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Alright, you're looking at the Intel DX58S0. And SO stands for Smack Over.

And smack over, is what this board does to other boards,

and other processors, because this supports the new Core i7 Intel Platform.

Which is awesome. This is your first board that you're gonna see from me.

This is the first once I've seen. Had some time to mess with it.

And it's pretty fun to play with.

Ha-ha you don't have one.

I got a couple, but this is my first. This one took me, popped my cherry.

Very nice. Let's talk about the DX58SO "smack over" board.

Now, you guys need an intro real quick to Core i7.

All new architecture. It's been the biggest jump since we went from

Pentium 4 and Pentium D to Core 2 Duo

and when we went from NetBurst Core 2 Duo

huge increase of performance. It's the same thing going from

Core 2 to this. Huge performance gains.

Sometimes 20-25% over the next, closest, fastest Intel processors

which are the very fast QX9770s. Now, there's 3 processors that fit in here, so far.

There's a lot more coming next year, for now it's the 920, the 940, and the 965,

which is the extreme 3.2 Ghz quad quarter. Which are now true quad quarters.

And, if you don't know this about Core i7 yet,

the memory controller is built into the chip. It's on the die.

So there is no memory controller on the northbridge, as you will see,

the board's layout looks a little bit different because of this.

Okay, the northbridge is not as prominent. It's there but it doesn't have a big

memory controller in there. So, you're not gonna really see that kinda stuff.

Also, you're gonna notice, the socket is different.

This is LGA Socket 1366. This is the new socket.

It has 1366 pins on there, and it has a different layout

which I just kinda thought of, I might as well show you.

Let me pop this open here.

Show you what it looks like on the inside.

Look at that. It's a different design and it looks cool.

So, definitely a bigger socket, for a bigger processor.

Still 45 NM. Will support all your Core i7's.

Another thing you're gonna notice, these dims.

These dims are a little odd. Now, since that has that on board

memory controller you can only use 1 type of memory and that is DDR3.

We are moving into the future, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank the lord. DDR3 triple channel. So, if you didn't know that,

it's triple channel memory. That increases the theoretical band width

by over 50%. Instead of acting, you know, accessing 2 chips at once,

reading and writing the 2 chips, it can read and write up to 3 chips at once.

Again, 50% increase over dual channel. Which is again, a 50% increase

over single channel. This does have, you know, 4 dims.

If you put 1 here, it's gonna be single channel, the rest of these are gonna be triple channel.

You can put up to 16 GB, but most people are gonna be doing 2, 4, and 6.

Or, 1, 2, and 3, depending on your system.

If you're gonna go for X58 in Core i7, 2,4,6 is gonna be obviously

the much better solution. Also, I wanna let you guys know,

that you have an unlocked CPU memory multiplier on here.

So, all these dims need to be under 1.7, 1.6 volts. Okay? You're not going to be putting

your 2.0 volt very high speed DDR3 in here. It's gonna support 1066 and 1333

from Factory. The 1333, although it's not supported just yet from the Core i7s,

from Factory core i7s, it will take 1333 because again, it has an unlocked memory multiplier.

Pretty much, it's a multiplier multiplying by 133 which is your base reference number.

It doesn't really mean anything, there is no front side bus.

It is using the QuickPath interface QPI, so it's a little bit different.

Alright, let's continue looking at the tour. The board, up here, you'll notice your 24-Pin

power connector. That is where you are gonna hook up your 24 power connector.

This is gonna be where you are gonna hook up your 8-Pin pus 12 volt power connector.

And you're gonna notice a couple weird things. You're gonna notice this weird thing,

which is a molex connector and you're gonna notice down here another weird thing.

That's a SATA connector. And you're gonna ask yourself,

what's going on here? I mean, this is just... This is ridiculous.

This and this are power connectors for your PCI Express slots.

And they're not powering the video card, they're powering the actual slots.

You don't need both, you need one or the other. Whenever you have a video card that takes over

more than 70 watts, which is almost all the big ones now, all the big cards,

any 8800 GT and up, you're gonna have to plug in one or the other, whichever you prefer.

I prefer SATA, because it's down here, and you can hide the cable easier.

Now, let's talk about ports. Awesome. You have, alright, this is a weird one.

This is a new one right here. I don't know if you can see it very well 'cuz it's black.

That is a PCI Express x4 slot. You can run dedicated video card on there for physics,

or you can run a separate card for the second monitor. It'll only run at x4 speed.

This is a PCI Express 2.0 x16. This is a PCI Express 2.0 x16.

You can do Crossfire. Now, unlike the rest of the X58 boards,

this one is straight from Intel. Them and NVideo, they're not getting

along too well, so, this board does not support SLI like the rest of the X58 boards do, or will.

But it does support Crossfire X, which is very important. You also have 2 PCI Express x1 slots

here and here for your peripherals. You can add audio cards, or whatever you want.

