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Hi YouTube!

A lot of people were asking you coming back!

Today you are going to listen to my favorite song!

of Nightwish

This is our first time listening to Nightwish together

I know that you had listened to Nightwish before

but not with Floor Jansen

the new singer

Ghost Love Score is my favorite song of all times

The lyric is beautiful

Maybe is long

to me is perfect

but to other people can be a little long

For me, I want more !!

I recorded before with 2 of my best friends

They were tired

They are Cubans, you know how Cubans like me are

Their reaction wasn't well-received

I didn't like the way some comments were focused

They don't like it the way I passionate do

or maybe like you that loves this kind of music

But I think we must be tolerantly

If the first time somebody listens to something

and they are open to do it

The way they do

If the first thing you do

when somebody goes to you

Share and watch something with you

and don't like it in the way you expect

If you criticize for it then they will never like it

I am sure they had fun

I will invite both to other video

because I love them

And I don't care if they don't like Nightwish the way I do

I don't think is disrespectful to the band

that they don't react the way I would love it

they like it

they react different

we are from a different culture

well, let's do it

I know you will love this song

I am super excited to see your reaciton

She knows how to do it !!!

this is my favorite part of the lyric

What do you think about the ending?

That's what I love the song because it has differents climax

A very calm beginning

with innocence

then it turns intense

The end was added by Floor Jansen

Es como un amor imposible

Thanks to you!


Recommend us new songs !

Sorry for my other friends

if you were offended

in the other video

I don't want nobody to feel offended

because the way they reacted

They read a lot of the comments

and they are very close to me

and some comments hurt them

Friendship is more than a song

or a band

It's hard to say it for me because I am a Nightwish superfan

I think if we must give more love

they will get closer to metal

that if we were very fanatical

and we attack for not thinking the same

The sexy said it !!!

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