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Son listen this is such an opportunity for you fresh start new school new friends

Differently have an orchestra I can join?

Absolutely, son. You would be amazing

Hey, hey, hey let me see my boy

Look at our boy

Look at you. I'm so proud of you. You're so smart today

You're proud of him?

I'm so proud

You know doing these types of big man

Got to do a selfie then?

Selfie moment you and these selfie moments

I love a selfie


Good, excellent

Alright, nearly there

Looking good

You alright son?

You alright, Amani?


You okay?


God's got me. Yeah. So how did I get here?

Cuz I'm laying down on my deathbed and I heard what the end said there's only two ways to fly

or you end up dead. But no thanks to you

I cried out for you, like mom always told me to but you weren't there

What kind of God would allow us to go through so much pain?

Always heard the rules on the roads that it's kill or be killed, but I ain't with it

So why should I believe in you if my faith is in vain? Man, I prayed every day.

Went to church with my family. I always gave to the poor

This were part of my plan. So, why'd you punish me for? Why should I give you anymore?

This battle back and forth, but you choose to ignore my prayers daily

Mom says pray for your food. Thank the Father. Be grateful for the fact that you saved me. Yeah.

I can pray for my food but I'm stabbed with a wound because you didn't break me

Now I'm about to die

This is when you should be sending your angels to save me but I'd be singing to the choir cuz God knows you ain't been

there for me lately

Where were you when I started that school?

I was so excited for a new start, but I sat alone on my own and couldn't make any real friends. How God?

I just needed that one decent person to keep me company to comfort me as I...

learn to be a man.

Everyone else had the best friend, but I'm sat there on my own because no one gives a damn.

So, I caged up.

Started acting up at school.

I had so much rage stuck inside fighting hard to get loosened, and where were my angels?

Where was my help to stand?

I wasn't a bad kid

But you ignored me when you could have been holding my hand.

Give me my bag back, now.

Give me my bag back, now!

Give me my bag back, now!

Come on, who's gonna talk?

When I started to change him fit in with their crew, I didn't know who I was

But making them laugh didn't work man. Let's face it. It was for all of them girls

But when I looked back I never would have tried it if I'd known I get expelled

Why didn't you guide me to the right path?

Could have lived a nice life of a nice wife or my dream car

Running my own business and minding it, too

This is the time this week that Mr. Johnson's called me. I'm sick of your behavior. Give me your phone.

Why would I give you my phone?

Give me your phone. This is not up for discussion.

As far as I'm concerned, if you're gonna act like that, you don't deserve your phone.

Now, give me your phone.



But instead I'm on this bed, reciting my last prayers to you

All them times I sat in your churches... sing.

And where was your grace for me?

Honor thy mother and father. Yet, you forget your own family

When were you planning to save me?

Where were you when I did my first robbery?

We took that kids phone and made him jump up and down, and man, he looked like a clown

Weren't me, man.

Are you mad, fam?

It was Amani, man.

Where's Amani?

I know where he lives.

He lives around there. Let go man.

Can't believe he snitched and told them where I lived

Now his brother's there and only mom's at the crib

You wanna have a few shots?

Say no more.

Just wanted to scare his brother a little bit I wasn't gonna use it

Why don't you stop my mom from finding it in my room?


What is that?

Tried to take the gun back, but my boy wasn't home, and when I got back. No one answered the door or the phone

Mom was so mad that she struggled to breathe. I tried to convince them and put her at ease and...

They didn't even help me when the neighbors called the police

Open the door!


What's this? What's this? Huh?

On their own son.

What kind of love is that from my dad and mum?

I've never been so scared God, but you obviously didn't care, God.

I was 15 years old


I spent a night in a cold police cell. Judge told me I could have gone to jail for seven years, you know

And that's seven years after bail, community service. What?

Community service, who?

You could help me bust case if he wanted me to but you weren't there

You let my parents send me to that care home

You knew the type of things that I'd see. I had all the freedom in the world

But nothing I aspired to be. You left me isolated. Let me meet that older when my mind was jaded

He told me come consc make some serious cash

Selling heroin to addicts now. I'm wrapping up crack

How old are you?

Don't worry about it.

How old are you?

Yeah, you stay there

So, I jumped on the grind. Hiding rocks in my mouth. Licking shops around town til I had the keys to a house

But that freedom wasn't real. So many dangers to avoid. I was moving like a man, but inside I was still a boy.

Guess that life wasn't for me man. My heart wasn't in it

Trust me, you can fake being bad, because I tried to wing it.

I started reflected on the man I wanted to be. I soon saw there was no future for the life I was trying to lead.

I needed a change of surroundings to follow a new path.

So, I took a leap of faith in search of a fresh start.


It's Amani.

I headed back to London, with my head hung low.

Mum and dad gave me a second chance. An opportunity to grow, and I was grateful.

We laid all our cards on the table.

You've got way too much potential.

