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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Types of CICHLIDS Species - Sweet Cichlid Species Show

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what's up fish tank people Dustin's fish tanks bringing it to you

on a Sunday baby how's everybody doing I hope you're doing well this is the being

film the day before Sunday but you don't care it's still going to be a good video

species Sunday that I'm going to show you all this is the first time ever

they've had this at the aquatic experience they're doing a doing a like

show your fish off contest River the ACA has done these all the time so it's

nothing new there but trying to weed my way around here so what everybody does

is they register their own fish and it gets judged and I don't know how its

judged or whatever and I don't really know all these species I know a few of

them pretty well so I'm pretty pumped to be showing you this because this is

people's like home pets that are kept in their own little stuff and people are

raising them to be beautiful I'm going to turn around this way so you can see

it so like and this is this is a bitch because you have to bring your your fish

or like I brought my cherries or whatever you have to bring them but yet

to bring using your own water or mix theirs or whatever so it's not an easy

thing it's not easy to make your fish look good so I'm going to shut up and

now I'm going to talk a lot about this piece of I'm going to show you a lot of

really cool fish so check it out and drop me a comment if you know about what

these fish are what minute mark and if you've kept them or anything like that

to make the video better because I don't know all these fish but they're going to

be sick let's roll as I have my cup of coffee do these are


oh hi Ellie yes get over here Oh Gary Gary Lang walks into CC Sunday

couldn't be better man how the hell are you pretty good this is y'all that's my

dude you just walked into a booby trap tell me about some species watch what's

a small appear so I love that fish in reg in mine up my next life when I'm

reincarnated I'm come back and do Central American cichlids when you read

chlorinated you come back do that how great is it - Gary likes walked it all

right so are Gary you like that fish look at look at the teeth on that thing

he might not have them just yet but when they get bigger they look like posses

let me hold some shit up you I mean all right so we'll keep walking with me Gary

what do you got what we'll show right here okay see the rhythm Gus yeah I see

that what do you think of that fish that's

very nice what is it it's sick with some offense Thayer I'm sorry I got I got it

yeah okay they change penis hole slowly walk over with me Gary I'm going to walk

over the night I don't know and yeah well I don't either but this is a lazy

species Sunday we're all I'm going to do is walk around and show off a lot of

good fish and if people know they're going to leave a comment and I don't

know have to stick with Julie because we've talked at all that's a nice man -

Gwen see now I know about that fish that's a beautiful fish he's a little

small too but the dad damn I wish my Blair wasn't in here

people could see this fish better he's got all he looks like a damn bass yeah

that's enough is that a manic when - yeah that's manic words

oh whoa that's Alexis wolf that's wrong I'm sorry that's why different what

about this Geo Vegas down euro by that's I should know better than whatever

what's this this is a Geo Pegasus sometimes that's a cool first right talk

down close to the camera if you know the fish this is a great fisherman a get up

your ears step up Haiti answer sets a cool fish

there Katy ANSYS yeah hate from Haiti so he's they're supposed to have that bent

look I always look at those and think they're old something's wrong so that's

the look that's that's that's what that is a cool fish that's what Ron George

Young told me he's a fish was good so okay

he knows his sickles so that's supposed to have that it looks doesn't look bad I

mean it doesn't look like it's funky you know it definitely arched but he's not

happy but how could it be those are cool fish

Ultron's not not doing what an old trucks

supposed to do what are they supposed to do we'll be right in the middle of tank

looking like that okay well I mean I was I started this video by telling people

like it's so hard to bring your own fish to a thing and expect them to look cool

you know naked on display like but if they do good for them that's what

sickling shoot up real silly mister let's go look at some some fish the

weeds that we know a little better inside of here here you know some of

this you do you'd come back is Gary Lang the rainbow man we come back - oh that's

