Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SMASH OR PASS: League of Legends Edition ft. Pokimane, Scarra, Pokelawls, Based Yoona

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What's up? You're watching Offline TV and we're doing the smash

or pass : League of Legends edition.

Is it only League? Yes

We can do an Overwatch Edition another time.

*Sadness and Sorrow*


He starts crying.

Alright, first champion.

Pretty sure that's Katarina.

Ah, I'm gonna go ahead... SMASH

Oh my god

That's a win-win scenario. -She seems respectable

I will respect that...



Right, next one...

Ahri- OK, if you

Pass on Ahri, you're literally blind


But she's like HALF ANIMAL! - Lola Bunny from Space Jam


She's like 90% animal

You'd smash that?!

I would definitely smash Lola Bunny

Oh my god...


...on Ahri.

Do you, do you smash it? -Hell yeah.

He smash it.


She's more spider than human I du- I just

Yeah, that's a lot of spider, like what if she changes form mid-way through sex


Ewww... -Then you can s-smash

But imma go with a pass...

Braum, dude this is definitely a...

This guy is ripped, and he's like the nicest guy in the world.

Nice guys, they finish last, pass!

He looks like he's - he could be my dad.


This is the fastest. -I love her two personalit- um her personality.

She can't talk.


Yeah, I was gonna say! -Even bet- ah-

You know what? She seems nice as well. -She do-does talk?

Yeah, she-that's a nice girl right there. -Smash!

It's a smash. -It's a smaysh!

It's a smash?

It's a smash. -It's a smash brothers! Let's go.

This is, also like another one.

Her personality doesn't [look] so nice -What, what d'you --She looks like she'd cheat on me

She DOES actually.

I'm just going to say she's Kat's sister.

If that changes your mind. -So what?

I mean... Are we talking

in threes or twos?

Wait...? I'd smash.

Pass. -That's a state, that's a pass.


That, ash? -That's it, that ashe. --That ashe though.

That, next, smash, dat ashe.

Oh my god. -Honestly?

HARD SMASH! -Oooohhhhh! --Wut?

---Have you read her lore?

She is lovely. You know she was gangplank's first crush

and she broke his heart. -Really? Yo! PASS!

Don't f--- my man! -Don't be dissing my bros, BIT--!

Honestly? Pretty cute. -Smash.

Pretty cute, I like Riven. -Smash. --Yeah, what a about ☐☐ Riven?

Oh, smash that SO HARD! -Everyone in the League Scene --SMASH!


Are you guys trolling?! This is not OK!



Ok, Camille, super thicc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), smash.

Dude, wait! She's like half robot! -I love it! Super thicc, half robot. SMASH. --Yo, you guys, intro-, guys!

This is a newer champ, this picture doesn't show off

her best angles, her best angles is how...

...THICC she is. She's like [--] this waist...

[----------] this legs.

I'll pass, I'm worried for myself.

Yeah, she's half robot too. -I like a bit of dangerous, SMASH.

What the?? -Oh my god this is all robot.

What the?

You know I like that movie, with the, you know the one with the

Oh, I know what you're talking about!

He saves the world because he sacrifices himself. -Space ship?

No, WALL-E? Oh...

Scarra : Smash.

Smash. -Cancer champ, pass.

*Wadda* What? Cancer champ?

Pass. -'Cause of gameplay, ok.

Also, wear purple. -Smash.

But I'm down. -Instantly. --Yeah, I liked avatar.

He's a bad boy, you like bad... 【•】_【•】 -You know he's an F-boy!

I'd smash, FOR SURE! -Hard pass!

This is the easiest, this is the easiest one.

If it was life or death and the only way you could live is through sex...

I'd let you die so fucking hard dude.

I'd fuck the shit out of you. -Dude!

That's what I'm talking about.

Smash. -LeBlanc? That's two!

Double PAAAAA- I mean, double smash, sorry, double smash.

That's a two for one! -I was gonna say.


This is like... too fishy. -Too fishy. --Actually, I love fishy... ---SMASH. *sub-bass*

That's fine. -Her lore, she's so...

...sweet, like her entire village..., everybody refused to like go out

and like go on a quest

to find something they needed to like keep their city alive

and she went and did it

That's the TL;DR. -What'd she do?

She found the thing

That saved the city. -Wai, wai, wait.

Did they ever say what it was? -She's courageous. --Did they ever say what it was?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. -Was it di**?

Was it what?

Was it di**?

Did you say di**? -I gotta go...

Aw hell yeah! -Smash --Ooo...

Depends what form! -Both! --Smash either form!

Oh hell yeah. -Oh smash, that skin, goddaym.

Is that pool party Fior-?

That's a good ass skin -I've never seen this one but dayum. --Fiora?

Its a new cham-, it's a new skin for the champ.

Oh hell, this my, this is my boy. -Everybody's favourite jungler, I would smash

Actually, this is the jungler that I hate playing agaisnt the most

Pass. -He is someone who would just like look at you for your personality

Dude, he's blind.


That's cute -He would really get to know you.

That, that's my boy. He wouldn't judge you and he's ripped too. -Same.

I don't like the hands, pass.

Those are like, weapons.

Those aren't her real hands. -She probably keeps them on all the time.

She probably gives great hugs. -Yeah, great cuddler, smash.

Aw, fu** yeah. -Smash. --Everybody...

No, actually, I wouldn't even want to smash, I'd just want him to be my

gay best friend. -You friendzoned him already?!

Ewwww. This is goo. -Yeah...

How would that even? -He could tur- he could change shapes!

Could turn into the girl of your dreams -That's true too.

But he would still be green. -I mean.... --And he'd still be goo.

I'm just saying... ಠ◡ಠ

What's wrong with the green? -He's goo!

You touch him and it's like... -Okay!

Oh my!

Fu**ing... -But why does he have?


Oh my, pass!

Awwww. -I would smash this... SO HARD!

I'm sorry Kelsi. *Clap*

That's a brodie for life dude.

I know you just trying to create a scenario where you can shower with him

So it's okay Yoona

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