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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I’m Live! 5 Thanksgiving vocabulary words you need to know

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Hey Happy Thanksgiving everybody

hey hey awesome if you're watching this

right now means you're watching the

recording and you're here to learn all

about five Thanksgiving vocabulary words

and I'm excited to talk to you about

those today it is Thanksgiving and it's

a huge holiday here in the United States

and some other countries have

Thanksgiving as well but I want to talk

to you today about some vocabulary words

you would need to know and if you're

joining me live hi Happy Thanksgiving

excuse me I just dropped my vocabulary

words hi hi Happy Thanksgiving and if

you have questions about Thanksgiving

I'm gonna answer those later and a

little bit of chat time so first let me

go through the vocabulary words that I

want to teach you today hi bow bear and

then after that I'll answer your

questions about Thanksgiving hi Mohammed

and so yeah so if you think of some

questions about Thanksgiving I'll ask

for those later and you can ask me

anything about vocabulary for

Thanksgiving or maybe some culture

questions about Thanksgiving so first of

all do you have Thanksgiving in your

country let me ask you this it's a

pretty American holiday I know Canada

has it as well but some people may have

a day of thanks in their country so if

you have a day of thanks just chat me

and let me know all right we're gonna

talk about five vocabulary words for

Thanksgiving it's a huge holiday it's

always the last Thursday before the last

Friday in November and for us it's a big

day of family and a huge day for eating

oh my goodness we eat so much food on

Thanksgiving and the classic food is a

big turkey so usually a roasted turkey

of some sort and then we have usually we

have mashed potatoes green beans rolls


a lot of pie we love pie on Thanksgiving

especially pumpkin pie that's really

popular there are also like sweet

potatoes and different casseroles which

casseroles that's another word that you

should know for Thanksgiving but a

casserole is like a big dish filled with

lots of things inside of it and it's

baked and you just scoop it up and eat

it all mixed together so imagine if you

put like a lot of vegetables and soup

and maybe crackers on top that's a

casserole so um but hey here are the

five words you need to know number one

the most important word to know on

Thanksgiving is grateful grateful so

grateful means thankful so usually on

Thanksgiving he had lots of yummy food

usually on Thanksgiving people go around

the table whether you're with friends or

you're with family and people say what

they are thankful for or grateful for so

we can say I'm thankful for something or

I'm grateful for something they mean the

same thing

thankful is more common I would say it's

it's a word that everybody uses and

grateful is a little bit more formal but

it means the same thing so if you really

want to impress somebody you can say I'm

grateful for you I'm grateful for your

friendship I'm grateful for help I'm

grateful for family all those things so

number one word is grateful and I

spelled GRA t e ful yeah if you want to

use it as a noun it's called gratitude

gratitude so I have gratitude about all

the blessings in my life for example

okay number two word that you need to

know number two word is gobble does

anybody know what gobble means who's

right now anybody know what gobble is

gob BL e gobble I'm gonna give you a

hint it has a couple different meanings

and the first meaning has to do with the

sound that a certain animal makes can

you guess anybody have a guess about

gobble well it's the sound in English we

say that's the sound that a turkey makes

so they go right first of all every set

every animal sound is different in

different languages and so I'd be

interested to know in your country what

is the sound that a turkey makes what do

you say a Turkey's makes well we say it

says gobble I don't know why but also

the other important reason you need to

know gobble is because it also means to

eat a lot of food really quickly so if

my mom makes a wonderful apple pie which

is another good Thanksgiving food if she

makes an apple pie we might say we

gobbled it up yeah you don't say Turkey

in your country interesting no turkeys

in your country so yeah so I might say I

gobbled up the apple pie it means I ate

it really quickly this is a really fun

word so it's a sound of Turkey mix but

it's also to eat something fast you

might say oh that pizza looks delicious

I'm going to gobble it up okay it's a

really good word you should use it third

word we're gonna talk about is tradition

tradition so Americans don't have as

many traditions I don't think as other

countries it's something about how we're

kind of a newer country and so we don't

have as many traditions but we do have

some and a lot of them happen

on Thanksgiving Christmas those are two

of the big days that we have traditions

and traditions are activities that you

do every year at a certain day or a

certain time so for Thanksgiving it's a

day of a lot of traditions we eat

traditional food we gather with the

traditional amount of people another

tradition on Thanksgiving is to watch

football and also to watch the big

Thanksgiving Parade that happens in New

York it's it's the Macy's Thanksgiving

Day Parade

so traditions these are things that a

lot of people do or maybe just your

family does every single year on a

certain day and that's called a

tradition okay that's that's vocabulary

word number three we have two more okay

the next word we're going to talk about

is feast does anybody know what feast

means FVA st feast so you can use it as

a verb or a noun I'm gonna start with

the noun because it's easier to

understand so on the first Thanksgiving

this was when Native Americans people

who always lived here in the United

States before it was the United States

and also the pilgrims who were people

who came from Europe to settle in the

United States they had the first

Thanksgiving where they all gathered

together they brought all their food

from harvest and they made a big huge

