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- Hey, what's up everybody?

So, since I started this channel,

the number one thing I hear comments

about or the thing that you've been requesting

has been all about my skincare routine.

So today is the day.

Thank you so so much for all the love that you've shown me.

All the flattering comments.

Today we're gonna talk all things skincare.

And what my daytime routine is when I get up in the morning.

These are all the things I use.

Check it out.

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I love beauty products.

I can be like a hoarder.

If I open this drawer right now

I have way too many beauty products.

You do not wanna see under my sink.

I could up a drugstore.

Like a toiletries section.

But I have learned over the years that I have incredibly

sensitive skin and I can't use just anything.

So instead of freaking out that my face is bright red

and I have bumps all over it because I went and tried

a million different products,

I now stick to the same things

and most of it is specifically for sensitive skin.

So when I wake up in the morning I like to use

iS Clinical face wash.

It's the cleansing complex.

And I love this so much mainly because it is very gentle

on my skin but at the same time it removes any build up

from some of the night creams I could have put on

the night before or makeup as well.

So I love love love this.

I actually found out about this from Shani Darden

who's an incredible esthetician here in L.A.

And she told me about this when I found out

that I had rosacea.

She told me that it was gonna be perfect for me

and gentle enough.

Love love love her for that.

But if we're keeping it real,

sometimes I do go to sleep with my makeup on.

And even if you wash it off sometimes your skin

still feels dull so I like to wake my face up in the morning

if I've slept with makeup on by using a light gentle scrub.

Again, specifically for sensitive skin.

I don't play that.

My face will be like (roars) why did you do this to me?

So my favorite is by Lancer who's an incredible

dermatologist in Beverly Hills.

And this is called the method polish.

And again, it is specifically for sensitive,

dehydrated skin.

I also have really dry skin.

And that happened when I moved here to L.A.

I use to not always have dry skin but then I got out here

to the desert and there's no humidity in the air people.

So, my skin has gotten dry over the years.

And this is perfect for that.

So I use this to take off my makeup.

But you guys, oh my God, the cost effective version of this

that I actually have in my shower at my dressing room

at The Real is Aveeno's positively radiant

skin brightening daily scrub.

Which I love as well.

This is a great affordable version to the Dr. Lancer.

So I'm the kind of girl that washes my face

in the shower every morning.

I don't know if you guys use the sink.

I get really weird about that with the water

running down my elbows.

So I jump in the shower in the morning,

wash and exfoliate my face, and then when I get out,

I'm on to my lip scrub.

Which I personally love love love.

French Girl's rose lip polish.

How cute is this?

You know I love anything French.

They got me with the name: French Girl.

But the product is actually really dope.

And I also love anything that is rose infused.

So this is their rose lip polish and I'm gonna show you

how to use it.

Because this part I can show you

because I'm not naked in the shower, you feel me?

(clicks tongue)

It's a PG-13 YouTube channel.

Okay, so I wish we had smell-o-vision

so you could smell how amazing this smells.


So you just grab a little bit just like this.

And place it on your lips.

I'm a super freak about having smooth soft lips.

Again, this is a gentle scrub because again,

my lips are also very sensitive.

Scrub any skin off your lips.

This is really important especially

when you're gonna put lipstick on when you're prepping

your face to put on makeup.

This is a super important part especially if you're wearing

matte lipstick or you have been wearing matte lipstick

because that tends to really dry out your lips.

So this is going to infuse moisture back into them.

Slough off any dead skin and now you've got the perfect

surface to apply your new lipstick for the day.

Grab a washcloth and then you're just gently

going to wipe away the scrub.

Oh my God, why does that taste so good though?

Do not eat the scrub.

Like me.

So just like that.



Okay guys, moving right along.

Now that my lips have been scrubbed,

now it's time to moisturize them.

I believe in the old tried and true.

Good ol' Carmex.

I know like this is super old school.

Good old drugstore find.

But I love love love it.

I love the fact that it's got that tingle factor to it.

It feels amazing to me and I always have one of these

by my nightstand and in my purse.