a beautiful G of agus that's why I want that what is that a new variety really

fairly new or not variety but your species Wow Wayne Miller

that's a beautiful but I would keep that in a heartbeat that's gorgeous wine

Miller okay wow that's badass

and then yeah I want to get over to the angels but we're going to give some

Oscar some credit here little Africans for all that real fair here's a real

parrot cichlid not the crappy one a real parrot I like actually came up through

that let's call the parents

that's a real one that's not across or any others that's the real and where's

that from South America yeah you know central south and they get big like that

sometimes they go hey Gary do me a favor walk on this side with me

are you ever kept any suburbs anything like that I haven't kept severums nope

okay what this is a display fish from Siegrist so that's lonely there's a see

now listen that's a three months old all of them three month old all to me

they're supposed to be 18 inches tall well I know a guy Eric that's a baby my

buddy Eric has some of these in show I feel bad I don't know which one his are

but both of these are very good dude or their baby tiny they should be literally

18 inches from gorgon inches tall yeah and you've seen who has who hasn't like

that obviously I've seen him here who can I get on video with those the guy in

Minnesota had I'm and he had a like a 900 gallon aquarium that Jerry Walker so

I was ready bro he 9 I got a clarity broke broke that's about 30 of them in

there so 30 of them is were only about 15

the discus Lisa I got a guy talking to me about bringing some discus out to

California I've never kept them I he's I said if you manage them in the tank

let's do it but I'm computer kept distance Gary now

I've never kinda bothered with him No like I like for challenging the fish


there you go what's this - booty call alright Buddha what do you

know about this visionary it's if that's a baby that's a baby yeah they may be

about 12 14 inches in 12 inches something again they're mean it's not me

they're really really cool do you see any others as we peer around Gary that

you might all it says look for the ribbons there's always got the OnPoint

advice look for the ribbons that's so what is but why I don't know why this is

a ribbon fish though like what is it sure oh it's one of the

West Africa smell the gorillas

trying to get a better shot give them enough space I mean you're territorial

we have this here of the deal with them right

the fish isn't happy that's a really pretty fish yeah I've seen those I think

Bob growl might have something like that yeah I'm yeah I'm begging them I know

let's see what's over here

we're African people yeah I mean they got the great colors

back into the Seekers ah let's go back to the award winners unless you see

something you really want to talk about that's not scripted folks guys are

this guy's as always ha ha what arla from Madagascar that's a fantastic oh

you should be one of those it does I'm blanking on his name

DBT has something similar yes so that's that one there I would buy that complete

garage that's cool they get the real big eyes squeak your eyes

oh wow they've got a lot of them holy cow they all sold the world truck

everybody okay sure good bag while they're doing a good job of doing it

right because those are a little bit on the small side as you can see from Steve

yeah well whatever


whoa what is that over there so I want to show these guys off because they are

really cool I got I'll link up the video at some point of us DVDs one of these

it's got this insane mouth that's like our eyes and like it just bug eye

there's one fish in the tank I'm going to give this fish some cred Gary what is

this bad boy I should know this and it's flower home you know rod now they don't

know but it's pretty cool looking now how much dick looks very know well we we

know we know a few guys that's a small one

let's go find more ribbon fish there's a big one over there I'm going to take off

Gary give the man a proper thank you thank you Gary walking in random vulgar

thing you didn't he didn't even like she just walked up and started talking to me

that's great he hasn't even stepped in so Gary Lang in the house so I love

these shows so yeah you said look for the ribbons almost show somewhere hey

dude which one of your fish Eric oh man what's that bro doing you're gonna get

on me all right I didn't know you're rapping at your specie Sunday today oh I

am this is on flower right bring it what are we bringing today with the Alton's

bro awesome he's been rocking a brunoise but here's a silverfish member for a

while know about his tanks love him yeah what did you trade give me the whole

story these I bought about Kelly sighs I have a hive one died right then donated

to to a cancer funding thing yeah and they're great fish which way are they

what do you keep them in what kind of parameters what kind of water want you

to point your fish bro get up here this fish dude you're winning with it I think

this is a male I think this female do you think that you're not going to win

all this category much got it in the bag dude there's really a lot on Asian sighs

dude guys I'll keep my 55 with regular tap water that I cut with water from my

dehumidifier oh yeah um you don't use our else now what's the what's the

hardness what's the idea of our heart my GH is off to cut off the charts in a

chap water in Chicago so if for a while I had the pH at about six

and then I moved into a bigger tank and I haven't really worried about that and

they've done really well so what interesting edges they're probably just

under seven give you six six six seven and they've really started to color up

the last couple months with that blue what do you think of tributes that blue

does it is sort of just getting older are you feeding or anything different

well I know I feel a lot of drip frozen stuff just good flakes lady whatever

I've got them in with some discus now and how's that going the discus actually

bullied them were the dominant discus was pulling them a little bit but

they're doing good before I donated the other two these two were more dominant

than the other two so I thought maybe they pair off but uh good luck with that

it's impossible more do you have any idea where they're from I know there are

Brazil you just said wild-caught I don't know they didn't give a description as

to where they were caught when I bought in this year have to feed anything crazy

when you're gone no they were already eating I made sure that they're eating

that's awesome I tried to do a mix of pellet flake and frozen they don't

really like the pellets no don't eat them if they're real hungry

but they prefer flake or and then I have some libraries that are keeping with

them so they can have a chase everyone's talking about once in my lab get some

really high food yeah no foolin yeah that's awesome I'm pretty excited

species son Eric's gonna win that whatever hope everybody if you can make

it out to the pot experience next year just be over by the time you see this

please do if you like what I'm doing subscribe check out the videos at the

end of this thank our lady

The Description of Types of CICHLIDS Species - Sweet Cichlid Species Show