meal and they sat down together

peacefully and ate together and that was

a huge feast so for the word feast I

want you to imagine a table that's 100

feet long maybe it's 30 meters long and

on this huge table there's food

everywhere there are 50 turkeys and 10


and piles of corn and lots of potatoes

lots of bread all that food that is a


that's a feast Fe ast it means just a

huge collection of food that everyone is

going to eat together

that's a feast we also use it as a verb

when we say we are about to feast on

this amazing food so it's it means to

really enjoy a big meal yeah we we will

feast on this right it's it's just we're

gonna enjoy a lot of food so that's a

really important one on Thanksgiving

because primarily Thanksgiving is about

thankfulness and it's about food all

right last word that I want to talk to

you about for Thanksgiving is a very

important one it's maybe one of my

favorite parts of Thanksgiving and the

word is leftovers does anybody know what

leftovers are I love Thanksgiving

leftovers well let's think about the

word leftovers left over left over what

does that mean to leave over something

have something left over it means that

when you know what that is Mohamed can

you tell me in the chat what just

leftover mean I'm gonna wait for the

chat to tell me I think you guys can do

this let me give you a hint it's about

food it's about food okay well I don't

see anybody coming with an answer so I'm

going to go ahead and answer leftover

food is the food when you're finished

feasting and there is still food left on

the table and you save that extra food

for another day to eat those are

leftovers and so it's a big part of

Thanksgiving there's always too much

food and so when you're finished with

the feast you

take all the extra food and you save it

and then you eat it for many extra days

after that and you heat it up and you

have all this delicious food for a long

time those are leftovers okay so repeat

after me where ever you are watching

this of these five words ready grateful

gobble tradition feast leftovers those

are your five Thanksgiving words now if

you are here live with me and you have

any questions about Thanksgiving

go ahead and chat me your questions they

can be questions about the history of

Thanksgiving which I know a little bit

about you could ask me questions about

vocabulary with Thanksgiving where maybe

Thanksgiving traditions yeah

well bear says he really enjoys leftover

food yeah I love leftovers yeah it means

that I don't have to cook I get really

excited about that when I don't have to

cook I just enjoy my husband's cooking

or my mom's cooking there the cooks in

the family all right any questions about

Thanksgiving culture Thanksgiving

vocabulary anything Thanksgiving it's

really one of the best holidays in the

US it's um it's maybe number one or it's

probably number two behind Christmas

Christmas is the most important holiday

here in the US and then Thanksgiving is

probably number two the other thing

about Thanksgiving that is interesting

is the day after Thanksgiving starts the

Christmas season so in the u.s. we the

day after Thanksgiving we all start

shopping for Christmas and we all start

playing our Christmas music and we all

start looking for snow and getting

really excited they're awesome well I

don't see any questions

I really am thankful for you guys I'm

grateful for you I am grateful for you

joining me today and watching this later

and I hope you have a wonderful thing


and I hope you have lots to be thankful

for one question here we go Muhammad

good what is the secret behind

Thanksgiving what makes it so special oh

that's a great question so the secret is

its history so the history is you know a

lot of people who live in the u.s. come

from European heritage so like me my my

ancestors my my family a long time ago

came from Europe so I'm primarily German

and English in my background and so when

people from Europe came to the United

States to start a new life they met

Native Americans who already lived here

and it was not a usually a friendly

relationship because the Europeans often

they stole land or they sometimes killed

Native Americans with guns and it was or

you know they also brought diseases that

the Native Americans had never seen

before so it's actually a very difficult

history but the reason we celebrate is

because if there was a document today

there was a day where the people came

together on both sides the Native

Americans and the Europeans and they had

this big feast together this big spread

of food and hey guys and so this big

meal was a day to be thankful because

there had been a lot of diseases and a

lot of issues and problems but they

wanted to have a time to be thankful so

it became a tradition later much later

in American history but the idea was to

be thankful and to thank God for the

harvest all the food that they had grown

together because the Native Americans

taught that Europeans a lot about

growing food yeah it's a really great

history and so the reason it's special

now is that it's a day of thankfulness

and it's really a day you know there's

so much that can be difficult in the

world but it's a day where a lot of

people just try to be grateful try to be


and try to remember all the blessings

that God has given us and all the good

things that we have in life and so

that's why a lot of people celebrate

Thanksgiving it's really kind of like a

calm peaceful day people just eat a lot

of food and they're together it's it's

really a wonderful holiday if you ever

have the chance to travel to the United

States on Thanksgiving and you can stay

with somebody and experience a real

American Thanksgiving it's it's a

wonderful tradition or if you can't do

that maybe you can watch a movie about

Thanksgiving that's always a good idea

too it's a great holiday though all

right any other Thanksgiving questions

before I go be back with my family any


awesome if not I am so grateful for you

I'm thankful for you and remember to be

thankful today okay think about all the

good things in your life that you can be

thankful for and Gus you have a problem

in English you want to tell me your

issue I can answer it

oh you watched it on friends Oh Mohamed