Carmex for the win.

So you're gonna put some of that on there.

I also feel like the slight tingle and burn that Carmex has

also creates a nice little flushed look on your lips.

I tend to feel like my lips are gray.

So I feel like when I add Carmex it makes them

a little red looking.

I'm sure that's because they're being irritated

but whatever, it feels great.

I feel like Carmex almost has a lip plumping factor to it.

So now that I've got that on there,

I'm just gonna let that soak in.

And now that my lips are moisturized,

now it's time to prep the skin.

I like to using the Caudelie beauty elixir.

You guys, this smells incredible.

It smells like what wakes up your skin.

We all can't figure out what it smells like.

We've tested, nobody could figure out.

It's like eucalyptus, tea tree oil smelling peppermint

morning vibes but it's the perfect thing

to wake up your skin in the morning.

Love it.

And they also a travel size version of this at Sephora.

That I like to travel and take on the plane with me as well.

So love love love this stuff.

Shake it up.

It actually has a little layer of oil on the top

that you wanna mix.

So shake it and then you're just going to...

Spray it just like that.

Say hello, good morning world, yes, my skin's waking up.

Oh, that feels so good.

We're not gonna add our moisturizer.

I heard this trick from somewhere.

I can't exactly where I read this but you should always

put your moisturizer on when your skin is slightly damp.

It actually helps absorb and lock in the moisture.

So I like to use, this is oh,

my favorite favorite moisturizer ever.

It is Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer.

It's for all skin types.

What I love most about this is I went through

a really really hard time where my skin

was being irritated by every single thing I put.

Literally, my skin burned if I put like anything on it.

So it took me awhile to find something that didn't irritate

my skin but still kept it really really moisturized

and dewy and that's when I found

good old Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer.

My favorite.

And this also comes in a travel size that I carry as well.

I like to put a lot of moisturizer on so about that much.

Rub it in my hands together.

Get in there like this.

Get around my mouth and my nose.

My dry areas.

All the way up to my forehead.

Make sure you get your neck as well.

You're always supposed to do your neck in an upward motion.

Yeah, okay.

Oh, this feels so good.

Take time to show your skin some love.

Get in there.

As I've gotten older I now understand the importance of SPF

and I have found a product that I love love love

because even though you put makeup on on top

of obviously your moisturizer and your SPF,

sometimes the SPF still has that white pasty look to it

that still comes through from under your makeup.

Which is why I'm obsessed with Glossier's invisible shield.

When I went on vacation with family to the Cayman Islands,

everyone else was walking around

with like literally white faced.

It looked insane.

Covered in SPF and like sunblock.

And I was poppin'.

I was just you know, using my invisible shield.

Walking around, minding my business.

And it works and I love it.

And also was in what's in my beach bag episode.

So if you didn't check that out, check that out.

Okay, so here we go.

So now I'm just gonna put two pumps of that right there

just like that.

I like to mainly focus on the areas where I know I get sun.

For instance, my cheeks and my forehead

are like my main focus.

I'm just gonna really make sure that I got it on there

and anything else that's leftover I'll add

but I really wanna focus on the bridge of my nose.

I never used to wear SPF like ever and I have learned

the importance of it not just for youthful skin

but for health purposes.

Even if it's a cloudy day outside.

Even in the middle of winter, you should always wear SPF.

So glad I found this product

that I love and now I am officially an SPF user.



On to the next.

Now that the moisture is all locked in,

now we're gonna de-puff.

I love love using, God, I say little a lot.

Love love love.

Ugh, love love love.

Since you guys have been commenting that I say

love love love a lot, I'm switching it up here.

Girl, I like like like this right here.

This like like like like like like a lot.

Okay, so I really do love KnC Beauty's eye patches.

I actually used this during the Emmy Awards

when I was Emmy prepping.

I was like, look girl, you might win something today.

Even though we really didn't think we were gonna win.

You might as well show up looking like a winner.

And I used these to prep.

And first of all, can we just talk about the packaging

and how freaking cute this is.

I love this.

