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Hey guys, it's me Thomas


Back at it again with yet another video so us beauty gurus us youtubers

We receive a plethora of hate comments throughout our careers of being

Youtubers and

Me being what I consider the armpit of the beauty community

I feel like I receive quite a bit of backlash

And by armpit I mean like, you know armpits are like just there

But they always seem to cause a problem

Anyways, I receive a plethora of hate comments and most of them do end up being about my makeup not all of them

But most of them are people trying to critique my makeup now

I actually saw an amazing youtuber by the name of Yuki do this video?

She I believe she's the first one to do this video

Where she had mean that comments kind of essentially do her makeup routine, and I thought that would be so much fun

so basically what I'm gonna be doing is I'm going to be reading some of my hate comments that are


my makeup and I'm going to be taking their critiques and

Putting them on my face so we can see if they're critiques are actually worth it

Does that make any sense? Hopefully it does I just want to preface this now. I'm having a bad toupee day

So let's ignore my hair. She's getting reinstalled very shortly, darling

So let's move right on in to this video. By the way, please subscribe. We're very close to

Actually, we're not very close to anything however, you could subscribe so we could be very close to a goal

Anyways, thank you guys so much and let's get right on into it this


so as I said before I do receive a plethora of hate comments, however

most of those comments kind of reside and this is what I like to call the graveyard for hate comments and

That is the helpful review section. Now a lot of you don't really know but youtubers have the option to blacklist the words essentially where

if there's a word that we keep seeing in our comment section and we hate seeing it or like we hate the

Connotation or the context people use that word in we're able to kind of go and blacklist this

So a lot of the words I have blacklisted is like my eye brows brows brow brows. I have like

The f-word as in like the great the gay slur like gay slurs. I have gay slurs blacklist sizess words

Blacklisted. I have a lot of a lot of words. I have racist words blacklisted as well and when people comment using those words

They go straight to the how to review so they actually do not go to my comment section making my comments section

Relatively a peaceful place a long time ago. A lot of people had something to say about my brows and that's wow

That's a whoa Thomas great


So first we're gonna get into brows now I saw there's a lot of a

Lot of comments about my brows. So Peyton W says, why do you make your eyebrows so big I'm just curious

not to be a

Not to be a hate well Peyton not a lot of you guys know but these are my natural brows and

people want me to follow my natural brow shape for some reason and I do I follow where

My hair grows, so like so I'm gonna take your advice curly. I'm gonna give you supernatural

Super chic brows. I'm taking your advice Peyton. I don't know why I ever

Thought it would be a good idea to do such a big brow

And I'm so sorry for interview that had to witness

Such a catastrophe that is my brows

This is like a really simple technique that a lot of a lot of people used

especially people with already kind of like naturally pretty brows is a lot of you like to say I have

So what I'm gonna do is just brush my hair

Upwards like so yes mama, bitch. I'm not to give you the most natural

Brow you have ever seen darling. This is gonna be clumpy as shit. Ain't I not done this and so long?

The grinch really did still Christmas, um, whoa, I'm have to look so

Good you have no idea. I'm just gonna take a full coverage foundation

Oh my god, please work

So now it's taking my cat Vaughn can't vaccinate these kids super brow

I'm going to kind of go in with some hair like strokes and kind of give it more of an even more natural

effect as you guys have mentioned that if I go too big my brows look too blocky and

Brick-like and I really want to make sure I stay as thin and I was true to my natural brow shape as possible

and I'm just going to

Kind of really follow those natural brow hairs super thin super natural, really

just stays true to

my natural brow shape and

really just makes my brows pop and just look super natural and I really really love this technique of just doing

Just a super natural brow. I am again going to go in with some hair like strokes

Now I'm just going to clean up this super natural brow with some concealer

So as you can see, I have a super natural brow ready to go for everyday wear

Look at my brows

I'm doing I hate comments do my makeup bit

Someone said I do my brows like brick brows and I was like, okay, let me give them a little natural. Mom, Matt

Okay, let me finish up this video I'll be over soon

But okay, so moving on into foundation. Now, of course, I don't really have any comments about

Put like primer

Like can you honestly give a hate comment about primer but for a foundation I of course have a few hate comments

That I would love to read to you. So Annalise said the foundation is way too light for his skin laughing face

and then

And us at 50 said dude, this shade was so good. The one you really like are too light for you

Don't fool yourself. Those light foundations look stupid. So

That tells me that

Usually what I do foundation. I like to match my neck. I guess that's not what we what we do here. I guess I

Guess that's wrong

Silly old me so I'm gonna go into this shade that I use when I'm self a tan

I use the shade a nude from Born This Way Foundation

From Too Faced. I'm gonna go into this shade now. I really want to make sure I'm ignoring my neck as well

Just because I really want to see if this foundation shade

Is a perfect match for me like the comments say I?

