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Do you believe this idea that the UK is now preparing for a No Deal contingency plan?

Maybe...because of the general confusion and chaos surrounding the

British government's position but it's certainly not a bluff in negotiations

because for that you'd need to be threatening the other side will walk

away if we don't have a deal that works if they're after something that you can

deliver but frankly overall in these negotiations its Britain that's asking

for things so saying if you if you don't give us what we want we'll shoot

ourselves in the head is not it's not a very credible strategy I mean you say

overall but obviously the UK EU does have a lot in lose as well in the brig's

and negotiations that say it's not going to be a major disturbance if there was a

no deal scenario and there was you know UK just walked away saying yeah it would

not be in anybody's interest if there was a no deal solution there'd be lots

of legal loose ends there'd be WTO tariffs that would probably kick in for

trade we know end of problems but they're far worse for the UK than for

the rest of the European Union Matt just bring him in here you being around the

European Parliament talking to people this idea that the the UK is now

preparing for this No Deal scenario you know is it being treated with any kind

of serious well we really need to focus on getting a good deal now because we

don't want to get to that scenario I recall this time last year or even

earlier in the immediate aftermath of the Bragg's a referendum I was tellin em

ep's and people I met in Brussels don't underestimate their intelligence and the

connivin of British governments I'm from Ireland we've suffered as a result of it

and the British government have been doing an awful lot to can prove me wrong

because the simple lack of common sense that they've inserted into their entire

and brags at strategy is mind-boggling for me as somebody who's observing but

as somebody who has a mistake in how the negotiations pan out I live on the Irish

border as you know we have arguably more to lose by abra bad brags a teen or an

au brexit eater does it worry anyone you hear this when you hear that the UK

government is potentially preparing for no dual scenario yes thank you does it

give you a sense of urgency in terms of the Briggs yes sometimes I'd like to sit

back and just watch the absurdity that is British politics at the moment but

when you take this down to the heart tax and what

it will mean and the contradictions in British government statements the

contradictions oh there was a point where you had British government

ministers and contradicting each other now you have British Prime Minister

contradicting ourselves in terms of M what she is outlining in terms of

priorities for the brakes of negotiations so we heard the Florence

speech where I think most people at the European level took a step back and said

okay maybe there's a then we had came from the conference just has completely

undermined whatever Goodwin was possible to build out of that so I listen I I

come at this from a very selfish point of view and I make no apologies for it I

want to see the island of Ireland protected insofar as as possible

economically politically and socially and by a brexit deal dot M is my

priority here in terms of how we engage with the European institutions the

British government have said they don't want to see any return to or any

hardening of a border the European Union have said the same so what I want to see

is both sides actually commented a position where that's actually

implemented unrealised Steven at the most generous spin on it

the coverage in the UK has been this is an attempt by the government to assert

some form of serious realities and negotiations to break this stalemate in

terms of sufficient progress and free-trade agreements by the sounds of

it it's not a is it completely cut you know useless in terms of that objective

and we would you agree is is there any way this is effective I wouldn't say it

was useless but I would say it's far too late to have put on the table the fact

that well how is it useful what we won't walk away what is useful as both big man

Matt and as I mentioned so far is that the tone was the right tone to put in in

terms of the Florence speech that was fine but the tone is weak and if you

didn't always have from the start the position that you could walk away now

both sides and Vera Farkas have made this very clear in its negotiations with

the troika during the Greek crisis that you can't enter a negotiation unless you

have the ability and desire to walk away and that was one of the weaknesses that

would have to be a credible threat that's right and it's not because I'm

walking away you are in a worse situation and that is exactly the point

that Vera fartist was saying is then Greece never entered into a credible

threat for walking away the troika never believed they ever

would and that is why Britons in a weak position when they said they would walk

away but no one had actually believed them to do so for good reason the

question is now because of the time delays because of everything that's been

happening the position of actually walking away with a No Deal here and

moving to WTO is beginning to become credible because both sides recognize

that time may not be on their side but in terms of the actuality it's coming

out now that in fact this underneath the surface level of the sound bites that

ministers aren't really putting any effort into the realities of the

contingency plans in terms of what you know operationally logistically a No

Deal would look like taking the Customs Union as one example what would happen

there yeah I mean it's so Richard you say a good example is the border in

Ireland because Theresa May says we won't have a hard border we don't want

interest in freh structure on that border but at the same time she says

Britain will leave the customs union which turns that into a customs border

yeah well how the rest of Europe's listening with bated breath to hear how

on earth you avoid physical infrastructure if you've turned it into

a custom I suppose that we've not heard the recipe or hasn't heard anything but

Richard we have about thirty could actually be done we have about thirteen

thousand vehicles and travelling across the border in a day so if I'm about

right in Ireland and that's actually less than what happens in travel between

Switzerland and or Norway yeah but the problem Stephan is that there's a 300

cross and border crossings in Ireland and some of which are very narrow roads

and you're a part of the three sameas problem and the British government's

problem is that they don't understand the Irish border they don't get what it

means and in fairness to the to the European leaders they seem to have a

better sense probably because they've come and visited and they've actually

been on farms where one one field actually is in both jurisdictions worse

in some cases houses are literally on the board so there isn't any engagement

in terms of the brexit Department the UK government they come over there's a huge

problem in terms of how the north of Ireland is being dealt with and part of

that problem has been exacerbated by the fact that the Tory government are

relying on the DUP who have a completely absurd position

which is effectively just to give em threesome a a blank check in terms of

the deal anybody who looks at this and objectively wants to protect all ireland

trade wants to protect the peace process wants to ensure that society north and

south withstands and the worst successes of brexit comes to the position that the

north leads remain in the single market and the customs union no great if the UK

decides to do this it to do the same but they have all come to the point

including the European Parliament resolution which was recently passed

that that's what needs to happen so if the British government are sincere when

they say we don't want to see a return to the to our border or any physical

manifestation of the border well then they need to come to that position as


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