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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Speak English with confidence by fixing common errors | 'sometime' or 'some time'? (EZEE #2)

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Hello, everyone! This is Minoo at Anglo-Link.

Welcome to lesson 2

in my series called EZEE,

which stands for 'Easy to Zap English Errors'.

As you know from lesson 1,

this series is all about

discovering and deleting some common mistakes

from your English

With one purpose:

for you to become more relaxed

and confident to use English.

For me, there are two important aspects to confidence.

The first one is not getting embarrassed

when we make a mistake

because mistakes are a natural part of learning,

and the second one

is being able to detect and correct our own mistakes,

because when we can do that,

we begin to see and feel our progress.

So, my goal in this series

is not just to make you aware of common mistakes,

but mainly to show you how to correct them yourself.

It is important that you understand

where your mistakes come from

and develop the ability to self-correct.

If you just get the corrections

without understanding why

and remain confused,

the mistakes will usually not go away.


With that in mind, let's now look at two words

that can easily be confused with each other.

These are the words 'time' and 'times'.

Let's make sure you understand

the difference between them

and can use them correctly.


That's the end of Lesson 2.

I hope the difference is now clear to you.

If you were mixing up the two ideas of 'time',

please repeat the exercise several times

until you have no hesitation in choosing the right one.

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Thank you very much for watching this lesson.

I hope you enjoyed it,

and I'll see you in my next lesson.

Happy studies to each and everyone of you,

and good bye for now.

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