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came through with a very nice drive though and only 154 a little uphill

anything on this greens a good shot right now under these circumstances

and with your opponent in trouble in the front left bunker

green's wide open oh just barely covered that but she's on

the putting surface advantage um slowly drying out a little

bit of breeze they're about

she has a beautiful putting stroke how about that just used one butt

touch a class right there to finish that match

said i had enough i want to move on to the round to 16.

go get a sandwich yeah and for the second match in a row

she you know doesn't start off on the the the best

foot but finishes strong barrera teresa here two putts to win the

match this over at 17 terry and

only needs one so how about that from spain

to south dakota state she will move on to the round of 16. third for heck

oh that was really well done she went after that

for birdie

look at that up and down by rose she's in with birdie four

for birdie and a tie yeah this is another big putt

confident stroke good result and this is something the usga does very

cleverly they give him a really tough flag on that left side but move the t

up just to give the players a chance to get close to the hole this is taking

a direct line oh brilliant rose just missed her birdie

puss this is really a good opportunity for rachel to

make this and and go two up and just keep gaining

that momentum going forward similar lines you gotta read

i think she did i think she did yes i believe so

great putt there's she had a couple that were on the edge on the front nine

stayed patient and the putts are dropping on the back

rose zone she's got to watch herself about to go

three down well and i think at some point you know we i

was thinking about the second shots here into

to this green and she was playing second into this green and honestly she needs

to try and turn it around and take control and be the first player

into the greens she's got to try and get the honor on the tee

and start to try and claw her way back in

all right i'm to the challenge there that hole tied with birdie threes

hide it how much were you aware of that oh very aware

really not giving anything away in fact i never

practiced a putt after i missed it on the green

because i didn't want my opponent to think i was

working on something yeah

beautiful okay young's third at 14 karen has 64 yards plays a little uphill is

placed into the wind gotta take it all the way to the flag

but she has a nice simple golf swing doesn't she on the screen it was okay

to win the hole i want to turn around so i wouldn't have put her

in this hole after those tee shots but it's a funny

old game how it all turns out in the end

yeah right from where she was exactly that's a big loss for heck

on that one

needs to bounce back after the last one this this green is quite long but very

narrow so you have to be really accurate if you push it a little you end up in

the rough to the right you pull it and you're in a

bunker got an opening with hex tee shot the

flag sticks down in the front tier yeah just about where our ball ended up

beautiful shot couple of putts to win the hole for

zhang yeah and i'll see terry i can't see

john three putting from here i'm surprised it hasn't been a

okay let's just pick these up and move on

i know these screens are slippery and tricky but i don't know it seems to me a

easy two part or one pack or one yeah go ahead and take care of business

so rojong just won't go away tell for the 22 year old from south

africa senior at auburn

ideal shot would be to draw it into the flag stick a little bit

oh just like that beauty a family affair 19 years ago yep more

than just a week after that tell for on the way good

shot there she should be playing with a lot of confidence after that comeback

this morning

oh good chance here not a lot of break in this putt little uphill

well read there by keene the birdie at the fifth

telfer's shot on the way take advantage of this wedge shot

96 yards and she sure did i think when you have a chance to put pressure on an

opponent like keane you have to take it her body

language is is looking like she's a little bit on

the tired side kay i have to agree with you

well important to just maybe get a snack out of the bag take a little bit of

extra water the 14th the second for

kaylee telfer terry this was the best shot that i've seen so far

this week in this championship that was a seven iron from 163.

that's a big seven iron oh oh oh oh nearly perfect

helper on the t at 16. 179 just a touch of bruce back in her face she loves to

play that little draw i don't know if this is true yeah it's

turning over another quality golf shot well that was struck

very solidly just not giving any opportunities

off the t at the par 3 second going with the fairway wood she's not a

power hitter but very controlled with her irons and her

lofted woods now delgani this for ready to win the

hole a good place to be putting from a little

bit uphill

and now one up lead over ellie slamma a moment ago at the third

third shot for elia abdelgani

great one there by aaliyah she's got the early one-up lead in this match

for birdie and three oh what do you know a little pac-12

battle here oregon state usc now abdulgani for birdie to tie the hole

keeps that flag stick in a couple of birdies there at three up at the fourth

ellis lama has this for par to win the hole and even the match

yep okay look at six elisa this for party tie the hole

nine aliyah abdelgani has this for par to tie the hole currently one up in the

match against ellie slama she's an

excellent putter works very hard on this aspect of her game but i also think

she's just naturally gifted with the putter thank

you getting set in the fairway here her

third par 5 10.

