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nicky jam today is one of the most influential artists of the genre

their collaborations and urban figures concerts confirmed

I do not feel on top, I feel blessed, because I do not like much as heard ¨the top¨

I'm in the best moment of my career

and I feel I can do much more

But I try to focus

and keep working because the pressure is What will you release now?

try to focus musically rather than the numbers I know that we are doing good numbers

but I have an approach that if I do good music these numbers are increasing

and It has been for three or four years ... He received in 2015, a Latin Grammy for his song forgiveness

This year he won in seven categories in Latin Billboard awards and

youtube ranks first in the urban genre with more than 6 million

subscribers on his channel

each item exceeds every other issue, the views are increasing, being an urban artist of reggaeton

and says an artist of reggaeton at age 35

with 10 years of absence, God is great

although in the past this Puerto Rican had already made music

It was just over five years ago and practically from scratch that began

to write their success story and Medellin was the second chance

in my career

I feel it is my home feel is the city who taught me to be the artist that I am today

I love Medellín so much

I fell like Im a colombian

Around Nicky Jam it was consolidating a

team which from the beginning believed in him ... All are Colombians

They made me a good businessman

my manager made me tremendous businessman, I have only one from Puerto Rico he is my chef

he studied with me

I have a chef to control my diet

and my health

Nicky Jam has collaborated with great artists

in different genres

Silvestre, Mana

Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, I'm a fan of these artists

Are they those who seek you?

I say this humbly, yes they have sought me

They like my energy ... But among the public, especially women

good music works perfectly accompanied by good attitude

and Nicky Jam get it ... you feel sexy, attractive? ... yeah right Im sexy

I do not know what is the concept of sexy for people

but for me being sexy is be yourself

natural and spontaneous

I have my flow

my flow from Puerto Rico and Colombia

And to finish the sexy Nicky Jam gave us a preview of his next song

It's called The Lover, opens on 15 January

the cd also in January called El Fenix

And the movie opens with Vin Diesel

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