Yeah hear you dad

I'm willing to make the sacrifices to stay out of trouble, and I did my best.

Started again with a brand new mind listening to leaders. I found a real passion of mine. Studied it with greats.

Became who I wanted to be.

Separated from the crowd because they weren't real friends for me.

I started a property business. Bare calls every day.

Hearin', no set me back, but it didn't stand in my way.

Find a route around it. There was no doubt about it. Hit the phone till I found it, and my reward was the houses.

I found a beautiful girl. Great mom for my kids.

She helped me become a better man. Pick me up when I slipped.

You ever heard...

early birds catch the most worms?

So, I managed my time, and I learned to fly my own terms.

Good daily disciplines was the key to all of my wins. I took everything I knew when I used it to get me in... any door.

I remember my mentor always said that when you get knocked down never get too comfortable on the ground.

I practice that and it taught me something... to believe in myself and to always keep fighting

I even started to rebuild with my family.

Things were going so well, God.

Till you let that brother stab me.

Honey. Do you remember that woman that was talking about how she'd never buy tea there?


Well guess who just sold their first house?

Oh my God, I'm so proud of you. I did say I said in the beginning that you'd be able to do it.

No, we - we just sold our first house.


Leave him alone, man.

Shut up, fam!

Who you calling, man? Who's man?

I ain't got time for these game.

You think this is a game, bruv? What's your name, bruv?

Don't school my youngji like that or I'll wack you in your face, blood. What's your name, bruv? What's your name, fam?

I'm a bigger man for you.

This guys getting cheeky, you know.

You're bigger man for me, though blood?

Bigger man? What's your name, bruv?

Why you wanna know my name?

I just wanna know who's -

Amani, blood. What? Move -

Amani, yeah?

Thought you looked familiar, you know.

Chatting about bullying people. You that robbed my brother back in the day. Hey good.

Come on, man. Who's your little brother?

Kado blood, tell me you don't remember Kado.

Little Kado.

That was years ago big man

Bruv, man thinks that makes a difference, but we could have been 20 years ago.

But you robbed my little brother and listen man's still mad.

Stop holding my head.

Or what?

Is this your son?

I promise you, love. He's not leaving.

You mad, cuz? What my brother, yeah?

You punch me, yeah?

That's enough!

Get off of me.

Rest in peace.

Don't know if you're real, God.

Will I restart in this place or see your face and a real God?

What I do know is that I find it hard to believe, but I'm tired of failing and tripping up over my feet.

I'm not ready to leave.

Please give me another chance to achieve and succeed because I haven't finished becoming the man I wanted to be. I've never been married.

I never have a son.

I'll never have the opportunity to give back to my mom. You know how much that kills me?

Another r.i.p. t-shirt. Another waste of potential.

Have the whole borough at my funeral. Not because they love me, but because it's essential. I don't want it!

I'll never leave a legacy, now.

What would they say about me? Another troubled young man with no uni degree left out to die on these cold London streets.

And that's facts.


I don't accept that.

I'm not ready to die.

How can I stand for something but still be fighting for my life? I need a second chance card.

This can't be the end of my time.

I've tried it my way and it's landed me here. I want to try this faith road where it's only you that I fear.

I want to follow your guidance this time.

Please draw near me.

Ain't got much fight left and I'm starting to feel weary.

I'll conquer my fears and have your power flowing through me. I hold my hands up high and say God you can use me.

I'll finish what I started and I'll be more positive. I promise it.

I'll stare kids of this path and be the role model they need. I'll create a new ark and empower their dreams.

I didn't fulfill my purpose, man. Why was I so blind?

This bad-boy image leads to nothing but pain. I feel so empty inside so cold.

All the things I could have achieved of my abilities and all the beautiful places. I'll never get to see.

I just need one more chance to make you proud Heavenly Father. Give me that second chance.


After I got stabbed and I was rushed to hospital and on the way there my mom jumped in the ambulance and was praying and like

you know Lord saved my son and um...

And basically when she left the ambulance, I kind of had this almost very surreal

conversation with God, and I said if I get another chance to live my life, I'll turn it around out

You know do some inspirational projects and I'll make sure that young people stay away from the negative ways that I went.

Hey, my name's Amani Simpson.

Thank you for watching. My story.

I just wanted to use this moment to

send a message to the world. There's been a lot of talk recently about

young people and their aspirations and this rise in new violence.

And so I really want to speak to young people and just encourage you. Growing up's not easy. As you've seen from my story

but I just really want to empower you to make positive decisions for your future.

You know, there's loads of stories like mine and you know, probably even more impactful than mine.

And we've got a responsibility to those coming after us to learn

and return. Off the back of this we're going to be going into schools and doing workshops with

people referral units in prisons, etc.

And I just really really hope that this is part of the change that the world needs.

So, if you want more information about the workshops we're doing

you can visit our website at the Aveyard website. All the information is there and you can follow my journey on Instagram.

But again, thank you for watching and

God bless.

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