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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What's the Best Beach in Phuket? We Break Down the TOP 6 BEACHES in 6 Minutes

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Ani: Hi, we're Team Omani. He's Omar, I'm Ani and we're going to show you around 6 of Phuket's best beaches,

telling you everything you need to know about each one.

Different people will prefer different beaches so make sure to stick around to the end

to find out which one is best for you.

Just a few minutes will help you choose a beach

that you'll want to spend days at and we tried them all so you don't have to

Let's get started

Patong beach is without a doubt the most popular beach in Phuket. We came during

low season and it was still pretty busy, but in high season it gets even more crowded.

It's right next to Bangla Road which is the center of Phuket's nightlife.

So if you're coming here on a lads holiday or for your hen party then it is

an amazing place but if you're coming as a couple or as a family I would probably

try some of the other beaches.

One downside of Patong Beach is that there

are so many people trying to sell you things. They've got sunglasses and hats

they want to braid your hair, they want to cook you a casserole, it's just a bit much.

If your idea of a good time is relaxing on the beach by day and

partying at the bars by night then this is definitely the beach for you.

Want to hear a joke about beaches and bars?

Not really

The Beach Boys walk into a bar. Roundround get around I'll get a round.

Anyway, if you'd like to see Patong beach in more detail click the link on the screen now.

Kamala beach is smaller and it's further away from most of the resorts which

could be why it's a lot quieter here. Kamala Beach has a lot going for it

it's tranquil it's clean and it looks gorgeous so if you can get out here it's

a great place to do absolutely nothing. This is miles away in every sort of

sense from the party scene of Bangler Road so if you just want to come and

have a nice beach day, take a relaxing swim and chill out and read your book

then Kamala Beach is the perfect place to do that.

I really enjoyed Karon beach. The sea was really nice the sand was

soft and it was super clean and you've got some quite nice buildings dotted around the place.

Yeah it definitely seemed to attract a more mature crowd too

probably because like Kamala Beach it's further away from the party scene

of Bangla Road.

If you've ever wondered where Santa Claus comes for his holidays

now you know.

When the reindeer are driving him crazy he's like,

"screw you guys I'm going to Karon Beach. Enjoy the snow Donna!

Tis the season! Get it? Sea... Sun... Seasun.

There's some really good food places nearby too. Priorities!

Yeah, yeah, the beach is really nice but what about the food?

so if you want a beach that's

easily accessible with not a lot of children running around where you can

just spend a really nice relaxing day by yourself with your friends or with your

partner then Karon Beach is definitely for you.

I don't know who Karen is but she's got cracking Beach!

See what I have to deal with.... Help me! Help me....

Kata Beach is known internationally as being a Surfers Paradise. You can catch some

really good waves here and there's some great surf shops just off the beach,

one even has its own artificial wave pool. Oooh fancy

The vibe here is most similar to

Patong Beach, given that there are loads of things to do, but we much preferred

Kata Beach because there aren't as many people trying to sell you things and it

is a lot cleaner. Kata and Patong are the best beaches for watersports so if you

want to go parasailing jet skiing or surfing I would recommend one of those

beaches we came to Kata beach during low season

and it was really nice and relaxing but I'm pretty sure that during high season

it gets quite a lot busier so if you're coming during high season and you want

something a bit more relaxed you might want to try out Freedom Beach or Kamala Beach.

Yeah I agree you can't really go too far all with Kata Beach because it

has lots of activities, there's some good food options, it looks great and it's

a nice place to unwind.

Let's take a look at what the journey to Freedom Beach is like because it's not

the easiest place to get to.

It's not the best Beach of you want lots of things to do

because it's so difficult to get to. However, if you want an easier way to get

there click the link on the screen now to watch our freedom beach video to find out how.

It was a really beautiful beach, absolutely gorgeous. It's the Miss World of Phuket beaches!

Part of Freedom Beaches appeal is that there was nobody there,

but the downside of that is, there's nobody there! So make sure to bring all

your food, water and sunscreen because you won't be able to buy it once you arrive

If you want a really secluded and romantic beach though I think Freedom

Beach is pretty tough to beat.

We came to Phuket at the end of wet season and we

were really lucky with the weather, it wasn't too hot and the water was really beautiful and clear

(Ani Sings): He can see clearly now the rain has gone.

Yeah, see how you like it!

Surin Beach had so much going on that it's hard to cover it all. It had great

waves if you're a surfer but there are massive rocks at either end so watch out for those.

It's absolutely stunning and you can see why so many people come here

to get their wedding photos taken. It's quite a long beach and this area of

Phuket isn't so busy, which is really good because it meant that we got

a lot of space to ourselves.

I thought Kata Beach was going to be my

favorite to be honest. Yeah same but I think Surin Beach just

beats it for me. Oh controversial!

I know I mean it's not as quiet as Freedom

Beach and it doesn't have as many watersports as Kata Beach but there is

still a lot to like about it. There's plenty of great food and drink options,

funny how I mention that

and it is very spacious and there is a lot to see and do.

And that's it, six beaches in six minutes. If you found

this useful or you cracked a smile then you can help us by subscribing, which

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