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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 73 Questions With An Online English Teacher

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always late

finally hello

sorry I'm late hi Charlie Baxter are you

ready for your 73 question yeah yeah

yeah let's do it

are you normally this late for

everything I I mean I am an online

teacher so I guess yeah yeah yeah no

definitely not this is um this is my

assistants car my sports cars in their

mechanics okay where you been

just to the gym what's your favorite

yoga pose I don't know the names very

well what sir what's that one or that

one warrior yeah sing like that are you

ever tempted to do some yoga worth

teaching not really I'm not that good at

yoga but I suppose because I'm sitting

down most of the time I get a bit sore

in the legs so I tend to sort of do it a

little kneel is that a yoga pose like

that well maybe that that maybe yeah all

that should we go in yeah come on in

come on in so Charlie you've been an

online English teacher now for how many

years five I'm being such a big time

English teacher on YouTube what is one

of your favorite probably being spotted

in a in a restaurant in Brighton and

what's one thing you'd like the master


being able to ride a skateboard that'd

be good are you a text or a cooler

I actually really like whatsapp audio

messages oh yeah my mum

what was your first thought when you

woke up this morning oh why is my

girlfriend waking me up so early

I'm Leslie excited about these days I'm

excited about moving to Sydney beautiful

home you have here is that your yeah of


if you could switch lives with someone

who would it be I would say it would be

Elan musk best thing that happened to

you this year moving to Australia what's

your favorite country to visit I want to

visit Cuba what's the last country you

visited Russia a country you'd like to

visit well if I can't go to Cuba I guess

Japan what what language did you like to

speak I would love to be able to speak

Mandarin what are the most languages

that one of your students has ever been

able to speak seven I think yeah seven

she was Portuguese but she could speak

seven other languages it's pretty


what's your favorite thing about being

an online English teacher flexibility

and I'm helping people and do you like

the price Skype calls from students I

don't like that much flexibility no I

prefer it to be booked and what's

something you always like to talk about

in class probably Elon Musk

and who's fun with this video today glad

you asked

let's see skill share what is gotta go

share is an online learning community of

people with loads and loads of courses

so it's loads of online content from a

wide variety of areas it's really good

what could I learn on Skillshare you

could learn how to be a graphic designer

you could learn how to improve your

English or you could even learn how to

operate a drone are you using it I am

yeah I'm learning how to create

Podcast with the head of a company

called anchor they you know there are a

host for podcast but yeah it's amazing

does it cost much no that's a good thing

it's like um similar to Netflix it's ten

dollars a month

again yeah any trial period yes you

could access two months free and where

can people watching this video going to

get that trial yeah in the description

box below so just head on down and click

that link

but enough about sponsors can I get you

a drink

great so it's breakfast time right now

what are you having for breakfast these

days I'm a big fan of avocado and eggs

the Aussies love it and now so do I I

think it's red but I'm not sure are you

kind of lying yeah yeah favorite food

curry seafood haha I don't I kind of

prefer my girlfriend to make everything

I'm I'm the cleaner don't get me wrong I

do my bit but yeah don't create that

often okay yeah go for it coffee mostly

bare tricky but being in Australia now

sunshine boxes brunettes

let's but yeah enjoy your orange juice

what do you miss most about the UK pubs

and my friends what the biggest

difference between Australia and the UK

the beach most British thing you could

ever say sniffing old job there should

go see the pool it's not bad is it mine

the gate flip-flops cooler box duvet

pepper trainers Debbie oh that's a beer

bottle yeah yeah it's nice

I would say there's a kangaroo over

there that's better

how many students have you ever taught

at one time we went to Russia we did a

group class of 20 25 people I think

that's great

it's really good


scheduled or scheduled Americanisms

they're creeping into British English

it's fine

either/or what's your favorite movies to

recommend to English students probably

the fast and furious known joking

Harry Potter is always a good one


I'd like to do a lot more sometimes I

end up scurrying off to the the toilet

before taking the class a bit late yeah

should be better on that one okay

interesting should we move on let's Oh

Lexi hello

what breed is Lexi she is a toilet

poodle probably booked them on the next

immersion course they all could about it

what's one thing you can't do a Skype

call without slippers need a good pair

of slippers okay Russian what nationally

was your last student Korean student

Italian what nationality is your

favorite student I'm not going to answer

that what's your favorite language and

mistake a student has ever made one guy

he used to confuse hobby with Hobbit so

he would say I do a Hobbit on Saturdays

it's quite funny it's hilarious what are

you doing for the rest of the day I need

to prepare for a group class so need to

send you on your way

tough luck oh okay well I guess it was

nice meeting with you then nice being

with you too have a good day okay yeah

yeah and you bye


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