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Hello everyone, welcome back to workrevolt gun reviews, I'm CD! Before we jump into the

review, I have a correction to address regarding the Hopscotch Pilgrim video.

Many comments pointed out that there is no such thing as a Hunter Handicap and that the

yellow numbers are "precision" hits, so I decided to do some

investigating. After doing hours upon hours of research it turns out the Hunter Handicap

is real.

So, with that out of the way, I present my Fatebringer review.

In our initial tests, we measured the gun's range. To test close range, we used the Hunter's

well known "sneak and runaway" technique to get close on the enemies,

and the Fatebringer excelled..

So well in fact that it even outclassed the gjallarhorn, which while defeating the enemy,

also resulted in suicide.

Next up, long range tests. While I proceeded to the Moon, A friend would go to earth for

eye witness evidence of extended range capablities. After unloading a full magazine of the

Fatebringer towards the Forgotten Shores of Earth, not a single bullet out of the 13 managed

to reach the surface.

Just for fun, we decided to test the Gjallarhorn's long range as well, and, as one would expect,

the Gjallarhorn rocket easily cleared the atmospher and made impact on the Earth.

The Fatebringer also has two unique perks that set it a part from others in it's class.

First is Loudness. It's so annoying, in fact, I actually had to stop using my headphones

during the tests...this fact is confirmed using a

formula that measure usefulness vs a person's ability to tolerate. With a score of 8,712,

it ranks just below Thorn in testing. To find your tolerance threshold,

please use the formula found at

The second unique perk is the blue bullets. It seems that these blue bullets are much

more effective against blue enemies, so if you decided to keep the Fatebringer, Fallen

enemies on Venus won't stand a chance. Oddly, enough,

though, a glitch seems to prevent this Knight from taking any damage despite his blue color,

so beware.

We also tested damage against explosive spheres. It seems the output is equal between both

red and blue balls, as only one bullet is needed to murder the object. Though, we took

more damage from the red, but that could be from

the damage increase from the blue water due to the bullets.

Finally, we decided to test the in-game value of the Fatebringer. By breaking it down, you

can see a maxed Fatebringer is worth 147 glimmer, 6 ascendant energies, and 8 weapons parts

Suprisingly equal to the Gjallarhorn which comes in at 149 Glimmer, 7 weapon parts and

2 exotic shards. Which that you feel is worth more depends on your personal preference.

Is the Fatebringer worth your time? Who's to truly say. It has some good qualities and

bad qualities, but it still does less damage than the Gjallarhorn, even with more bullets.


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