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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: FS19 Giants Mods in Testing & Modhub Farming Simulator 19

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hello and welcome to FS19 mods in testing for farming simulator 19 I m

ukgamer808 and in this video we go through fs19 Giants forum mods in

testing list and we compare was failed carried over and released in the farming

simulator modhub so let's go to mods intestine list and see what we have

today and today's mods in testing list is not been updated there's no bloody

update so we don't know what's going on the last list we had was Thursday

nothing on Friday and nothing today so nothing for mods in testing what about

the modhub for farming simulator well there's a nice tractor right today we

have the John Deere 7r us series by custom modded awesome nice bit of kit

and the Amazon be nine-30 then we also have the deeps swap master and the major

holland of 2/3 that's only for PC all the other ones so far for all platforms

and then solder mum ski oculus and the mnz 7 6 8 B those are for PC only and

then we have an update for the casing lb 4 3 4 r am the Lemkin Diamont 12 then we

also have an update for season few safe marie via and seasons geo ohio USA then

we have chisel Berg as has an update and the two pts has also added update and

the pecan PD 1500 as also has an update and that is a lot older pecan wood the

two pts for is for PC only all the rest are for platforms

/ a lot for the mod hub update for farming simulator and mods in testing

let's hope we get a decent in this go in tomorrow so we can see what's

going on well oh thanks for watching always appreciate you smash that like

button for me and if you're new then why not hit that subscribe you won't miss

any further content till next time goodbye

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