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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: HALLOWEEN COSTUME PRANK FAIL!!

Difficulty: 0

Woah I win. one point for me LETS GO! (CRACK)

No no 11, no you're supposed to do that I

Think Halloween is

Probably one of our most favorite times of the year because we get to dress up and we get to eat lots of candy

And we get to scare people and we get to scare ourselves

And we get to hold creepy babies and not feel weird about it so today

We're gonna be dressing up as different characters. I think every year

We've done something where we were dressed up as something

Coordinated and something associated so the first year we were like Incredibles, and then we were The Descendants one year

We were the Addams Family and last year we were

Superheroes oh

Yes, you was Deadpool I would dance for me, that's a scary baby now the baby's not so scary anymore is it still

Yeah, what's it? Smell like in there balloons like you know what a balloon smells gave me so this year

We have a twist for you guys. We're not gonna be dressed up as anything coordinated. Yeah, but

Everybody picked each other's costume miss monkey picks your costume this year. Why did you pick this costume for him?

It's really easy and I know this guy is not big about

Costumes that are super super complicated and involve makeup and all these masks and uncomfortableness no no not this time man

Not this time not this time if you want you can go and get into your costume okay, rabbit

Is that a hint?

All right you go ahead I

Can't do it. Okay. Let's try it your hips have to always be on the opposite side out


And then don't go sideways

Can you do that meaning you guys are so cute

I actually picked a costume for Mama B. And the hint is mama B's unique

She's a mythical creature, and she's very very rare and beautiful mama B. Why don't you go into your costume and?

Come back out

Sir. Yes sir, I know mr.. Monkey picks your costume and the family picked mine

I'm a little anxious to find out what they actually picked for me. You're gonna have to go see what's on your bed

What should we name our new, baby?

Walter Walter Walter no Wilbur Wilbur ladies and gentlemen the costume that Miss monkey pick

Ladies and gentlemen boom

Yeah, oh, yeah, I like it wow that is comfy cozy

Cool he doesn't even have to put on his clothes

He basically just gets up brushes his teeth he doesn't even have to do his hair. He slips on the classroom. He goes

Oh, that's it. That's all he needs to do oh

Cool, so if you have your phone you can check your your messages and stuff

Is that like the Katy Perry left sharp


Go monkey. Go monkey. Go monkey. Go. Go go monkey go monkey. Oh, No the shark is sick


CPR CPR on the shark according to shrink your things yeah, are you okay shark oh?

My goodness the shark ate all your squishies

You need all your squishies

How many squishes did you eat?

Are you waiting for the show

Ladies and gentlemen. I present you this Halloween we have mummy the Unicorn


Beautiful oh my goodness. I knew it I knew she's gonna look beautiful in a unicorn outfit. Yeah look

How beautiful you look mama Dee, what would you like to say to the world miss unicorn?

We are actually not as rare as they might think we are we are all unicorns in our hearts

But we have to let our unicorn


Can I be a unicorn too nice, we're all unicorns just the same as long as you don't look lame

We're just like man

Oh, we have the unicorn and the shark are you guys gonna do a little dance?

Unicorns man that's why I married her. She's sweet and

You guys didn't know this, but whenever unicorn kills a shark they dance. They do a special defense over their dead body

Okay, well we have dead shark on the ground

We have a beautiful unicorn miss monkey mr.

Monkey picks your costume this year

And he picked it because he knows you're a little crazy, and he knows

And he knows that you might possess some super abilities, so why don't you go to your room and get your costume on

Just a regular day, you know regular days Shark Boy unicorn lady psycho girl getting dressed right now. You look beautiful

I think you got to keep your hair like that. This is called the

unicorn chugga ruga

Is that what it is a yoga move okay, okay? What's okay, dude do another pose?

I know I know what that next one's called go ahead this one is called

the avocado

Yeah, he's watching his youtubes inside there. Yeah it look


No miss monkey knew exactly what to get him this kids on his UTIs, and now he gets to go on as you

Okay, this is your only chance you can shoot me in the back of the head. You only get one shot

Dogs and cats we have on don't bring a trucks. We have an amazing costume that I chose over my sister it is

the one and only


My goodness

Perfection with the 11 costume and the watch

Okay, what's your name?

What's that

Why do you have an 11 on your wrist is that your name your throat is named 11

That is amazing Wow look we have sleepy shark in the background

We have chillin unicorn on the couch. We have creepy, baby

Deadpool sitting there and we have 11 from stranger things

Okay, this get up here. You got the shoes you got the socks the dress you have the watch 11

Have you ever played ping-pong?

What is ping-pong Carol? I'll show you come on

No no 11, no you're supposed to do that


11 this is slime. What is

It slime kids play with this. It's really popular on YouTube

It's a website. It's a youtube kids watch things on there, and they they watch things like logan paul and slime videos

It nevermind

Yeah, you're supposed to poke

That's slime. That's what kids play with it's super fun. It's very squishy

Yeah, it's sticky. No. It's it's really nice though. It's no don't eat it

You're set you have the blood on your nose is this your favorite character

It's your favorite show monkey you picked the right costume for your sister this year Wow

Yeah, squad goals right there shark and 11 squad goals unicorn shark and 11 you guys are oh my goodness

All your costumes happy Halloween guys you guys are all


What who picked my costume what is my costume?

Okay, my costume is downstairs. I'm gonna go change and you guys sit tight and the last

But certainly not least we have

gentlemen cats and dogs

You look amazing oh

My you shake your chest for this did you honestly?

Have no other

Your heads are so cool stop playing bongos in my boobies is it creepy. This is like this is crossing the line

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Which one was your favorite was it be super cute hugging a shark was it the?

Magical unicorn was it I loved it from stranger things, or was it whatever they picked for me here

Before we go there's one thing missing we should go get it

You got everything ready

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