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if I told you it was possible to get a million subscribers in three months

you'd call me a liar


and if somehow I convinced you that it was the truth you may be thinking

this youtuber maybe has the style of

Hi, I'm Elle Mills

or perhaps the storytelling abilities of

Why did you just wave at us with one hand. You usually wave at us with both

It's because my other hand has a cat in it

maybe the cinematography of

What's everybody Peter Mckinnon here and welcome back to another tutorial

Or the production resources similar to...

mom and dad left me in charge well they're gone well you're wrong this is Joana Ceddia

guess where I am right now I'm on the toilet school starts tomorrow

she's a 17 year old Canadian youtuber that films videos with her phone

she's hit a million subscribers within three months and frankly no one can understand it

Joanna's videos are very reminiscent of early YouTuber personalities

where the creator would just sit in front of the camera

express their thoughts or crack a few jokes

what are you doing?

I'm on social blade comm and I'm looking at this girl's profile Joanna Ceddia

She's hit a million subscribers and she's only been on YouTube for 3 months

I've been here for three years

welcome to psych IRL my name is Donna. So you guys informed me that you wanted to

hear about this youtuber named Joana Ceddia and you guys weren't lying when

you said that her growth is really interesting and she's someone to really

watch right now. I don't necessarily mean a watch her content but you guys have to

watch her growth. Her growth really reminds me of early YouTube where it was easier

to grow because the platform was less saturated and so you could upload

whatever you want for a second-generation YouTube it was still

possible but kind of hard and it's kind of universally known if you watch a lot

of how to grow on YouTube or best practices on YouTube videos that you

have to stick with a niche and then grow your following within that niche and

once you have a sustainable following you can upload whatever you want because

you have like true fans within that niche

tip number three when you're

starting from scratch is really understanding that having a

focused niche is a lot more powerful than having a general channel the

reality is if you try and reach everybody you're gonna end up reaching nobody.

but for Joana Ceddia she's uploading whatever she wants and

she's growing she's technically breaking a lot of rules to the YouTube growth system

In my opinion the best way to describe her content is a relatable teen girl

uploading whatever she wants. She's almost the antithesis of every modern

YouTube teenager on this site making her more relatable to the average person

oh my god I look so ugly. Not that there's anything wrong with this style

it's just hard to relate to. Her personality is very unique in that she's

weird in a very good and comedic way she's sarcastic and sort of parodies the

current state of YouTube in a light-hearted way. Her thumbnails sort of

remind me of a meme or something you'd see on snapchat or Instagram stories

she's done videos of her painting and she's actually good. She's done thrift

hauls. Cut her own hair on camera. My mom is going to me. Vlogged. And turned herself

into the Cookie Monster. I wonder if when I apply for a job my employers

are gonna see this what will they think? Her editing style emphasizes every joke.

okay you know what? No negative thoughts. Only positive thoughts. I CAN NOT DO THIS

but the video that hit YouTube's algorithm jackpot was this one

called I DIY'D Emma Chamberlain's new clothing line

hi! During this time Emma Chamberlain had been facing some

controversy with her new clothing line. Many fans claimed that what she was

selling was too overpriced for the quality of merchandise they actually got

to make matters worse the clothing in the ads were pixelated so customers

couldn't quite tell what they were buying the internet exploded with

criticism for Emma Chamberlain every drama channel commentary channel had a

take on the situation and it brought in a lot of views. Joana also shared her

opinion on the drama she did this by recreating some of the items of

Chamberlain's new merchandise for much cheaper.

I look like a yellow orchid. Look at structure.

This is so modern. I would high key go anywhere with this.

The video was entertaining but the growth didn't happen overnight. About a month after she

posted that video she only hit 150 subscribers but soon after the algorithm

began favoring her a video about Emma Chamberlain and wildly promoted it in

just three months Joana had reached 1 million subscribers.