It is so cute.

It's like moons and it's glittery and it comes in this bag

like this and pretty much you're going to put,

it's like a moon and a star.

And I love that it's glitter and gold.

And I just add that to where your tear duct is.

And you go all the way up.

Just like that.

How cute is that?

I feel like Rainbow Brite.

Any other 80s babies remember Rainbow Brite?

I love the cooling factor of these eye patches.

They really do make you look awake and alive and take down

any puffiness you may have in the morning.

Oh, a fun tip.

If you really really want a de-puffing effect,

put these in the fridge.

When you wake up in the morning, put them on your eyes.

They have even more like decompressing effect

when they're nice and cold.

Let me put my other one on on the other side.

Make sure that you get all the juice that's in the tray too.

There's like juice in there.

You wanna make sure that you get all of that.

Get all of that good stuff.

I'm gonna place this again by your tear duct.

And just like that.

Come on, you know this is cute.

This is like Instagram able.

Okay, so these are gonna stay on my eyes and we are moving

right along to derma rolling.


I know you guys have seen these probably on social media.

This is a jade roller.

I got it on Amazon for like nine bucks.

At this point while I am de-puffing my eyes

with my KnC eye mask,

now I am going to take this out of the fridge.

Again, just a really great tip.

When it's cold it feels amazing.

So hopefully you pop these in the fridge.

They're now cooling your eyes down.

Take this out of the fridge and begin to derma roll.

Now the key is what I use this for is mainly

taking away any puffiness that I might have in my cheeks.

A lot of people will be like, oh my God,

she has fillers in her cheeks.

I don't want a fat face people.

Like that is not, I naturally have really really fat cheeks.

So this is like almost like contouring before contouring.

So I'm gonna derma roll my face

by like contouring my cheekbones up this way.

Because I don't want this to be all round.

Now that we've done derma rolling

we can now remove these patches.

But you actually should keep them on for 15-20 minutes.

Find something to do during that time.

Do your hair, scroll through IG.

Make a coffee, a smoothie.

Go for a walk.

Pick out your outfit.

This list could go on and on.

Do what you want.

Keep them on for 15-20 minutes.

At this point I'm gonna remove them just like that.

Ooh, yes.

I'm feeling oh so refreshed.

And now we are going to if you want,

you can actually go back in with the smaller side

of your derma roller.

And you're gonna go up on your eyes as well.

You can derma roll your eyes with the smaller part.

Again, going inward and outward.

I actually saw a YouTube video about derma rolling

and how you shouldn't go back and forth.

You should only go in one direction.

So you're gonna go up, up, up.

As opposed to back and forth, back and forth.

So derma rolling all done.

Now for our last step, you're gonna add your eye cream.

This is actually a hydrating eye gel by Olay.

I love it because again you guys, the feels, all the feels.

Another product that you can put in the fridge and it feels

amazing when it's cooled.

Which would them make it like a cooling eye gel.

Which sounds really cool.

Doesn't it look like it should be cool?

The color and everything?

Okay, so you're pretty much gonna take this, dab it.

Use your ring finger.

So I learned about this.

You should always use your ring finger when applying stuff

to your eyes.

Concealer, eye creams, because I don't know why,

but it's actually your most delicate and most gentle finger.

Doesn't that just sound like you can control the weight

of your other ones?

I don't know why.

This is what they say.

Ring finger so I will use my ring finger

to apply this Olay eye gel.

And I kind of just put it more so towards the corners

of my eye which is what I really want to be de-puffed.

Just get in there.

oh my God this feels so good.

So at this point my face has been washed, exfoliated.

We have plumped up my eyes and brightened and derma rolled.

There's a lot going on.

But at this point I would just put on my makeup.

So that was my morning skincare routine.

I hope that it was worth the wait.

I can't wait to hear some of your suggestions

of some products that I should be using

or products that you love to use in the morning.

And guess what?

There will be a nighttime skincare routine coming up

so wait for that.

I can't wait wait wait to get all your comments.

Make sure you comment below and don't forget to subscribe.


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