Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Make the Future Singapore feat. Shell Eco-marathon Asia

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Every bright idea starts with a question

Because it's those who question the world that end up changing it

That's why we've created

Make the Future Singapore

A festival of ideas and innovation for Asia

So bright young minds from around the region

can come together

to ask the questions

that really matter

By 2060 Shell estimates energy demand could rise by 2/3 from its level today

So how can the world generate more energy while producing less CO2

Together the world must meet this challenge

Through collaboration


and partnership

And it's already happening

For 30 years

students have been coming up with bright energy ideas

And this year at the festival

You will experience the ultimate energy-efficient challenge at Shell Eco-marathon Asia

Nearly 1,000 students

from over 15 countries

are coming to Singapore

to share their innovations

See Shell Eco-marathon Asia

at Make the Future Singapore

Experience bright energy ideas in action

test them

contribute your own

and explore the journey to a low carbon future

Discover for yourself when you visit

Make the Future Singapore

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