Definitely want to take all these critiques into consideration because I don't want to you know

Be out here looking stupid or anything like that. Like that's the last thing I want to do

So we're gonna go into this shade looks like a perfect match. Let's actually test her right now

Perfect gorgeous looks like it matches to me. So I'm gonna go into my Beauty Blender or my japanesse sponge scuse me

I'm just gonna start buffing in the skin. Oh my god. I'm so excited to see how this all looks

You guys always have my best interest at heart

Especially the hate comments hate comments usually have my best interest at heart and I never want to take those

Comments for granted never ever ever ever ever. So as you can see

This darker shade definitely looks so much better on me

even in person like it really looks like I have no makeup on like

Like it looks super seamless as you can see how pale I am right here versus right here

You can definitely see the perfect match right here

So I definitely don't want to hear any more comments in the future about how I you say it's too light for me

Because at this point I'm just going to be sticking with of course

Darker foundation shades just because it just makes so much more sense for me

Someone who is a pale princess. I just makes so much more sense for me to

Wear shades that are darker than my skin tone

So let's move on so I don't really have that many hate comments based on Seeler at all. To be honest

Like I really don't I did find one though from Sicilia Neely. She said and this was removed by a moderator

I see you bitch live for my moderators

You put way too much concealer on it makes you look super cakey. Um actually

You know what Cecilia I think you might be right. I definitely agree Cecilia. I definitely feel like I should start joining the gang

so I'm gonna go into the shade of Swan and the Too Faced Born This Way super coverage concealer, and I'm of course gonna do

Just like that, I definitely feel super beautiful already and


Kind of already know that this is going to blend beautifully. It's going to really brighten up

My dark circles that I have

I have really bad dark circles

and I know using just a tiny bit of concealer will definitely brighten up those dark circles and

definitely when I'm going for full more full coverage glam looks it's always

important to use this less product as possible because obviously with full coverage you want to use

Super lights amount of coverage and super light amount of product. Like that's just how things work

So I'm of course going to blend out these dots


Really give it I'm just really excited. So and I'm also gonna have my powder ready

And I'm really gonna make sure I don't highlight any other parts of my face because that makes no sense

why would I highlight other parts of my face and I'm just gonna go in with a little bit a powder just

to set those under eyes

Okay, you know what? I'm actually not mad at this. Well, I actually low-key think Cecilia is onto something

Because that looks really pretty Wow

Sarcasm aside Cecilia might have snapped with that one. So

Moving on so I don't really have any comments about contouring but I do usually have comments about my nose

contour usually people are upset at me for

Not contouring my nose

A lot of people ask me why I don't

The reason why I don't actually contour my nose is because I just don't have a contourable nose as you can see when I look

To the side it gets immediately crooked right here

And it's very hard to kind of contour crooked nose and my opinion it kind of makes it worse when you contour crooked nose

so I kind of just

Tend to not

Contour it. So to appease the people that want me to contour my nose. I'm going to take kind of a fluffy blending

Blending brush and I'm going to try my best to contour my nose and see how this works out

So I'm gonna take my favorite covergirl Vidal asked

Powder and I'm going to contour my nose

Really just make her super thin of


Contouring the nose looks super natural and a super unlockable in person

Especially if you have a crooked nose like I do, so if you have a crooked nose, I'd definitely go contour your nose

So while that nose contour sits there and bakes

Let's move on into blush now

I get so many comments talking about how my current blush style is dumb and too much

Some of my favorite comments is with all that blush. You look like a damn elf

What's up with him and a mani using blush all over the whole side of their face instead of just putting it on the apples?

and the highest parts of their cheekbones and then

Joshua Patrick said I swear I think that highlighter and blush makes you look like a who from Whoville

So we are going to listen to these comments and just stick to right here on the apples of the cheeks

With blush. So I'm gonna go into my favorite shade of blush, and I'm just gonna smile

And stick right on the

apples of the cheeks

like so

this is really so pretty like I

Really can't believe I ever

Did my blush any other way like I really can't gorgeous, okay

So I don't really get many comments about highlighting to thank God, but I do get one

And it's typically about the nose the nose situation. A lot of people don't like a highlight on the nose for some reason

Giuseppe says that highlight on his nose is too much girl, and then Laura Ashley said disagreed lol. It looks good in my opinion

Thank you, Laura and at Laura Ashley

So I'm just gonna highlight my face as normally as I do

Just skipping the nose as you can see my nose contour looks fabulous. You can see my nose

There's no my nose hasn't disappeared. It's there. Alright, so moving on into eye shadow

I honestly don't give them any comments about eye shadow either, but I do get a couple Christina Terrell says

The eye shadow though. It makes you look sick with all that shadow under your eye now

I'm gonna keep it real with you guys

I am obsessed with kind of like the under eye like smoked a super smoked out under a moment

I find it to be so so so so so so so so so so so pretty

But I'm going to not do that today because Christina says it makes me look sick and I don't want to look sick

No one wants to look sick. I think we wear makeup just to not look as sick. You know what I mean?

