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(soft music)

- Let's make avocado toast bread.

I can feel them get really soft,

like, probably super ripe inside.

Oh, no.

I low key really enjoy doing this.

Slicing the avocado.

It's not bad.

It's kinda bad,

I don't know why, but like,

this is a bit triggering to me.

It's hard, oh fuck, it's hard.

Oh, why are you so hard.

Oh, damn.

Oh, it looks good though.

Toast is done.

I like to slice it really, really thin.

I don't know why,

Max is taking a shower so,

sorry if it's loud.

Oh, this one like has really thick skin.

I wish I had thick skin.

I hate this one.

Let me give this one to Max.

Okay, not the prettiest avocado toast I've ever made.

And then the rest of it is super simple.

I just put avocado oil,

not too much because I tend to put a lot

and then just salt and pepper.

(pepper grinding)

I'm going to be kind and fair

and I'm gonna split it

so we each get one gross one.

Let's try it.

- [Max] Yum! Thanks for making me breakfast babe.

- [Yos] Anytime bro.

I changed to like my preppy look.

- [Max] Let's go get coffee.

(zipper sound)

Let's go.

- Look how cold it's in this car.

- There's a way to warm me up.

(soft music)

I used to live around here

for a short time before I moved to Japan.

(soft music)

Yeah, coffee for a month.

We spend too much money on coffee, but it's worth it.

- I love coming to the city so much.

It's such cute vibes.

Cold as fuck though.

- You need anything there?

- [Yos] Toothpaste.


And now we're headed to Costco.

Costco days are the funnest days.

- I'm gonna restock in salsa and beer

and food for Brutus.

- [Yos] Going to Costco is basically

the highlight of our month

since we barely get to do anything else these days.

Love a good Costco day.

- Costco date?

- Costco day,

- And date, yeah.

- [Yos] It's almost therapeutic to wander

through the aisles and people watch.

We wanna get Brutus a new dog bed.

They have pretty cute options here.

I was super iffy in the beginning

to sign up for Costco because I was scared that

I wouldn't be able to separate the need

from the want when I'm shopping there.

And so far we've overspent the two times we've gone.

- [Max] Oysters.

- So this thing called a Creton,

spread it on toast

and you have it during breakfast or lunch.

And it's really good.

I'm getting low key anxious

with the state of our cart right now.

We're not making healthy choices.

Max, we're not making healthy choices.

- Broccoli?

- [Yos] Yeah. Our first healthy choice.


So that's our final kart.


Next time we go I'm definitely going in with a list

because not watching our spending is not so cute anymore.

See you home.

Costco meal is the most satisfying.

Nothing better than enjoying fries in the car.

- Poutine is like the best thing when it's cold,

like it's warm and re comforting meal.

- Who need sex?


Carrying all this was hell, was not fun.

I'm sweating.

Thank you Max for carrying well, all of them.

Why we need this much fries?

I don't know.

This is a bad idea.

Costco chicken.

This is nasty, but I found the rotisserie chicken

from our last Costco trip three weeks ago.

Why we bought another one if we didn't eat the other one?

I don't know but this is going in the trash.

Picking out rotisserie chicken is like a fun family thing.

Dips for chips.

Max got a giant box of Greek yogurt.

This is why you buy your children LEGO when

they were babies.

So they can organize their fridge in their twenties.

- Mustard?

- [Yos] I also found the old rotisserie chicken.

It was mummified.

- Was it?


- Our fridge situation is finally situated.

Good morning guys. We are rushing this morning.

We just got an email saying

that they're going to plough the parking lot.

Now we have to figure out where to go for three hours

I guess. I have to get ready.

What do I wear?

These pants are essential.

So we decided, well, I decided to go

to Burger King. Making healthy choices as always.

I love my Burger King.

Who's my Burger King.

- I'm your Burger King.

(soft music)

- So good.

(soft music)

(speaks foreign language)

- This is for Brutus.

- Look, Brutus, you got one too.

You want this?

- [Yos] That's so cute.

- [Yos] It's Brutus' first Starbucks. That's so cute.

Let's go home Brutus.

(click sound)

Oh good boy. Here you go

We have a package.


Yos seal of approval

- Look guys so cool. Couch bugger.

We are leaving the house again to get wine

and we're going to make a little short, charcuterie board

for tonight.

- Oyster and charcuterie and cheese.

- Let's go.

(soft music)

Get the other one that you say is dry.

- Pinot grigio?

- Mmh

- We ended up with those ones.

(soft music)

- We're going to start preparing our charcuterie board.

- [Max] You can be more generous.



Do you like it?

(soft music)

- See, all the nipple parts has to go outwards.


Are we proud?

- I'm going to destroy it soon.

(soft music)



- [Yos] You're full. You just ate so much.

(soft music)

I'm done cleaning.

- I'm going to make lunch.

(soft music)

It's a lot of fries.

- What do we have planned for today?

- No plans.

(soft music)

There you go.

Have to break the bone.

Here you go.

No skin on my leg.

Join the fries in there, fries are almost done.

Chicken breast for mister.

- Thank you

(soft music)

- Funny that I made you discover beets. You love it so much.

- Tastes like corn.

(soft music).

- Such a beggar.

- Soft and tender.

(soft music)

So max just got this idea to go to a light show.

- The last little bit of holidays

like there's this light show organized by Cavalia

which is usually kind of a circus.

Let's go. I booked it in an hour by the way.

- You're coming to see the light show. You're excited?


(soft music)

- Hello


(soft music)

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