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Today I came to the Medieval Neamt Citadel from Neamt contry, Romania.

We are in Neamt County Romania near the Târgul Neamt

and we have to visit

Neamt Citadel, Neamt Monastery,

Secu Monastery, Sihastria Monastery,

Agapia Monastery and Varatec Monastery.

The area is considered the second great monastic concentration after Mount Athos

So important is the area concentrated in Monasteries ...

And now we're going to visit Neamt Castle

Bridge ... look down!

You will need to be accompanied by an adult.

This was a trap.

When the Invaders came,

they did not know there was a hole here and they fell into it.

Now we will enter to the Citadel!

Now we'll set up the route.





This is an armor...

Here are the swords.

Uauuu..., what is this?

Let's see what it write

A soldier !!!

A soldier is a fighter.


Go ahead...

It is to be visited!

What is here, access is forbidden.

I was scared@@@@

What is here?

Secret exit!!!

Medieval chair..

Mara, come here...

How well they are seated!

They're scary... Are they true?

Look there, is a secret exit, no one knows about it

Those people are not real are made of plaster

Let's go further

And now we will climb into..... nothing because it is closed to the tower.

Come back!

The tower is closed!!!

Now we're going to Hall 6


Not Teo....

Wauuuu, how many money!

Let's throw a penny!

Why did they throw people with money?

That's how people thought you had to throw money there for good luck

Here was a fountain.

Let's see what is written.

Here, in the gun room.

Let's go downstairs

It'll take your dad's hand!

The child does not want to go.

Come on...

In my arms!

Soldiers of the Small army.

That is, a smaller army.

Mara and Teo look at me!!!

And we'll continue our journey.

The secret exit...

from the gun room

Look here! It's an armor.

This room is very humid!

Look at me...

One eye!

I got out of the gun room.

And now we will go into?...

In the kitchen!

To visit!

What old blanket!!!

I did not go well. The upstairs rooms should have been visited.

That was the kitchen!

Now let's go to your hand, please!

It's not possible.

Let's go up!

We went up and got to the border guard room.

This was a prison here.

The black prison.

And here they threw money...

We will enter the living space.

A living space that is closed.

Smells old!


How does Mara smell?

Smells a puuuuuuu...

Let's go!

Here we can not enter?


Come on to the next one.

St. Nicholas Chapel.

A small church.

Now we're out!

Here we have another living space.

Why are you scared?

Here is?...

What is this space?

I don't know!

Be careful not to fall through these spaces!

Teo, do not be afraid.

Let's go up stairs!!!

No, we are not allowed here!

And now we're going...

Where will we go?

Up here in the tower.

The south-west tower.

How is the view?


Because it is very high.

Look here!

Supply room.

We'll get into the supply room.

What does it mean?

Here was the food supply.

For soldiers.

The food supply: potatoes, Cheese,

the wine.

It smells like wine.

What big pots!

.....small pots!

You are not allowed to touch!

The treasury room.

What they were holding here Mara?


Here they were holding money.

One big, small.

There are different colors.

These are old.

Yes, It's old!

That's how they kept money before.

It's scary!

That's how it was in jail.


Where you see blood?

There on foot to one of the prisoners.

Now we're coming out.

The gate from the time of Peter I Muşat.

In this place he was shooting guns.

Look what amazing landscape.

And this is the citadel...

Now let's see what he writes?

Let me read.

You tell.


Now say goodbye !!!

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