You know what? Don't ever underestimate the punching power of a 17 year old teenager

who weighs a hundred pounds and is 5'4

ok you're gonna need to turn on the Shane Dawson conspiracy theory music right now

because there's a conspiracy going on. Everyone made an Emma

Chamberlain video that was critical of Emma Chamberlain.

Emma may not be a bully

but she is guilty of a far more terrible crime


Why was it that Joana Ceddia's content. Why was it her content

that hit the algorithm jackpot? How the heck did you get three hundred thousand

subs in less than a week I'm kind of in a little shady deal with YouTube at the

moment so I can't really talk about it. On YouTube there are a lot of new faces

In the early days of YouTube you may remember Shane Dawson, Michael Buckley,

Lisa Nova, Dave Days.

Everyone's a winner. Now we're making that fame. Bonafide hustler making my name.

All I wanna do is And And take your money

Some of those people are still on here but a lot of those people

have disappeared but there seem to be new faces popping up like there

was the British Invasion, O2L, Rebecca Black. What happened to Rebecca Black?

It's Friday Friday. Gotta get down on Friday

Currently I don't know if this is true because I'm not usually on that side of

YouTube but I think the biggest faces are Logan Paul and Jake Paul

Emma Chamberlain, The Dolan twins, James Charles. Hi sisters! But these faces are

usually used to sell whatever YouTube has to offer YouTube movies YouTube

original series and have you noticed that all these creators technically

maybe not Shane Dawson or PewDiePie but they kind of do the same thing and they

have the same style of content the only thing that really separates them is

their personality and so as these creators get older it seems like they're

being replaced by someone younger better-looking and maybe more relatable

to the youth than them what are you trying to say? What I'm

trying to say is I think there were some human intervention. YouTube is looking

for their next star and that star is Joana Ceddia. But if you're boring and

just want to think about it logically maybe the creator and audience grew up

the creator's still making the same type of content but since the audience has

grown up they moved on to something new there have been many conspiracy theories

to how Joana Ceddia has climbed up so fast up the YouTube ladder. She's been

accused of botting views though this has been proven false because if that were

true the top youtubers would most likely end up as people who already come from

wealth. People who have the most money to spend on botting views. This isn't the case.

If you watch my videos before you know that I've tested something similar

out and I'm trying to game the system and you know that it doesn't work also

her view count subscriber count and interaction are pretty consistent with

each other. Sure there was some luck involved but perhaps her popularity is

explained by why people love YouTube in the first place


it's an escape from polished and clearly crafted mainstream entertainment.

Those who love you to want to hear opinions from real individuals.

It creates this just beautiful story

that I did not expect. I thought this might be some sort of

of watered-down weak-willed version of God of War and I found Kratos to be

stronger than ever because you know sometimes weakness can be your strength

as of recent YouTube has become more polished. A lot of what you see is

scripted to simulate reality and its actual purpose is entertainment and


though there is nothing inherently wrong with that viewers become bored when the

platform becomes saturated with the same type of content. Viewers do want to see

real relatable people this is what made YouTube in its beginning stages.

With teenagers it's no different. Yes many say that variety content and

becoming a personality on YouTube is over. It is harder to succeed at but it

isn't impossible YouTube isn't like TV where the viewer consumes whatever the

medium feeds them YouTube is a community where there is interaction between the

creator and viewer and viewer and viewer. Joana Ceddia brings this back to YouTube

hey everyone I hope you liked that video one theory that I did forget to include

in the video is the most obvious and probably the one that you should know

about is that Joana Ceddia and Emma Chamberlain do make the same type of

content. Their editing style is similar but one thing that they are

different at is probably their personalities so when Joana made that

video about Emma Chamberlain, she was likely attracting Emma Chamberlain fans

and since they're already so similar they're going to subscribe to her. As

usual I'm gonna do a Q&A on Instagram 24 hours after this video is posted so

follow me there that's the end of the video I'll see you guys next time stay

Stay psyched

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