that's a great idea

okay I was trying to think of a good

example of Thanksgiving and if you guys

know the TV show friends it is the

perfect Thanksgiving show because they

have I think five or six episodes where

they celebrate Thanksgiving today on on

that day and it is so wonderful those

Thanksgiving episodes are so good yeah

so yeah watch friends it's that it's

that older show from the 90s all right

Gus says his difficulty is that he

doesn't have somebody to speak with to

improve his language skills well Gus

that's partly why I'm here today that's

you know I'm trying to give you guys an

opportunity to interact with somebody

even though it's just over chat but yeah

I think here's a couple things I would

say if you have a difficult time fine

English speakers I would say number one

there are people in every city who are

fluent in English there are people from

England and we there are people from New

Zealand and Australia in the United

States and Canada all these people there

are they they call themselves

expats and they live in every city in

the world so you should be able to find

somebody you just may need to do a

little bit of searching one place I like

to look when I try to tell people to

meet actual English speakers is going to

Facebook excuse me

go on to Facebook and do a search for

expats it's spelled

e XP 80s expats and then put your city

name in the Facebook and sometimes there

is a Facebook group of people from other

countries who live in your city so

that's a great place to try to find

expats and you can introduce yourself

and maybe you can exchange language

lessons in Arabic or in Portuguese

whatever you speak and you give them

lessons and they will give you English

lessons so look for expats and your city

and see what you can find you can even

google it and see what's out there and

if you find a group of expats you often

will find a way to make friends and

that's the number one thing I would say

is find somebody in your city who can

meet with you and talk all right the

second option is and this is something

I'm working on is I'm working on finding

ways to connect students with actual

English teachers here in the US who they

can meet with and have a lesson with so

Gus stay tuned because I'm trying to

work on that right now

I I do have some exciting things that

I'm working on coming

so that you have more access to me as

your English teacher number one I am

really dedicated to doing more YouTube

videos and getting more lessons out

there and I'm really usually good about

responding to comments and responding

there that kind of thing and so if you

ever have a question you can always ask

me in the comments the second way you

can connect with me oh sure

all right awesome Gus I'm glad to hear

you're waiting for that um I mean I need

to do some work on that and try to get

that yeah the oh yeah okay really quick

well bear with to know could you spell

again the website letters please sure so

look for e xp-80 s XPath it's short for

expatriates I think e ex PA TS and then

put the name of your city in the search

and if you search for that you're going

to find Facebook groups or groups on off

of Google somewhere you know maybe a

website or something that can tell you

what foreigners are living in your city

yeah and you just connect with them

there and reach out and see if you can

do yeah hey there you go Jack awesome so

yeah expats look that up um I just lost

what I was saying

oh yeah so number one I'm doing more

videos here and hey it would really help

me out if you guys subscribe and then

also click the bell next to the absque

Ribe that means you get my notifications

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two if you're looking for a way to

connect with me as your teacher then I'm

gonna put a I'm gonna put a website in

the chat am i able to do that I guess I

guess I don't know how to chat on my

phone okay nevermind I'll just tell you

it is dented today

e s l basics dot-com I'm gonna put this

up on the screen for you I'm writing it

in real life here

ESL basics dot-com if you go there

that's my website can you read that

that's an S ESL base six comm I should

have written that better all right if

you go to hear some basics calm you'll

find my website and there you can find

older lessons and you can also find a

place to join the waiting list because

I'm going to be putting out courses

starting in January or February and um

yeah thank you jack look you should be

my producer this is awesome yeah so I'm

gonna be starting courses where you guys

can take courses with me and really my

first course that I'm going to be

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those courses start and there's going to

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with courses they're cool awesome the

other thing I'm doing starting up is I'm

starting a podcast and it's called study

with Andrea hi Benjamin or is it meant I

mean maybe from Iran hello thanks for

joining us Benjamin yeah I'm starting a

podcast and it's going to be an English

lesson every week it's going to be all

about pronunciation it's about speaking

skills or reading you want to speak like

me awesome on there I'm gonna I'm gonna

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a slightly lower voice awesome but if

you go to podcast wherever you get your

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where else you get podcasts but they are

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Andrea study with Andrea let's let's

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study with Andrea BAM again my

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awesome study with me Andrea thank you

jack my producer Jack yeah so subscribe

to the podcast subscribe to this YouTube

channel go to ESL basics and sign up for

the courses and that's all the things

I'm doing right now there's lots of new

content coming out because I'm just so

excited about helping you get better I'm

really committed to helping you guys be

fluent in English find your voice in

English and join the conversation

happening anyway I gotta go love you


happy Thanksgiving thanks for joining me

and I'll talk to you soon

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