would so much more tempting.

Then I assume that you'll continue?

You better believe it.

We will show everyone what sexy is.

I'm convinced of that.

Excuse me.

von Lahnstein, yes?

Excuse me?

I'm sorry, but where did you get this number?

No, no, we're not interested.


Do you know what this was?

This was a gentleman who wanted to offer us a booth at his Fetish Trade Show.

How dare they!

A bit more respect please. We are grown business women.

That's exactly what we are and that's just we'll show everyone.



That's the only way to keep you out of this, Olli.

It was my free choice for us to pull this through together.

But you didn't screw it up.

You just wanted to help.

Andi, I'll come by later.

No, you --

Olli will be here shortly.

I could have told you that.


So let's talk with Helmke before Olli gets here.

Actually, I'm pretty happy that it'll be over with all the lies now.

I never wanted to get you into this.

This is absolutely impossible.

Unfortunately, an error is out of the question.

Mr. Vukovic... What?

I have to --

Andi, just a moment please.

I checked the video equipment just last week and everything was alright.

If it malfunctioned on the night of the burglary, then someone from the company must have done it manually.

But all that smearing.

It was clearly those militant animal rights activists.

Just that they probably don't know how to deactivate the video equipment here.

The perpetrators worked with red paint.

Have you noticed any paint traces anywhere else here in the building?



Thanks for now.

Andi, what is it?

What? Um... nothing.

I mean... no, I wanted to... oh yes, ...

I mean, I just wanted to thank you real quick for the great breakfast today.

And that wonderful roll service Charlie organized.

It was really great.

Well, I'll see you, okay?

Andi, real quick.

I still have a personal question.

Man Olli, I told you not to come here.

Yeah, but I want to know what's going on.

Why does the video equipment malfunction just as we're here to break --

Oh, hey.



How's the knee?

Yes, it's already better. Thank you.

How are the ...

... fur terrorists?

Well, all of the animal rights activists who had besieged this entrance lately had an alibi.

Well, there are always cases which don't get solved, right?

Somehow, it's all weird.


What do you mean?

Oh, just a feeling.

But since when do you work according to feeling?

I don't, but...

... sometimes you have to listen to instinct and mine tells me that something is wrong here.

Come on, some animal rights activists don't really know how to deactivate video equipment.

Except if they had some help from the inside.

Or it was someone who wanted to divert suspicion from him -- ...

... self.

Yes, but you've read the slogans too.

Of course it was those tree huggers.

Nothing is sacred to them.

Of course, it was supposed to look like ...

... the crime was committed by animal rights activists.


... what does that mean now?

It means we'll start all over.

From now on, everyone is a suspect.


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