It's none of us do and then Alexis Yocum says sis keeps missing the inner corner of her eye and kind of applies a shadow

Slappy, excuse me, sha shadow sloppy


so I'm going to be as

Super unlucky as possible. It's not like I've been doing makeup, especially eye shadow for like four years now

I'm going to try to not be as sloppy and it's also kind of like I don't have deep set eyes and going all the

Way in my inner corner makes me look even dead and look like a raccoon

So today I'm going to prime my eyes and I want to make sure I don't miss out my inner corner like who would want

To miss then our corner if they're like who would want to miss that?

I'm going to skip my under eyes something probably super colorful because we're all super tired of course of seeing the same

you know neutral eye brown lip copper eye nude lip moment and I'm just gonna give you guys something colorful and

Interface, so I'm gonna prime my eyes with my Urban Decay

primer potion

I'm going to make sure I apply this everywhere avoiding my natural brow

Don't want to ruin my natural brow moment. Cuz I would completely ruin all the work we have done

Let me zoom you guys in so you can really get into the detail work that we're about to endure

so I'm going into my Sephora Pro palette my favorite colorful palettes and

Let's get into some of these pinks

All right. So you guys hate natural looks I have seen that in my comments a few times. So I'm going to make this as

like really blended

Really just just blended blown-out colorful


Something I've never done on my channel before

And I'm really gonna make sure I get this on the inner corner as well like right in that inner corner. I

Really don't want to miss out on the inner corner

Don't want to make the people mad as you can see putting it right there on the inner corner made Dinos contour look even worse

So that's always a good sign that you're actually doing it right super blended as you can

See, there's no like harsh lines. I'm just super blended blown out as you see there's no patchiness. No

Anything I definitely don't want to do my shadow sloppy at all. Like who?

Who wants to see sloppy shadow? So I'm really making sure I focus on this blend

So now I'm going to cut the crease with my concealer then we're gonna pack

This really pretty green shade

We really don't wanna miss this inner corner right here. So I'm gonna really pack on that green right down in the inner corner

Super not sloppy at all

As you can see there's soup. There's precision. There's a beautiful blend know sort of like

Fall out which is really good and it's definitely no

Patchiness anything like that

So it's really cool. So now let's move on into lashes at mascara

Oh also as you can tell these are super even as well. So let's move right into lashes

Like I don't think I've ever looked this great to be honest

So, thank you guys so far for this great

Opportunity just to learn and grow as an artist when I move into lashes

I did receive a few comments saying that

the lashes that I wear a lot of comments are saying that I shouldn't wear lashes because when I put lashes on my eye shape

It kind of loses all the eye shadow. You can't see the beautiful eye shadow that I've done

I mean, so I'm just gonna stick with mascara today. The one thing I will say, is that like I mean

my personal reasons of always wearing

Big voluminous lashes is because well one my natural lashes kind of stick straight down and I just love the look of volume

liest lashings

I'm gonna try to curl these stick straight down

Lashes and a put mascara on top of it and hope that it doesn't doesn't go back down

But as long as you get to see my eye shadow, who cares, right?

Okay, so lashes are done now, let's finally get into lips

so I've received surprisingly enough a lot of comments saying that people don't like it when I am over line my lips or

Try to do any sort of emphasis ation on my lips. I especially got that one. I have lit filler as well

so today I am going to

Make my lips as thin as possible. So to do that. I'm going to need some concealer. So really hide those lips

I want these lips to be as tame as


Alright guys, so this is the finished look

I cannot take myself seriously in all seriousness. I know this entire video is full of sarcasm and so on and so forth

Those comments that kind of critiqued my that critique my makeup don't really bother me at all

at the end of the day

I do my makeup to make me happy and I don't do my makeup to make anyone else

Happy makeup has always been an escape and a passion of mine

where I can be free to do whatever I want to my face that I own and

Be happy and just express myself how I wish to express myself

Now how you wish to see me express myself, but how I wish to express myself

So I want that to be a lesson for everyone just express yourself how you want to and don't listen to what anyone fucking says

You'll eventually learn. Yeah, I want to thank you guys so much for watching. Today's a random-ass

Light-hearted video I needed a light-hearted video like this. I have been going through it

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram

II know I've been going through it

And I do want to give like a quick little update at the end of this video

You guys cannot take me seriously and I can tell I can feel the energy through this computer screen right now

You guys cannot take me seriously, and I need you to take me seriously for a second

I am going to be gone between the days of September 19th through October 4th or 5th

I do plan on pre filming, but I don't know if I'm actually going to post just because I am

Going to be alone with family just to heal

I know that Chris sounds crazy to you guys, but I have been going through it

I've been in and out of hospitals for a while as far as

Anxiety depression and eat my eating disorder goes true rewarding by the way

So I am going home to kind of Reason myself and to come back to one

so if I don't post during those times, I hope you guys understand but I'm going to still pre film in the

Intention of posting while I'm gone. It just depends on where my heart is and how I feel about

Taking time away from my healing to work if that makes any sense. That was the depressing ending Wow

Ok anyways

I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see you in Friday's video because I'm posting twice a week again

I promise. Okay. Bye

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