Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [20141229] 《每日文娱播报》之娱乐圈中的野蛮女友:刘诗诗篇(吴奇隆刘诗诗 Nicky Wu Liu ShiShi English Sub)

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My Sassy Girlfriend's Daily.

Nicky: Don't hit me plssss

Not like Ruo Xi, ShiShi is a "sassy" girl in real life.

Nicky: She isn't talking too much in front of you guys....

urrrrrr...She also talks very little in normal cases. (Nicky was joking here, he meant ShiShi talks much more in front of certain people.)

Nicky: usually she hits people she knows well enough.

ShiShi: There're proofs in their hands.

Nicky: I will public those evidence.

More surprisingly, Nicky seems quite willing to be whipped by girlfriend in real life.

It's another "kick-me-so-I'll-know-you-love-me" case for LongShi.

ShiShi to Nicky: Jump!

InterviewerAre you a afraid of ShiShi at home?

Nicky: We respect each other in any case.


ShiShi: I am really nottenderin real life.

ShiShi: I will hit whomever I am familiar with.

Nicky: Trust me, She absolutely hits others besides me.

Nicky you accidentally liked a wrong weibo before,

Didn't she get angry with you?

ShiShis weibo to Nicky: " I will chop off your hand if you do this again. (Those rumors about us should stop)"

Interviewer: Is the hand of Nicky still ok?(Jokingly)

ShiShi: (Laugh) temporally,yes!

ShiShi defended Nicky: He had no idea that he liked that weibo by accident,

SS:Then a friend of mine told me

SS: then I wondered what happened?

SS: it was by then Nicky found out.

ShiShi: He has apologized sincerely.

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