okay then yeah how to tan this to tie the hole

moves a little to the right that's good read good putt back on golf

channel and nbc sports

waiting for it that was ellie slamma you heard her caddy say be really good

oh this is gonna be this is gonna be great exceptional

almost perfection abdelgani this for part of ty the hole

it's ellie slama that's really good match going on

smythe from cary north carolina next well i love the way she plays she plays

very quickly decides on a club and goes she's aggressive

150 yards

needs to get up just a touch another good iron shot she's had a lot of good

looks here riley smythe with an opportunity for

birdie yeah i came out and watched her a little bit she's had plenty of these

already today it hasn't made any

until now yeah shot 68 first round of stroke play

when pedro this for parter win the hole at the fourth

here at ten couple of birdie putts riley smythe first

one down in the match he was two down

perfect we drove this for birdie to tie the hole

no better feeling than putting a birdie in on top of your opponent

to basically steal their thunder there it is

her mom is walking around in attendance

this is definitely the easiest hole location on this

hole it's right there in front of you it's mice turn at eleven we know she

wastes a little time

she comes from a family with three older brothers

so i'm sure she was tagging along trying to keep up with them

from michigan state ideally she'd like to

land this about 20 feet right of the flag stick

and use the slope to feed it down towards the hole

or just hit it right at it at the ninth this for par to tie the hole she was the

two seed in stroke play qualifying

that's a big reason why you're at ten the par

five tyler akabani three down going after it in two

she needs to flip the switch and get some kind of magic going

got there two big hits to get onto that green

yep there you go

valerie plata two putts to win the hole she has had control of this match


no fist pump it was kennedy swan for birdie two down in the early going

in this match so good answer there by swan

birdie to win the hole tie the match up against isabella fierro

so swan battling back she was two down early in that one

some success in usga history for that family

incredible golfing family swan first to play

what you're supposed to

yeah that's the way to use that slope and feed it down

beautifully done and there's a couple of accessible hole locations that you can

utilize is taking on swan in this match it's

tied well how about those two shots wow just

match go ahead and match it now at the seventh kennedy swan for par

how about that to win the hole so tied up against isabella fierro a

couple of par putts at the first gabby ruffles the 20 year old defending

champ from australia and usc

beauty that's a statement right off the bat it is

how about that to match what ruffles did

talking things over with her catty and usc

coach justin silverstein he was on the bag almost the entire

way to her victory last year he had to leave after 32 holes

to get to a funeral

and blair stockett mississippi state junior stepped in and

helped gabby finish it off but that is the kind of iron play that she is so

good at she's so precise i just got a barrero

at the second

good shot at pales in comparison yeah but not backing down

five this for birdie to win the hole and go one up in the match

boy she has putted well all week okay she has

and that's something she and justin silverstein have worked very hard on

them toscano barrero this for birdie to win

the hole against gabby ruffles and finally

someone reads that right plays enough break there at the par five

that was not an easy putt big putt here okay

well they all they're all pretty big at this point aren't they

they are but considering that we've seen her indifferent from this range over the

past hour or so this rapar to win the hall

yeah and she like i said she has had a tendency so

far this week to get a little down in the match

and then she starts getting it together on the back nine

this would be a good place to start all right walks that one in

and that's squares the match all tied par

five just kind of it's her third

yeah bring it back and again applying pressure

on the defending champ that match is all tied up back at

10. got up on that bank nearly reaching ruffles third

hopped right over it

birdie at 10 ruffles still has a birdie try

and she got the perfect read got the ball in


and now does she have what it takes to


yes she does

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