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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How To Wash Dirty Off Road Trucks! - Ford F250 - Chemical Guys Car Care

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Today, our buddy Kenny dropped off his F250 which just got back from Johnsons Valley.

As you can see it is completely thrashed.

Covered in dirt and grime so we're going to show you how to wash without installing swirls

or scratches.

We're going to use our brand new soap, Tough Mudder which is designed for adding extra

lubrication and extra slick feel so that you won't scratch the paint.

A lot of you guys drive off road on ATV's, trucks like this or campers that get covered

in dirt and debris which can scratch if you're not careful while washing.

Javier and I are going to show you how to do this by starting off with the dirtiest

area which is the wheels and then we'll move on to this black paint.

Alright, we are going to attack this dirty wheel using Sticky Citrus Wheel Gel along

with the Easy Reach Wheel Brush and the Blue Stiffy Brush to get rid of all that debris off.

Using the pressure washer we will rinse off the wheel but we won't use any pressure so

that we can prevent the installation of scratches caused by this heavy abrasive material.

We're going to get started with a couple sprays on the tire and rim, let the chemical sit

for a moment so they can do their job.

Also giving the brush a few sprays.

We'll start at the top and gently agitate all the dirt away, you want to let the chemical

do the work.

Getting that brown gunk off, all that brake dust and all that hell that this wheel has

gone through.

So once you get to the midway point, go to your rinse bucket to release any dirt and

brake dust from the brush to prevent it from getting back onto the wheel.

A couple more sprays on the brush and now back at the top and working around the other

half of the wheel get that wheel looking good.

Now we're going to use the Blue Stiffy Brush and again spray the tire.

Letting the chemical do the work and scrub the tire.

Now we'll rinse it off.

Gently cleansing away the debris to prevent the installation of new scratches.

So we're going to finish off the remaining three tires and then go straight into washing

this big truck getting it all cleaned up.

Javier and I just finished cleaning these wheels and they look awesome.

You saw all that brown run off it is a mix of brake dust, road grime and filth that was

degrading the finish.

Now we're going to move on to the body.

This is a Ford F250 which is a large vehicle and it's black.

So, we need to take our time so that we don't scratch it because it will show any kind of


Using Tough Mudder to add extra lubrication.

For those of you guys who go off road and get your vehicle all muddy, this is the way

to go to make sure you don't add new scratches or swirls to your paint.

We're going to start by rinising it from top to bottom because that is where the heavier

dirt is.

Javier mentioned that the name of the game with detailing is to make the car look better

than it did before you touched it, so by adding swirls and scratches it is degrading the finish.

Again we are going to take our time to insure that we don't harm the paint.

Gently rinsing it down and then foaming it to emulsify the abrasive dirt that is on the


Emulsifying it will encapsulate the particles so that it glides right off the surface without

scratching the finish.

So, Javier lets get started by rinising it down then we can move on to the foaming process.

Now that we are done foaming it, we'll start scrubbing it using the Chenille Wash Mitts.

Javier is going to take the flat surfaces and I will take care of the side panels.

Using Tough Mudder we will safely remove any grime that remains on the truck.

Even after rinsing and foaming there is still some grime that is stuck in the pores of the

paint which in some cases require clay or polish to remove.

In this case, we are gently removing it all using Tough Mudder.

As you saw this truck was really beat, so we are frequently going to have to visit our

second bucket to rinse off the mitt.

As we run it against the Dirt Trap it is forcing any filth from the noodles of the mitt underneath

the cones and that is going to prevent it from coming back on to the vehicle.

Again that is going to prevent the istallation of fresh scratches and swirls.

Now we'll go back to the fresh water bucket then returning back to the vehicle working

in straight lines so we don't induce swirls.

Like I always say, a swirl is a lot easier to notice compared to a straight line scratch,

so by going in straight lines we prevent the installation of swirls.

As you guys can see we have rinsed off the spent foam and dirt.

The last step, we are going to dry it using Woolly Mammoth Towels and After Wash because

this is a large vehicle and we definitely don't want water spots.

After Wash is sprayed directy on the surface and it is helping the water bead off.

It is breaking the surface tension between the paint and the water which prevents it

from drying.

If you guys want to learn more about these products go to our website

If you like this truck or this video be sure to give it a thumbs up and we'll see you next

time right here in the Detail Garage.

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