And, you also have this PCI 2.2, right there. Now, coming back over here to the top,

these are your SATA headers. 1-2-3-4-5-6.

6 SATA headers right there, on the board. And they do support rate 0,

rate 1, rate 0 + 1, raid 5, that's all on there, so you pretty much

have everything you wanna do. And now is where I get to tell you something

that I've been waiting to tell you for a very long time.

Can anybody point to me where the floppy disk drive and ID headers are?

Do you see it Herald? No? -No.

Lance? -Nope.

Because they don't exist. Thank God. Finally, after all this time, no IDE, no floppy,

and guess what? No PS2s.

So, we're in a bold new world here, ladies and gentlemen, where no man has gone before.

No PS2s, you have to use a USB keyboard and mouse. So, if you're still using your PS2 from 1999,

you're gonna have to upgrade to a USB. USB, in case you don't know, is this new

technology. It's called Universal Serial Bus, and there's a 2.0 specification that works

really good. Okay, I'm sorry for being sarcastic and cynical. I'm a jerk.

Check it out. Let's start off from the top. Cool stuff here. 2 eSATA ports. Amazing. Great.

Over here, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and another 4 USB 2.0 ports.

That's 8 in total there. And guess what? There's more on the inside.

You have another 4 on the inside. So now you're at 12 USB 2.0 ports including headers.

This is your Firewire, Gigabit ethernet, and this is your awesome, awesome, awesome onboard audio.

It's not like the rest of them. It's actually using the Realtek ALC889 Kodak,

and it's gonna have 5.1 analog, or, if you wanna plug in an S/PDIF

with a toss link cable, it'll do 7.1 through there.

So that's really cool. And, over here, that's pretty much nothingness.

And that's it. We went into nothingness.

There is nothing left.

You have seen it. Sweet, sweet board.

Again, triple channel memory, DDR3, so you're gonna need 3 dims

of whatever you're gonna get. They're gonna go in the blue slots.

Black one, you're probably not gonna use it. I don't recommend it. But, if you want to,

you can add more memory if you need to go higher.

It will support up to 16 GB, up to 1333.

You have the new socket LGA 1366 supports the Core i7s, the 920, the 940, the 965,

and whatever's gonna come in the future. I don't know. You know, who knows?

I can't read minds. I can't read the Intel guy's mind. I don't know what he's thinking.

So, a lot of great stuff on here. This is the DX58SO.

S-O stands for smack over. It's got cool plating on the back.

You will need to get a new socket 1366 cooler, even though the new Core i7s

come with one in the box. You're also not gonna use it 'cuz you're gonna be overclocking.

And, you know what? Before I let you go, I almost forgot to show you what comes in the box,

so, let's jump right back into the review like if it was not about to end,

'cuz I was about to end it. Because I forgot.

Check it out. SATA cable, SATA cable, SATA cable, SATA cable,

Intel disc, Ghost Recon 2 which you'll be playing with your new uber fast computer.

It's gonna be like ridiculously, stupidly, dumbly fast and good looking.

Input/Output shield, pretty plain. Intel doesn't usually give you the crazy ones.

This is a black card.

And that's pretty much it. It's an advertisement for their X25 Extreme Solid State Drives.

Guys, can you believe it? X58 Solid State Drives. Windows 7 is coming out soon.

Here's a little fan for your chipset.

You can pretty much bolt that on right there with this attached bracket.

And, this is a cool little tag for your chipset.

And it doesn't do much but it makes your case look cool.

And it goes right there. There you go. Watch, watch.

Coolness factor: 9.95. Coolness factor: 11.95

Awesome. Very cool. Little skull. Has tape on the back to secure it.

And, hang on, there's more.

Entry at Risk Fraggers Only.

Nubes Beware, you will be poned.

And then, a lot of like, Intel propaganda, some stickers.

This is the explanation for your pin-out, front panel connectors, input/output,

if you need help with that. This is where you come.

It's got everything labeled very clearly. Very nice. And it shows you what dims are which.

Etcetera. Quick installation guide for the blind people because they made huge pictures.

Instead of having little pictures they have really big ones.

I mean, if you can't build it with this, you can't build it at all.

And, a post card from FARCRY2, check that out. That's pretty cool.

Hey buddy, it's hotter than hell here in more than one way. I will soon need your help in

dealing with the Jackal. P.S. Bring your flame thrower. -UKW

FARCRY2. Awesome. A piece of paper.

You can use this to make a paper airplane. Or you can read it. If you can read.

Mamma never taught me. And your mounting hardware for your northbridge.

Fan. Chipset. Cooler. That's it.

Now the review is over. It's done. Get out. Go upgrade your life.

Upgrade your technology. If you're doing Core 2 you're old.

X58's here, Core x7's here.

If you have any questions, Email me. See you guys next time.

The Intel DX58S0 Motherboard is available from the retailers listed below:

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For ComputerTV, I'm Albert.

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