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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Score 9 Band In IELTS Speaking Test? Lesson 01 - IELTS Exam Training & Coaching Lesson Series

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Hey, hey what's up everyone? Thank you for clicking in and watching this video that can

change the way you prepare for your IELTS exam. So how is this video going to change

the way you do that? Well because it's your IELTS exam, you need to know what are the

different ways you are going to be scored and that is what I'm gonna help you with.

Now guess who recently gave their IELTS test? Yes! That's right, I got an overall score

of 8.5 with a 9 and speaking and that's why I'm here to tell you that whatever score you

want to attain, you can because I'm going to show you how to do that. So make sure you

stick with me until the end. Now this video is sponsored by the Cambly app which helps

you speak with native English tutors from all around the world 24/7. This app is going

to be really helpful with your IELTS preparation, because believe it or not it played a huge

role in helping me score an 8.5 and later on I will also give you a little demo of how

to use this app and effectively prepare for the IELTS test. Okay, so coming back to the

video, let me begin with thespeaking moduleof the IELTS test. Now you need to know the

main things that the examiner looks for when scoring you. So let me tell you, there are

four main criteria that you will be marked upon, to get a good score in the speaking

test. I'm gonna deal with just two in this video and then the others in the following

videos which are a part of the IELTS series that I am doing. Okay then, the first two

criteria that you are marked upon are, number one, “lexical varietyand number two

pronunciation”. Let's talk about lexical variety first, what is it well? It refers

tovariety in vocabulary’. You have to explain concepts by using words that show,

that you have a varied and rich vocabulary. For example, if the examiner poses a question

saying, ‘talk about a piece of art that you have made?’ Now this question can be

answered in various ways, but I would say something like, ‘I love to create my own

artorI develop designs based on a certain conceptor I can also say, ‘I

chalk out some pretty interesting drawings based on my mood’. Did you notice I used

words like, ‘create’, ‘design’, ‘developandchalk out’? All these words are the

synonyms of the word, ‘make’. So when I use many words of the same meaning, it shows

that I have great command over my English and great vocabulary, right? So make sure

that you don't restrict yourself to a few words. Show the examiner that you have a variety

in your vocabulary, that's what lexical variety is all about. Alright, so moving on to the

second criteria the examiner will also pay attention topronunciation”. Yes, knowing

words is not enough. You also need to know how to pronounce these words like a native

speaker, right? As English is not our first language we tend to make common pronunciation

mistakes for example instead of saying, ‘pri-fur’, a lot of people say, ‘preh-fur’. I prefer

ice cream, it's prefer, I prefer ice cream notpreh-fur’. Well there are also words

like pleasure where people mispronounce it and say, ‘ple-jur’, ‘ple-jur’, people

don't know how to pronounce thezhsound, thezhsound. So it'sple-zhr

and notple-jur’. There are some people say, there are some people who say apologize,

mm-hmm that's not right it's apologize. So this time around I want to show you how you

can use the Cambly app to prepare really well for the IELTS exam because this app has many

IELTS trainers. So now I want to show you how you can use it as a tool to score well

as far as vocabulary variety or lexical variety and pronunciation is concerned, okay? So I

have a few questions that I have prepared as per the IELTS speaking module and I have

made answers for it. Now I have deliberately made sentences where the pronunciation of

words may be a little wrong or it may have very average English but that way we will

see how a Cambly tutor can reframe the answer by helping us with better vocabulary and teach

us the right pronunciation, are you ready? Let's try it out… “Alright, So, I see,

youre from India…” “Yes, I am from India and Im actually an English teacher

myself and I would like to show my students how amazing the Cambly app is, especially

those who are trying to prepare for their IELTS exam, so…” “Hi, can you see me?”

Soyes well our viewers can see you, so um, I've prepared a few questions, which

are normally asked in the IELTS speaking module and I've prepared answers which are very average

English, I would however like for you to reframe those answers so that we can show our students

how they can improve their vocabulary and pronunciation, okay?” “Understood, Sure.”

Okay, so here's the first question, if the first question was, what kinds of food

do you like and why?” “If my answer was like this, I like homemade food but I also

like Japanese food like sushi and Italian food like Pizza because it is tasty.” “Is

there a better way to rephrase that?” “So on Cambly I often recommend is the students

to a little bit of practice using synonyms, because words like tasty, words like um, beautiful

words like wonderful are often used and standardized test like the IELTS exam makes a lot of sense

to try and use different vocabulary and expanded vocabulary, so um, I try to give some of the

students additional and also what I would do is, try to encourage students to limit

phrases like, ‘like’”. “Okay not use the wordlikethen, is there a synonym

likethen? Is there another word forlike’? “So we would say something like,

I enjoy’, I prefer’, ‘I would select’, ‘I would choose…’” “Okay that, that's

a good option that you've given me.” “How about the pronunciation, I mean how do you

say Pizza correctly?” “I don't think I'm pronouncing it right…” “But I take a

word likepizzaand I break it up and in English we actually say, ‘peet-zaa

that is how its actually said, ‘peet-zaa’” “With theTsound likepeet-zaa

okay great, I've got another question if I were to ask, ‘where do you live?’ and

if the answer was well, ‘I live in a big city which is very crowded with different

people’” “If you really want to blow somebody away, you can say, ‘I reside…’

you could say, I reside in a city which is smaller than a major city like New York city

but, it is larger than a smaller city such as Goa or something like that.” “Okay

like make those comparisons, oh I think that's very smart.” “Thats a very good way

of doing it.” “How about saying crowded with different people?” “I mean Im

sure theres a better way to say that.” “We would probably, I think it would depend

on what is meant by the worddifferentbecause we do say things like, people with

different skin colour, or different culture or city that has majority females as oppose

to males, it all different ways to it. Theres many ways that you could actually specify

what is meant by the worddifferentso I would encourage students to try and expand

on that word and explain what they mean by it.” “Okay so I could simply say people

from different backgrounds maybe” “Yes people from different background who…”

Who are doing something…, okay great, well that's amazing thank you so much for

explaining that to me in detail and I will definitely share this clip with everybody

my viewers and my students in class and I'm sure they'll get a lot more than they expected,

you are wonderful Shannon, thank you so much, you have a nice day, you too, byeSo did

you just see how easy it was to use the Cambly app and how you can practice for the IELTS

exam with experienced native English speakers. Well guys this app is not free but, what you

could always do is take a trial before you purchase a package so that you understand,

how to use the app and get first-hand experience of these trainers. The trial is available

only for $ 3.00 or if you're watching it from India you just have to pay Rs. 199 and you

can speak for ten minutes to these experienced trainers and of course if you like the app

you can always purchase a monthly or a six monthly or even a yearly package as per your

requirement. Okay so to avail of this offer please click the link in the description of

this video you will definitely see how amazing it is and then please let me know in the comments

about how your experience was as far as using this app is concerned. Remember you can speak

good English if you constantly speak with native English speakers. So I wish you all

the best to score amazingly well in the speaking module. I'm gonna be back with some more lessons

but before I go, please like the video, subscribe to our channel and click on the bell icon.

I'll see you soon with some more videos, you take care, bye.

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