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Are you ready for a new Dutch journey?

I'm Martijn and your host in and around Eindhoven.

It was DukeHendrik I of Brabantwho grantedcity rightstoEindhoven in 1232.

Today, Eindhoven is thefifth-largest cityin theNetherlands...

... located in the south of the country and well known as the city of innovation.

Over 130 years ago,Philips brought light to Eindhoven.

The companytransformed the city into a vibrant industrial success story.

The city is in a constant flow of new developments in the fields of creativity, innovation, technology, design, and knowledge.

In this Eindhoven Travel Guide... I show you the best attractions, places to shop and stay...

.... this sky-bar and everything in between.

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From Amsterdam you can be in Eindhoven in just over an hour by train.

You arrive here at this beautiful and unique building The Central Station.

Its built in 1956 and it has often been claimed that it bears similarities with a transistor radio of that time.

But the funny thing is that such a radio never existed.

An other way to arrive is by plane on Eindhoven Airport with direct connections from all over Europe.

I'm here in the "Down Town" area and "Emma district". Let's start to explore the center of Eindhoven.

Here on the "18 September square".

Here you find this blob and the light tower.

"The Blob" is a futuristic building and was designed by an Italian architect.

It's 25 meters high, covered in steel and glass.

It stands shoulder to shoulder with the 'Philips light tower.

In this Light tower, Philips's light bulbs were tested for life-hours.

This made the iconic building light up 24 hours a day.

This area is also great for shopping.

You will find all the big brands in this neighborhood.

In a moment you see the best place for a drink and this cool museum.

But first we are near the Catherina church. An impressive church in the center of the city.

This is not the first church on this place, because the old church became to small.

That's the reason they built a new church...

...between 1861 and 1867.

The price for the construction in these days was 126.000 euros.

At this time, that's nothing. I think you get one or maybe two parking spots in Amsterdam for that at the moment.

In 1972, this church became a national monument.

From here you are the "Stratumseind".

This is a street with 52 bars!

Actually it's the street with the most bars in The Netherlands.

Another place to visit is the "Kleine Berg".

This is more a place to socialize with a drink.

Eindhoven is the city of light. So its not strange that you visit a real light experience.

Its called Motion. Let light move and people do exactly the same. That's what they say.

This is a nice but also weird experience, because light is following you.

Hi Fleur.

Why should you visit this museum?

Well there are a lot of museums in Eindhoven.

But this is a one of a kind museum.

It's all about light and you can be part of the light art instead of just looking at it.

That's the fun part to visit "Motion".

This is certainly a good place if you want to give your life some color.

Only by pushing this button you can change it to all the colors you want.

For my stay here I booked a room in the "Pullman Eindhoven Cocagne" hotel.

For me its easy to navigate around town from here, because the hotel is in the city center and close to the Central Station.

With spa and gym facilities and a parking area for guests.

If you want to pay attention to a better environment this hotel is good choice...

... because it has the "GREEN KEY GOLD LABEL".

It is an international quality mark for sustainable companies.

And dont forget the Brabantse gemoedelijkheid..

This is also a Dutch course this video ;-)

It means the Brabantse geniality... with a 5 star service.

And yes I have to thank some Instagram friends. For example Kasper, Eliane, Noud en Timo...

... for there advise to visit this place. The "Down Town Gourmet Market".

It's a food market, gathering around 20 shops together under one roof.

And then it goes from a variety of street food, to high cuisine and dishes from all around the world.

I recommend you when you visit this place in the spring or summer to sit outside on the terrace.

In Spanish I say "buen provecho"... In Dutch "eet smakelijk".

This food looks delicious.

If you want to see some industrial heritage, then you have to visit "Strijp S".

In the past this was 'the forbidden city', because it was only accessible to Philips employees.

Today, the old factories are transformed into cool shops and nice food spots.

Just like the Meatpacking District in New York.

And I'm with Bjrn. Hi Bjrn and welcome to "Martijn Around The World".

What are you making here at Intelligentia Taste Rooms?

Of course we are famous about our homemade artisanal ice cream.

But we also making chocolate, pastry and afternoon tea.

You are top 5 listed in the Netherlands with the best ice cream restaurants I believe.

We are. You are now visiting one of the top 5 best ice cream restaurants of the Netherlands.

But we also did won the "Golden Ice Cream" competition last year. So we are still Dutch champion.

That must be a tasty competition ;-)

What's your key to succes?

I think the sharing of love, but also the translation of the concept into products.

With food design or with technology. I think that is making the difference with the other ice cream partners of The Netherlands.

Beside "Stripe S" you can also visit "Stripe R", just another part of this neighborhood.

This area is home too many designers here in Eindhoven, for example Piet Hein Eek. This is his store.

And Eindhoven is the design capitol of The Netherlands for many years.

The origins go back to the days when Philips needs for industrial designers surged.

Design Academy, a first in The Netherlands was founded in 1955.

The creative people who where brought too Eindhoven by Philips required deeper visibility.

This then led to the well known Dutch Design Week.

The largest design event in Northern Europe with work and concepts from more than 2,600 designers.

In a moment you know where you can find the best street art here in town...

... but first I show you the "Van Abbemuseum". Not ABBA museum.. "Van Abbemuseum".

This museum was founded in 1936 and is one of the most prestigious museums for modern art.

With an international collection of more than 2,700 works of art, including works by Dijkstra, Mondriaan and Picasso.

The original building was renovated and extended in 2003.

Please check the link in the text below to book your tickets.

I told you this before... Dutch cities are not that big and the best way to see a lot is to walk.

Also here to the "Woensel-West" neighborhood.

In the past this area used to be known for its problems such as prostitution and crime.

So when you ask me... "Martijn where are you taking me today?"

I'm taking you to a neighborhood that is changed over the years to a vibrant and creative part.

With the best street art in town.

Of course I try to show you some unique places in Eindhoven and this certainly one of them.

One of my favorites. A rooftop bar with an amazing view around town. The "Vane Skybar".

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