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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Deltoid Nuke Swarm vs Rival Rebels Book Shoutout

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hello guys I'm Rodol the author of Rival Rebels today we are experimenting

with large swarms of deltoids. can you survive these vicious killer drones?

anyway while you guys watch the wack experiments,

let me give our awesome community some shoutouts. I'm sure you've heard about my

sci-fi novel by now, if not there's a link in the description, please check it

out. today as I promised in the Rival Rebels book video, I'll be giving

shoutouts to everybody who got the book. here we go.

Max Pendragon, your support is amazing! Max is legendary for reviewing the book,

pre reading it before it was finished, funding the game, and helping the

community grow! thank you very much! Shimmering Blaze your support is wicked

sick. pre reading the book, funding the game, and giving valuable feedback.

big thanks! Sour! Sour has been supporting Rival Rebels since forever. Sour is

monstrous. he pre read the book, moderated the

community everyday for many years, and also helped fund the game! thank you, much

appreciated! I'd also like to give a shout out to

Stewy for his awesome and eternal support of the Rival Rebels community,

making videos, getting a copy, and leaving an excellent review! thank you so much!

elite MLG bro, for buying my book and supporting the game, thanks elite!

Clement Lohmann, for buying my book, thank you! Dorian or Black Darte thank you for

buying my book! I like Tide Pods... I like Tide Pods, what a

name, thank you for buying my book! Digital 4 RR thanks a lot for supporting

the game and buying my book! SpeedOfTachyon, for buying my book, thank you!

JackhammerNZ for buying my book and for supporting the game, thank you! and a

big thanks to Bee for making videos about Rival Rebels and supporting the game!

last but not least, a very special thank you to Frosti fur and HB mods aka Bobcat

for the moderation work on the Rival Rebels forums and for your eternal

support since the dawn of time, thank you so much!

you are both legends! if you get the book and want to be in the next shout out

video, please tell me in the comments also if any of you guys want to help us

and play the game, please join us, go to and make an account. we

are a very friendly community! okay thank you for your support,

likes, and comments! if you have the chance to get the Rival Rebels book, that

would be awesome! I'm leaving the link in the description. Peace, Rodol out.

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